Thursday, May 6, 2010

Bethie's Perv Pick of the Month: The Black Dagger Brotherhood

In honor of the latest release in the series, Lover Mine, the Perv Pick of the Month is the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. Let's see what our Pervs have to say about it!

THE DETAILS: The Black Dagger Brotherhood series

Author: JR Ward

Series count: 8 books, 1 companion book

"Six Warrior Vampires. Lovers, Fighters, Brothers. Lethal, not Evil, they're coming for you."

The Black Dagger Brotherhood is an erotic paranormal romance series that focuses on six vampire brothers and warriors who live together and defend their race against Lessers, de-souled humans who threaten their kind. - Wikipedia


I was first introduced to the Black Dagger Brotherhood (BDB) series back in April 2009 when my Twilighted beta, texbelle, mentioned in passing after validating one of my chapters that she was going to curl up with her new BDB book. When I asked what that was, this was her response:

"Holy smokes, Beth. Vampires who are 6'7", foul mouthed - leather wearing protectors of the species?!! Its totally hot. Its my smutty vamp series and its fantastic. Not for the faint of heart though - the brothers are really, really...uhmm...expressive ((insert eyebrow waggle here)). Read them all and be prepared to fall in love. All of them, except this new one is in paperback and they are super cheap. MUST READS!!!

Let me know how you and Wrath get along...tee hee. "

I didn't pick up the first book in the series, Dark Lover, until June right before my annual Outer Banks vacation for some beach reading. Needless to say, I inhaled it. I think it may have been less than 24 hours before I was done. At the Outer Banks. In the middle of no where. Without a bookstore in sight. GAH! It was a long week until I got home, and immediately pounced on the remaining, then six, books in the series.

What I love about this series is that you can completely lose yourself in this world. It isn't some complex realm, it is Caldwell, NY. So the "real" environment, allows you to focus on the magic and secrecy of this battle between the Brothers and the Lessening Society. Each brother, though physically awesome specimens, yet each are carrying some emotional weight, past or present, that is haunting them.

One of the brothers is featured in each book. We get to know them, their pasts, and the obstacles they are trying to overcome. Also, we see each of them finding love and redemption. The journeys are passionate (i.e. change of ladywear needed), at times heart clenching, and amazing at this race of warriors who WORSHIP the women the bond with. And the bonding...completely hypnotic to my psyche.

As Bri noted below, the question is always "favorite book/brother". My favorite book is the 2nd "Lover Eternal" which is Rhage's story. It is the one that made me cry. As for favorite brother, I've got to go with Vishous. Tattooed, wicked intelligent, mommy issues. Mmmmm.

P.S. I was lucky enough to attend the RT Bookfair on May 1st with vjgm, and JR Ward was there. She was not only gracious enough to autograph a book to be auctioned in the Fandom Gives Back auction, but she signed a bookplate for me (she was only doing one autograph per person that day). She is a lot taller than I thought she would be, and also gave off the vibe that she was skinny, but could kick your ass. :)

J.R. Ward & Bethie

It's been well over a year since I first heard about BDB. After I'd finished the first three books in the Twi series, some friends were talking about this "other" series that *ahem* didn't fade to black (read: was hot as hell). Well, I was intrigued, but did absolutely nothing about it. In short, I was stupid.

Then, a few months ago, I got sick. I had nothing better to do than sit around and inhale these books based on (seriously sexy and utterly hot) vampires. I read the first six books in about a week, then ran out to buy the last one (at that time), inhaling it in a day, as well.

I was hooked from the very first part of Dark Lover, intrigued by the storyline and "other world" that JR Ward created. It's so nice to lose yourself in something completely new - new rules, new players, unique circumstances, etc.

Each of the books center around one main Brother, while delving into the backstory on another just slightly. There are multiple plot lines that go on in each book and though at times I wanted to scream, "SHUT UP ABOUT THE LESSERS ALREADY AND GET ME BACK TO THE BROTHERS!!" it was still intriguing. JR does a great job of weaving everything together seamlessly.

And because we're all in the fic world, I'm going to tell you one of the absolute best things about these books...I could read them withOUT my editing hat on. I could simply trust what the words were and not have to constantly second guess if there should be a comma here or there, or if the author meant wander or wonder. See what great things real books are?? :)

For anyone that's read the series, the first question you're usually asked when you finish is, "Who is your favorite brother and what was your favorite book?" I have yet to read Lover Mine, just released 8th book in the series (road trip this weekend FTW), but as of now, my favorite book is . . . probably Butch (Lover Revealed). Or Z (Lover Awakened). Both carry intriguing characters and while Lover Revealed is certainly more light hearted (as the main character is more so), there is something so raw and powerful about Lover Awakened. And, Z happens to be my fave Brother, too. Hmm...or Rhage... Though I do enjoy John Matthew, too... Do you see the dilemma??

Bottom line is if you love the paranormal genre and don't mind some hot and heavy sexytimes (that most certainly do NOT fade to black), then you need to check out this series. I guarantee you will fall in love with at least one (if not all) of the Brothers and you'll be thanking us for giving you a little shove in the non-fic direction.

Like many of you, I have Vampire problem. I love vampire books. And will give any vamp series at least a try. I have to say that the BDB series is probably my favorite vampire series.I had never heard of BDB before the Twilighted boards. But after hearing RedChevy and QJMom go on and on, I finally picked one up. And Oh. My. Holy. Fuck! I loved them and devoured them in a matter of weeks and had to wait not-so-patiently for Lover Avenged to be released this time last year.

BDB is modern, urban, but still classically romantic...until you get to the smut. Because boy howdy is the smut killer in these books. Don't get me wrong, it's classic trashy romance novel smut, but still fuckawesome nonetheless. I really dig the world and mythology that J.R. Ward has created here. It's unlike any vampire realm I've ever read. It's unique, while still keeping with the generally accepted vampire mythos...kinda.

A few BDB vamp facts; they can't go out in sunlight, they have to feed from other vampires, they still need to eat human food, they don't become vamps until they are around 25 or so, they live for about 1000 years, they have a servant class of vampires called Doggen, they bond with their mates instantly and it's almost unbreakable, the males have lots of stamina if you know what i mean, and they kick a lot of ass.

Now, my fav brother (even if he isn't a brother...yet) is John Matthew. His book, Lover Mine, just came out last week. John is mute and was raised by humans. He's been through some shit, but manages to deal. John, I think, grows and changes the most out of everyone so far in the series. We see his take on the vampire world, as we humans would. I can't really pinpoint what it is about him that I love so much, I just do. My next fav bro is Zsadist and then Rhage. Rhage's book, Lover Eternal, being my favorite book in the series.

Not gonna lie, it took me a bit to get into Dark Lover, the first in the series. But after about halfway through I was riveted and couldn't put it down.

I think the thing I like best about the series is that all of the Brothers are flawed or feel cursed in some way. They aren't perfect and have issues, but in their Mates find a since of worth and purpose. And also it's a fun read.

Now Go Read! no seriously, go.


ADRIANA** said...

I read 7 books,still have some!
But I have to admit,1st 3.. I reread..and reread!! Zsadist is my FAV!! I have a thing for bad/tortured boys!
But like you say.. this series are soo good! There is no all sunshine and rainbows! J.R.WARD did amazing job!
I am rec this series to all ladies that are into Vamp books!

Thank you ladies!

Nanacullen2290 said...

Oh God! This books are awesome! I read them all already. And I mean ALL of them... including Lover Mine, which is John Matthew's book.
I thinik my fav brother is John, he has something that I don't know. And my fav book, I think is the second, Lover Revealed, Butch's.
I just can't wait to read Payne and Manny's book, which is next.

ScarlettLetters said...

LOVE this series (told you, B ;}) and having finished Lover Mine I have to say that it was my favorite book. I think maybe because it moved so many story lines along, but my favorite "Brother" (even though he's not one) is Rehvenge. Something about The Reverend/Rehv drew me in from his very first mention in the series. He's dark and mysterious and a complete bad ass. I also dig his shellan. That's something else about this series I like. The mates of the brothers are chicks I like. They are just as different as each of the brothers, but each have their own strengths that make the pairing work.

Nanacullen2290 said...

Totally agree with Scarlett about the sehllans. The one I love the most is Xhex, she's such a bad ass and at the same time she has her emotional side, even though we don't see it till Lover Mine...

azrealsangel said...

I agree with all of you. BDB is an amazing series especially not only with the hotness that radiates from the male characters, the strength from the females, but the story. There is actually a story with history, etc.

I must say that my fav is V. He is usually overlooked but I must say that he is def. my kinda man.

theladykt said...

I REALLY love BDB. I'm almost finished the new book.

The power of the characters both male and female is superb.