Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The skies look Overcast for Twilighter620


I'm Miss World



ONESHOT Perhaps there was a deeper reason for James tracking Bella. The relationship she and Edward have revives a painful memory of a love once lost, taking James' humanity with it. JamesOC

After being out of the Twilight fandom loop for the last little bit, I wasn't sure where to go looking for a quality lemon-shot. As anyone who knows me well can tell you, it's truly a challenge for me to read a one-shot that has little plot and lots of sex. I found a lot of well-written lemon-centric pieces but it wasn't until I started clicking random pages in the Twilight FanFiction Archive that I stumbled upon this gem.

Overcast is a piece crafted by the talented and certainly under-appreciated I'm Miss World. While she has many titles to her name, I was glad to stumble upon this one-shot.

The story takes place two hundred years prior to the fateful night James and the nomads stumble upon Bella, Edward, and the Cullens in the clearing. I'm Miss World sets out to explain James' motives behind going after Bella and having such an intense need to destroy Edward in alternate universe. Without giving too much away, I can tell you lovely readers that James had a true love before Victoria...a curious original character by the name of Constance. The issue at hand becomes Constance's betrothal to Lord Archibald's son, which will without a doubt ruin any chance they have at being together - though it is not entirely clear at first what the nature of their relationship is.

"My father. He's arranged a marriage between Lord Archibald's son and I." An empty feeling flowed through James' tense body, quite the opposite of what he usually felt in her presence. He had never considered what he would do about his feelings (though he would never label them that) for Constance.

"Oh..." That was all he could bring himself to say. He couldn't very well do anything about it. Well, he could. He could do what, deep down, he knew he wanted to do. Change her and make her his mate for eternity. But he would never curse her the way he had been cursed. Damn her along with him.

Therein lies the connection to Bella and Edward. If James couldn't have his love 200 years in the past, what right do Bella and Edward have in an even more complicated present?

But Constance's revelation to James about her arranged marriage isn't the nail in the coffin. These two have only gotten started...because Constance doesn't care that James is much older than her and she doesn't care that she's engaged now. All she cares about is that she loves James. And as you'll read, he'll do little to stop her.

"He thought of her as poison; one of those beautiful flowers that kills, or delicious looking berries that make you sick. It distracted his hunger as his fingers danced over the bared skin of her arms. Desire to cup her breasts was pushed aside, knowing her pulse would be too strong there. He instead opted for running his cool hands over them once before holding her face once again, bringing her lips back to his.

Despite his inner battle, James felt happy, genuinely happy, for the first time since he'd been changed. Despite the burning hunger and scent of her arousal, he felt almost human, the soft tracing of her fingers over his muscles leaving a warm, content feeling behind."

And so I'm Miss World makes yet another connection to our favorite couple. James can relate to Edward in more ways than one. But the most important way comes at the end...will James be able to maintain the self-control necessary to be with such a human? Does his discipline match up to Edward's in a Breaking Dawn universe? Does Constance care? Does James?

Go and read my lovely pervs. I'm Miss World only has five reviews on this piece. This MUST be rectified!

It was lines like this that made me hop on the James train:

"He was aware of how wrong it was to look at her the way he did, but he could hardly help himself. As far as James was concerned, she was the vision of perfection."

He was so channeling Edward! You can hear the 'awww' in your head right now - don't lie.

Anyway, my point is that this lemon-shot is a good read. It's not particularly long but it's worth the time. So go...go now!