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EchoesOfTwilight is a melting Work In Progress

Work in Progress

21 "Melting the Marshmallow Man"


It's no secret that I love this fic. I tell everyone about it, pimp it on Twitter, go to sleep to have dreams of WiPward...wait, where was I?

Right. I'm pretty sure araeo will be surprised not only by this lemonshot, but by the lemon I chose to highlight for it. After all, I have gushed to her many times about the whole story, and she knows I have a particular soft spot for a certain scene involving a bathroom counter...and that one is definitely hot, too. But when I signed up for this and had to choose just one, I knew right away which it would be.

See, I love this Edward - and this Bella, come to that. I mean, her "girls" are famously hysterical. And what I love most about them is the perfect combination of tenderness and passion. New love is growing, and while they get to know each other more and more as people and partners, they fuck like bunnies.

Who hasn't been there?

There is one magical point in every relationship that lasts any length of time, though, and I am not ashamed to admit that I begged araeo for it. Shamelessly. Because what I wanted was that moment when they both know that it's more than fucking.

"Tell me again." My voice was barely above a whisper. His arms tightened around me, nearly crushing me to him. I planted my hands on the planes of his chest, digging my fingertips into the grooves just above his collarbones.

"You won't be wearing that shirt for a while," he murmured, his breath hot and humid against the shell of my ear. Stiffening, I drew a big breath to call him an asshole or something equally uncouth, but then I felt his teeth graze my earlobe as he laughed softly. "Not what you meant?"....

..."I love you." His tone was rough and warm, soft and perfect. Eager for more of his taste, I licked my lips again as he led me the few feet to the bed. He sat in front of me, drawing me in between his legs so he could drop soft kisses across my chest, the fabric of my bra preventing him from kissing where I really wanted.

I was eager for what I called "The ILY lemon" in this story more than any other because I knew araeo would manage to make it everything it should be. Sweet, full of emotion, and hot as hell. For those not yet reading WiP, first I give the stinkeye and ask why not, and then I say that the journey to this point has been one of the most realistic of any I've read in fic - as long as you discount the little comedians masquerading as Bella's ovaries. (Don't, by the way...their input is priceless.) In keeping with the very best kind of fluff, it's lighthearted while still having a story to tell, and though our pair are not perfect or baggage-free, there is no over-the-top drama. In fact, this lemon occurs right after their first fight, but like in most normal relationships, they fight, talk, and use it to bring their relationship closer. WiP is an anything-but-ordinary story of an ordinary couple...with all the funny, affectionate, sexy, awkward, and occasionally tense moments we've all experienced at one time or another. One of the most agonizing, of course, is wondering whether the person you're in love with feels the same...and the relief when you find out that they do can lead to some hot, hot sexytimes.

"You're shaking," he whispered, his breath hot against my damp skin. His mouth was so close to my nipple… I arched into him, nearly begging for the contact. "Are you cold?"

"No," I gasped, as he cupped my breasts in both hands and pressed them together; licking hot trails of fire down the cleavage he created. I tried to move closer, but when it wasn't enough I climbed up onto the mattress and rested my knees on either side of his hips. I was bare before him, showing him my body and my soul, yet I wasn't afraid. I trusted him with them – and my heart – completely. Reaching behind me, I quickly unhooked my bra and threw it across the room before returning my fingers to his head.

Finally, his teeth grazed over my nipple before he took it fully into his mouth; I shivered harder at the hot, wet texture of his tongue on my unbelievably sensitive flesh. One of his hands burned its way down my side and over my hip, gripping firmly and pulling me harder into him. I pressed back, loving the rigid feel of him through the layers of clothing. He moaned, adding yet another layer of sensation that drove my desperation.

Yeah. I'm not cold now, either. Araeo goes on to up the hot-sweet factor, perfectly uniting raw desire and deep emotion.

"All those other times," he said, his voice a rough whisper in the tense silence of the room, "I hoped you were mine. It felt like you were mine. To know it now… Fuck, Bella, I can't even tell you how much I want you." His eyes roamed my body as I laid before him, spread out for his pleasure, his love. I reached up and placed my hand on his wrist, stopping his motions.

"I was yours. I am yours. I love you." I knew I sounded hoarse and scratchy, but my throat was so tight with everything coursing through me: desire, need, love…all for him. I tugged on his hand and he came to me easily, threading his arms underneath me and holding me close. My legs wrapped around his hips almost involuntarily; my body took over and my brain took a backseat.

His cock was hot against the thin skin of my inner thigh, but he made no movement to complete our connection other than to rub his lips over mine. My fingers pressed into the muscles of his back, trying to pull him closer.

"I belong to you, Bella. Only you," he breathed against my lips, sealing his mouth over mine as he positioned himself, pushing inside me slow and hard. We moved together slowly, burning, twisting, absorbed in each other. He shifted some of his weight to one elbow, bringing one hand up to stroke the hair back from my face as he pulled away from the kiss. His fingertips skimmed down my throat and his lips followed. Hot breath struck my skin as he spoke and I arched my neck to give him better access. "I've never felt like this, never. Only with you."

That, right there, is why if I could bring any Ficward magically to life, it would be this one. He's completely devoted to her without being creepy about it, cheesy in only the best kind of way, and dude doesn't need a map to find his way around in bed, if you know what I mean. Or a bathroom counter, for that matter. ;)

It was all too much: the feel of him between my legs, the rush of his breath against my neck, his whispered words in my ear. I was wound tighter and tighter, relaxed and tense at the same time, letting him take me where I needed to go. He always did.

I called out his name as I clenched around him in release, my hands clutching him tightly, digging into his back and pulling at his hair. He thrust steadily through my climax, every exhaled breath carrying a low moan or my name.

"That feels good, doesn't it, love? Fuck…I love the way you feel around me," he breathed, still not stopping. I could feel his back trembling as he fought his release; could hear the strain in his voice. His thumb swirled around my entrance again and came back to circle my clit, this time slower and harder. He sat up on his heels and I was afraid I might have pulled out a few hairs, but he didn't seem affected. Still inside me, he pulled me up onto his thighs as he stared down at me, both hands now gripping my hips, his thumb still working its magic on the peak of my sex. "I never want to stop…"

Well okay, WiPward. If you insist. Please, continue...forever.

I'll leave the rest for people to discover on their own, with an added carrot to dangle: though araeo doesn't make a habit of multiple POVs (WiP is entirely told from Bella's perspective) there is an outtake of this particular chapter from EPOV that can be found on her profile. It was done for an author auction, and is just as hot as this BPOV, if not more so. If you're looking for a cure for all the angst and UST in other fics, go forth and read Work in Progress. You'll laugh, you'll swoon, and I'm betting you'll need more than one cold shower.


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