Monday, May 3, 2010

Triinity gets naughty with Breaking Trinity

Breaking Trinity

9 "Defined"


I came into the whole Twilight obsession late in the game, I didn't even read the books until after I saw the first movie. Once I did, I read all 4 in one weekend (with no sleep) and I haven't stopped reading, watching and obsessing over everything Twilight since then.

Then, I discovered fan fic. Holy mother of GOD, LEMONS! I bow down to the goddess of lemons. All of my favorite people, fucking, holy shit! I went through my phases, hmmm... what bizarre combination of characters can I pick to read about fucking today? Marcus and Esme? Carlile and Renesme, why the hell not! But, I always come back to E&B, because it's their love that has made me so hooked on the Twilight Saga.

One of the first stories I stumbled on turned out to be the story that sucked me in to this everything fanfic life I now lead. That story was breaking trinity. Bella moves to forks to live with her dad, escaping the life that James has once again managed to ruin. Her best friend Jessica brings her to a party in Port Angeles to get her out of the house.

Guess who she meets while she is there?! I'm reviewing chapter 9. Defined. There are earlier lemons that are even hotter, but I really thought leaving that part for the reader to discover on their own was a great way to drag the reader into this story.

I think my favorite thing about this story is the absolute raw passion they have for each other. Their reactions to being in the same room with one another is enough to make my nipples stay hard for hours:

"Mr. Cullen, Miss Swan, is there going to be a problem with the seating arrangement?" Mr. Banner broke into the place we occupied. I still couldn't turn my eyes.

"Am I going to have to anticipate a problem and separate you?" He threatened.

"Fucking try it." I heard Edward growl through clenched teeth. He never took his eyes from mine. I whimpered softly as that growl went straight through my clothing and finger-fucked me.

"No--no sir," I finally choked out loud enough to be heard. I didn't want Mr. Banner to move me away…I had to turn my eyes. Just for a minute.

I blinked rapidly and hid in my hair, giving Mr. Banner a slow eye-down. People were murmuring, Edward was gripping the table. I was shaking and soaking through my panties.

I always picture Bella, looking over at Edward in the scene in biology in the movie, that scared but wanting look she gives Edward, and the look he gives back to her. He can't help himself anymore then she can.

Edward rested his head on his palm, holding my eyes captive. On instinct we adjusted to be nearer to each other. We were so close I could feel his breath staining my face, burning my lips.

I heard him inhale sharply and my body quivered in response. This wasn't natural, it was so wrong it felt completely right.

Edward leaned in slowly till I could feel his nose brush against my own. I shuddered at the closeness.

"I can't fucking stop myself..." His words fell past his lips, punctuating each hard breath he drew in. I was sure I wasn't meant to hear it, but I couldn't help myself either.

Of course, Mr. Banner decides to show a movie, which is a very luckily coincidence for the reader:

"Fuck," He cursed under his breath, the tip of his tongue sliding against mine. I could taste his breath. I was home. "I can't control myself…"

His shoulder was shivering in the darkness and I heard his breath hitch as he pulled back. He turned his head up, looking around the room with cautious, predatory grace.

My eyes followed his movement, down his arm at the edge of the lab table.

He was rubbing himself violently through his jeans. Oh, sweet mother of God!


Even through the blasting audio of the biology movie, I could hear the teeth of his zipper lower, metallic and dangerous. I had never seen something so intense and smoldering in all of my life.

*fanning myself* It only gets hotter from this point forward:

His tongue lapped out, flat and hot on my hand. Languid, sensual strokes repeated until my palm was slick with his saliva.

Edward leaned his head up and curled his lips back. His left hand parted black jeans and drew out glistening, pale skin. I shivered at the sight of his dripping cock in the dim light, unable to break my gaze away.

I gasped and looked around the dark room, shifting against the seam of my jeans, eagerly. A wet breath passed my shaking lips as his right hand gripped mine tightly.

With a strong pull, Edward wrapped our fingers around his cock, tight and tortured and unforgiving.

One of the things I enjoy about her writing is the descriptions of the scenes. I feel like I'm sitting one table over from them, watching (does that make me a pervert? I hope so!)

Edward sniffed the air hard. A strangled groan died at his lips. I felt him leaking on my fingers. Sweet lord, the smell of me did this to him. I was getting hotter with every stroke…

I knew what he needed. In my lust-filled, cock-craving brain, something snapped.

At this point, I had to take a break and go get something to drink, I was ready to jump someone, but no one was around. I decided that I would be a big girl and keep reading, little did I know that I would need a change of underwear by the end of it.

I slid my right arm down from the table and arched back, giving me breathing room. I dipped into the line of my skinny jeans, down into my panties. I whimpered sharply and his head turned to me.

He gasped.

I passed my fingers over my heat. It felt so good…oh God, I was throbbing and aching. I could hear the heavy wet sound as I rubbed myself.

He snarled, dangerously quiet.

I hissed, desperate and needy.

My hand slid out of my jeans, my body shaking and aching for more.

Edward stroked himself harder, my hand gliding as his precum slicked us over, leaking like a faucet.

I leaned toward him soundlessly and passed my wet finger across his bottom lip…

One thing that I noticed is that the pov's switching do not slow down the flow of the story at all. Switching back and forth actually gives the reader a chance to see how both Bella and Edward feel during their encounter:

I crushed my hand over hers, stroking my cock so fucking hard and fast, I was ready to blow our cover and my load. That hot, wet smell of Bella's heat washed over my senses.

I was lost.

She tensed at my side and my eyes locked into hers. Fuck, she smelled so good, felt so good. I was twitching and leaking and on the verge of screaming.

The end of their little encounter is completely unexpected and I about fell out of my bed when I was reading it (I have a laptop people, it's perfectly normal to read fanfic in bed!)

What Bella did next made me lose my mind.

With a fast glance around the room, Bella licked her lips.

Soundlessly, she leaned over and covered her mouth to my fucking cock. God damn, she was so desperate to make me cum, she didn't care where we were or who could see it.

Everyone calls Edward Snarlward in this story, I think Bella deserves an awesome nickname as well, this girl is talented.

Bella's mouth tightened around me, her long hair fanned across my lap. I wrapped my tongue around her finger for every last drop of her taste before releasing her wrist.

I twisted my hand into her dark hair, tugging possessively. Her moan vibrated down into my sac. That little hand wrapped around the base of my dick, so fucking tight. God damn, I wanted her pussy all over me.

I twitched. I snarled. I snapped my fucking teeth in the air.

Hot, thick spurts filled her lips. Sweet-fucking-Christ!

Edward, obviously about loses his mind, and forgets where he is, causing Bella to do the hottest thing in the entire story:

My fist pounded on the table, jolting a half sleeping class wide awake. Bella bolted up from my dick with a mouthful.

"What's going on?" I heard Mr. Banner through my frantic breaths. He was up on his feet, looking around in the darkness.

I stuffed my still quaking cock back into my jeans, my wild sight all over this beautiful girl at my side. She turned her dark chocolate eyes to me…

…and fucking swallowed.

Her lips broke into a freshly-fed smile.

I truly love this story. The passion between the characters is something that moves me deeply. I've laughed, cried and came reading this story. It's their physical need for each other and their inability to control it.

The only sad part of this entire story is that the author, VvDeadRosesvV, stopped writing it for a while. Authors don't need a reason to stop doing something, they are writing more for themselves then anyone else. But I have to tell you how upset and sad I was when months went by without an update. I even played lame fangirl and emailed her, begging her to tell me she was done so I could move on! Luckily, there was an update, followed by some info from the author. At first it looked like she wasn't going to finish it, but now, thanks to obsessed Snarlward fans, she is going to take another shot at it.

I really think that any encouragement she gets helps to motivate her. So I BEG of you dear reader, get your ass to one of the sites that have this story published and READ it. I guarantee, by the end of the 2nd chapter, you will be as obsessed, shocked and horny as I am every time I re-read it. Before you are at the last chapter that has been written, you will be in love with this Bella and Snarlward and begging for more. All I ask is that you put her on your author and story alerts and REVIEW. I thank you as does Bella and Snarlward. Thank you, for helping to keep their story alive.


firestarter said...

I LOVE this story and was sad when she stopped writing it, but it is so worth reading just what is already there. I can't wait to see what see comes up with to complete it.

shecat said...

I also loved this story ! The way VvDeadRosesvV write makes you think you are right there in the room with Snarlward & Bella. Once you start you just don't want to stop reading it :)

Olivia said...

really great review! totally made me want to erad it :) as soon as i have some time I'll check it out :)

Jessedholm said...

I just read this....its intense....their attraction, the lemons. Too bad its been semi abandoned! I wish ppss would stick with completed fics to rec YKWIM?? Now I'm hooked and nothing but some a/n's since christmas....*pout*

Anonymous said...

Can I just be anonymous? Yeah, let's leave it at that since I am a newb when it comes to fanfic. I wasn't a big fan of Meyer's books simpkly because Bella irritated the hell out of me-I know, I know. I'm one of a very few people who hates Bella. But I did begin to like her at Breaking Dawn--although the whole Renesmee story was alright." So imagine my surprise when I landed on fanfic due to a friend begging to rate her fanfics. Can I just say I'm fucking hooked?!? I like these writers versions of Edward and Bella. Especially Lolashoes and Tarasueme. Let's just say that my husband has benefitted from the readings....and smiles when he sees me reading on my iPhone coz he knows he's gonna get lucky once I get him alone. =) Thanks for the rec...I'm off to read!