Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Get To Know Twilighter620

Je m'appelle C.

That’s all the French I know and I’m pleased to meet you all.

I’m for shit at writing these sorts of things and you’ll be able to tell as I ramble along.

The ladies here at the PPSS humor me, so I get looped into doing things like this from time-to-time.

To the fandom, I’m that one random chick who updates infrequently and writes that overly dramatic cop fic ;)

In real life, I’m that one random chick who listens to strange music and acts crazy because she works well over full-time hours between work and school.

I spend copious amounts of time on Facebook and if you touch my Passion Tea Lemonade (sweetened, please) I will hurt you. These days I spend my time reading European History textbooks and wishing I could get my fucking bachelor’s for spending so much time at school. (It has to be equivalent to a four year degree already!). I also give way too much money to the Red Bull company. Just sayin…

I think Robert Pattinson pwns Taylor Lautner. And I’m currently not speaking to my mother because she booked my ticket for our family vacation on June 30th…

Maria is clearly the cooler Honorary Perv and Emmy is obviously a saint for petitioning the PPSS to allow such a crazie into their group.

If you’re still reading this, thank you for wasting two minutes of your life on me. 

You should take a look around and tell the PPSS how much you love them and appreciate what they do for the fandom.

Kisses, Cynthia