Monday, May 17, 2010

thefilly likes things in Multiples




I stumbled across this fic from perusing the Jayeliwood’s Sexy Edward contest. It is the unbelievable combination of a Doctor Edward with flavors of fetish and dominant as well. But it is one I go back to regularly to get a dose of super, duper, UBER hot. Tennisjunkie has spun a fantastic oneshot heavy on the porn, but still making you enjoy the characters and wish for more.

Bella is a single girl with an agenda. She plans to come home, get a little drunk, and fuck herself to sleep with her legion of vibrators. What a good progressive modern woman does! However, it just isn’t up to par and she’s left wanting. Good thing she has the hottest man ever on her booty call speed dial. Edward Cullen, her best friend’s brother, has been her secret someone for years - when the itch arises, he helps her scratch it. They aren’t together-together, because of all the implications with Alice, but somehow just can’t stay away. Oh, and by the way, Edward’s a hot english doctor with a penchant for dirty talking and being unbelievably smoking sexy. So naturally, Bella invites him over and offers to get dinner for the two to feed their sex fest.

"What're we drinking to?"

He smiled at her as he poured. "Multiple orgasms," was his suggestion.

Yeah. There you go, Edward, being the hottest thing ever. There are some pleasantries exchanged and some general teasing with the edge of wanting more than just sex, and then it really gets going.

"I'm giving the orders here, Bella, not you. You'll do it because I said to. Now put a fucking vibrator in your quim."

Dear Edward, you just killed a million women with words like that. How could anyone deny his naughty demands? Are you mind melted yet? Well, don’t worry, because you will soon lose any ability to think as the story progresses. Bella knows this game, and complies with Edward’s demands - because she knows the orgasm is going to be so worth it. This is where the multiple orgasms really comes in to play - three, from this one act alone. Their quips are insanely sexy, from him making comments about wanting everything from her, and her response that he can, indeed, do anything he wants with her. This leads to even more toy play... that is very hot and a little taboo. Bella confesses that she isn’t innocent in her own desires.

“But sometimes I like something…in there."

This lights up a whole new game for the two, causing Bella to declare that her arse does indeed belong to one person alone - Bella. You tell him, girl! But don’t worry... the games are only beginning. Edward gears her up even further (and gets all us readers going as well) by stating the following hot-as-hell preamble to their session.

His voice dropped and he traced her arse hole with his finger. "That's right, love. I'm going to fuck you. I'm going to fuck that pretty little mouth of yours in a minute, while I put your toy in your quim and your arse. I'm going to stuff you so full you won't ever feel empty again. Then, I'm going to stick my cock back in your quim, just to get it wet, before I put it in your arse. I'm going to pound your arse good before I fill it up. Would you like that?"

Can I get an Amen? Edward’s not the only one who can bring the dirty talk - Bella knows what turns him on and what his triggers are too.

"Like a pole, Edward. Like I'm being split in two. It's the best feeling in the world." She reached up and covered the hand on her breast and twisted her nipple.

"Like this. Just a little bit of hurt, you know that. Please move your cock, Edward. Please."

I won’t ruin the rest of it - but the story ends so sweetly, and I don’t just mean in an orgasm fueled snuggle. This story hits on so many “absolutely fucking hot” spots for me - dirty talk, a little ass, toys, spanking... It just is so hot and sexy that I can’t handle it! I recommend reading when you are going to have some alone time with your favorite man, woman, or sexy toy - or any combination of those things - because you are going to need it! Hope you love this story as much as I did!


Jessedholm said...

awesome rec! I loved every word. It felt like a whole fic....perfect ending and all.

Primrrose Hill said...

Ahhh...a true classic I read last year. So perfectly written. I hope this author continues to write!