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Jeanne says "Good Night"

Good Night



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Aro sets aside a night to spend with his pet.

First off, I think that I need to make this very clear. This fic is NOT Wussperv safe at all! It would be best if all of you sweet, kind-hearted creatures just gather your things and leave now.

*waits while the room clears*

Now, I should also warn that if you are of a more “delicate sensibility” you should probably think long and hard before you continue to read this rec. If the words Master, slave, Aro, Jacob, and butt plug, give you a queasy feeling. You might just want to mosey on down the road now too.

*waits while even more people leave, until just a few smiling perverts are left*

If you made it this far, than you are a Bullet-ProofPerv©, and I gladly call you friend. We are a brave few that venture forth into uncharted territories of non-canon ships and deviant sex. We smile at the mention of off the wall pairings like Edward/Emmett or Rosalie/Leah. We don’t mind slash, poly, circle jerks, angst, torture, or even the inappropriate use of lawn gnomes. We don't even mind it when you kill our favorite characters, as long as the writing is good and the smut is off the charts.

Well, my darlings, have I got a fic for you. Aro/Jacob as Master and slave boy. That's right, I did not stutter.

When I first saw a some of my fellow Bullet-ProofPervs© tweeting about this pairing I laughingly agreed that it sounded interesting, but in the back of my brain I was very nervous. While, I get squirmy and excited at the idea of the Pack mixing it up with the Volturi, there are only a few pairings in that group that I think could be written well, and not crossover into Squickville. So while I did think that Aro/Jacob sounded intriguing, I worried that the premise had a lot of potential to be angsty and it seemed like it would take a lot of work to make it sexy. Ah, but that’s where the wonderful magical crackfic header can help save a lot of time and heart ache (for the writer, at least).

In the summary of this story, which I encourage you to read before venturing into the dark and delicious fic, you will find that she clearly sets the stage for a scenario that both titillates and frightens you. I have a deep unwavering affection for Jacob, and this set up had me very nervous. While, it sounds a lot like the set up for a *gasp of horror* rape fic, it isn’t. Not even close. It is however one of the hottest fics I have ever read.

[WARNING: The section below has spoilers, but feel free to go read the fic and then come back to read this part. Go on, I’ll wait.]

This is one of those ideas that could go so wrong so easily in unskilled hands, but I assure you that newssodark has what it takes to make this dubious set up work. If you have not read her current multi-chapter AU Underneath, please go give it a try. It’s an Jacob/Edward AU and I believe it sets the standard for writing that ship and fic, in general, higher than ever before.

She has a beautiful, writing style that lulls you into the story, because the third person allows us the illusion of being separate from the actions, when in reality by the second sentence we are tumbling headlong over the side of the cliff.

Good Night is no acceptation. Aro's voice is delectable, like being wrapped in velvet while sucking on a honeycomb. Yet, there’s a niggling voice in the back of you mind that keeps screaming: Oh my god, this is Aro! Do not trust! However, being inside his head, with the comforting safety of NOT being in first person we can continue to watch as we view the world from his unique perspective.

There is a freedom in viewing the world through the eyes of someone free of moral entanglements. Aro is a vampire, who feeds unabashedly on humans. It does not even occur to him to think about it, muchless think that it is bad. He is also the leader of the Volturi, ruthless, calculating, and remorseless, but he is also Aro.

In canon Aro is portrayed as scray, yes, and a little crazy, but the part that stood out to me was his affection. When he cares for someone, he feels it deeply. Newssodark has captured that aspect of Aro and preserved it, like a hornet in amber. She allows us to view him in all his deadly grace, without concern and because of that, we can see how truly beautiful, and loving he can be, even to a slave.

Oh, Jacob...oh, puppy.

I think it would be easy for some readers to assume that a Master/Slave story is going to play out like a BDSM Dom/Sub "play" scenario, and they would be DEAD WRONG!

In this story, Jacob is nothing as pedestrian as a simple submissive. No! Jacob is an instrument, for his master to achieve pleasure. There is a kind of purity in that state that Dom/Sub "play" just can't truly touch. He is wanton and besotted for his master, and that is all. Not a single thought or breath exists for anything other than Aro. He not only accepts this state of being, he revels in it. You can imagine Jacob lounging around all day, dreaming about how he can pleasure Aro in a million different ways. I could continue this train of thought, but then I would have to change my pants.

This is the fun that comes from fan fic, but crack fic specifically. It allows us to just relax and accept the scenario of a broken, enslaved and besotted Jacob. Once we are past the first step the rest of journey is a slippery slope of seductive darkness.

As a straight up story, I love her writing style, the pacing is gentle and once you reach the end you immediate want more. It takes BALLS to write a story like this in the Twilight fandom. When most readers won’t even bother to look at fic that doesn’t have Edward in it, muchless ones that feature two fairly unpopular male characters in a morally questionable scenario, a story like this is often lost.

This time, I will not let that happen. If you are brave or even if you’re not. Take a moment and read this story, let it change your perspective on these characters and fan fiction in general.

Come on, be brave, I’ll be right here to hold your hand.