Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ask Naughty Nurse Kimpy


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Here's some reader feedback from last week's post about Urinary Tract Infections:

Another cause of a UTI could be a case of the "honeymooners" where you and your partner go without intercourse for so long and then when you do go at it, you mimic fanfic and basically give yourself an infection. This might be something you deal with if in the time you are feeling the pain of a UTI, you hold off on intercourse.

My OBGYN said the best thing to do if this is the case, is to keep your lady bits warmed up while you are away from your man with a toy so its less of a shock when penetration occurs.

If you don't want to use a toy for personal reasons, then my OBGYN suggested that the first time you and your man get together after a break, the intercourse should be short and sweet and well lubricated to prevent pain and rubbing from the 'foreign object.' Obviously later interactions can be longer and more ala fanfic style, but you want to ease your body into it, especially if its been awhile for your hooha.

I noticed that when I touch (play with) my breasts, it doesn't feel any different than touching my arm so to speak, but when my boyfriend touches them, plays with them, it feels amazing .. How come?

SUCH a good question! The answer is: SUSPENSE. When you touch yourself, you know what you're going to do, and when you're going to do it. When someone else touches you, there is always an element of surprise. When are they going to touch you? How are they going to touch you--will it be feather light, or will it be a pinch? What are they going to do next? Because you never know what to expect, that suspense adds an erotic edge that is difficult to achieve all by yourself.

I use a drug store waxing kit and wax myself down there, but I noticed that between the outer lips, small little hairs continue inside and I am too afraid to wax that part because of how sensitive that skin is. First of all is it normal for little hairs to continue on inside of the lips and if it is too sensitive to wax that part, how can you remove it?
Thanks in advance.

To answer your first question, yes, it is completely normal for the little hairs to continue on the inside of your labia majora. It's a way to keep dirt out of your cooter and to make your bits perspire less. So, no worries about being strange or different--most of us have it.

I would definitely not wax your inner lips to get at those pesky hairs. Just the thought of that makes me cross my legs together, tbh. I have found that using my Bodygroom electric razor/trimmer very carefully tends to work pretty well to trim down those little imps. Using a mirror for guidance helps a lot, too. Once I've trimmed it as closely as I possibly can, I follow up with Magic Razorless Cream Shave. Naughty Nurse Kimpy has very sensitive skin, and she is able to use the Magic cream without any irritation to the delicate skin of her lady bits. (She also apologizes in advance if this is TMI).

Between those two, you should be able to achieve a lovely, smooth, bare kitty for all to enjoy and appreciate. Or, just you. Whatever works for you. *wink*

What exactly is a post coital glow? Because I may be only 21 but in my short life I know I've never seen a person walking around with a glowing aura around them! Twilight and church are the only places I've ever seen this occurrence ;)

Yeah, there are a lot of post coital glows occurring in the fandom, aren't there? Clearly, we don't have women walking around, 24/7, glowing like a lightning bug in real life. When people refer to the glow, it's more about a post-sex high than anything. Having an orgasm releases endorphins throughout the body, which are neurotransmitters. They act like natural pain relievers. Curiously, their chemical structure is similar to that of morphine, so they have a similar effect on your body when they are released--you suddenly feel calm, euphoric, and pain free. That state of being could be interpreted as a glow.

The other phenomenon that happens for many women when they've had an orgasm is that they get a red flush over their upper torso, neck, and sometimes even their faces. While a flush isn't the same thing as a glow, it isn't far-fetched to refer to this as a glowing aura.

So, for the record? Post coital glow is likely nothing more than a post-orgasm flush and endorphin release that makes you feel absolutely heavenly. We'll leave the real, actual glowing to religious icons in paintings.

I know when i have a orgasm. How does a guy really really know when you have a orgasm, that you are not faking it?

I asked my Naughty Nurse Kimpy Sex Lab Assistants for their feedback on this one, and boy, did they ever come through for me. It's a tough job, but someone has to do it. Here is their conclusion: Sometimes. A guy needs to pay very close attention if he wants to know you've had the big O (unless, of course, you are a woman who squirts or ejaculates when they come). The easiest way for them to know if you've achieved an O is during a hand job or manual G-spot stimulation. The telltale muscle contractions are pretty hard to miss if it happens on his hand, KWIM? If you're having penetrative sex, then it becomes a little bit trickier to tell. If your partner is wearing a condom, that can make it very difficult for a guy to tell if you've orgasmed. If he is lost in the moment and thrusting away, that can also make it more difficult to discern when an O has occurred. There are some women who always get a flush over their chest and neck when they come, so that can be another indicator. In summary, it is challenging, but not impossible, for a guy to tell when his partner comes. So, when it happens in fanfiction, and causes Edward to have a cataclysmic orgasm as a result? Well, it's called fiction for a reason. Just saying.

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Thanks to everyone for the great UTI prevention tips. Cranberries- here I come. ;)