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Turn Me On: Mrs. Robinson fic

We want to know what turns you on, ladies! Which fics are rocking your world and are must reads for us Pervs? We want you to tell us what you like, what turns you on about this fic. Let’s talk about it over a glass of wine and get everyone reading it.

This month, BBSapphire is getting turned on with the pack over a double feature of smut...
Do You Want To by Winterstale
The Rightness of Wrong by Manyafandom

BBSapphire - Sexual fantasies and desires come in so many different varieties and are ever changing and evolving with the person. Here are two stories with similarities and yet they are so different. Do You Want To and The Rightness of Wrong are fabulous stories about exploring and experiencing those desires.

After reading Manyafandom’s The Rightness of Wrong I am left with shivers and a warm, fuzzy feeling. Not easy to do folks. This beautiful one-shot leaves you wanting and hopeful. She’s written a brilliant Edward, and Esme just steals your heart.

Esme’s story breaks your heart and pulls you to her instantly. She struggles to accept her life and see the beauty in herself. You find yourself hoping for her.

Edward is just... UNF. He’s grown into this delicious man with scruff and height, and that combination makes you weak in the knees. Jogging and tanning has never been so fucking sexy. Part of Edward’s attraction, for me, is that he’s bold and comfortable with himself.

In The Rightness of Wrong I love that it's Edward taking control, not Esme leading the younger, fumbling man through the experience. Manyafandom took a different approach and showed us that Edward’s a man, who knows what he wants and isn’t afraid of that one bit.

"Why, it's the truth? Besides, I'm allowed a few things. It is my birthday after all," he said, his voice taking on a rough tone. The pad of Edward's thumb moved over her chin to run along her bottom lip. "Since it's my birthday, I think I deserve a present, don't you?"

Frozen in place, Esme was so afraid of what might happen next and scared that, whatever this was, it would end. The intensity of his gaze melted her and petrified her at the same time. So many things warred within her: the wrongness of all this, but how right it felt despite that, how her lip seemed to be on fire and the only thing that would dampen the flames was his lips upon it, that she might actually die if he didn't kiss her, and that she probably would if he did.

This pairing and this story are great because each brings something to the table, sharing with the other. When these two get together it’s like an explosion. Once they give into their desires, it’s on and it’s fucking hot. Skin on skin, kissing and Edward’s fucking packing.

This was a wonderful story of more than just some delicious fucking sex - and zomg, when they finally got together *fans self* - it’s about life and dealing with the hand dealt to you. I tip my hat to Manyafandom, she knocked this one out of the park.

Now Do You Want To is the other side of the spectrum. It’s Virginmett meets Mrs. Robinson in the form of Angela Weber. This story is hot and wet, and all around great! I squirmed, laughed and reveled in the compassion.

Angela is warm hearted and kind. She’s happy and doesn’t appear to be missing anything in her life, until she meets Emmett. Emmett is the boy from down the street, hard working and good to the core. He has this innocence about him but surprises you with a knowledge you don’t expect.
Scooby-Doo beamed up at me in his goofy glory, the cartoon image of his lolling eyes and wagging tongue pulled taut under Emmett's erection.

I laughed, gasping it out, really, and looked back to him with a swirl of conflicting, indefinable emotions.

He looked down and winced, shaking his head.

"I don't think my mom quite got the double meaning…"

He’s a sweet boy but hidden somewhere within him, he’s a dirty boy just waiting for the opportunity to come out and play. He’s got skills he doesn’t even know he has. I love that he’s not a cocky boy trying to be older than he is.

This story has a perfect mix of comedy swirled with some serious sexy moments. It’s a bit awkward in an affectionate way. The moments you smirk or giggle only make you love these two together even more. It’s clear that Em and Angie compliment each other, which is a huge positive in my book.

Emmett and Angela are great together because each is learning from the other. They have this sweet, sexy combination about them. When these two finally made it to the bed it was hot. Emmett’s wet fucking body hovering and attending to Angela.

Winterstale has this open sexual experience between Em and Angela that is erotic but also awkward in a charming way. It’s attractive and sexy in an innocent, untainted nature.

There was a little struggling with the condom and some awkwardness as he found his position, but when Emmett inhaled through a clenched jaw and slid inside me I moaned along with him. I'd expected some sort of rapid, jerky just-glad-to-be-here sort of pounding, like I'd experienced with Ben so long ago, but Emmett was a study in dogged restraint. Eyes wide, smiling broadly, he held himself over me and moved with a slow cadence that increased in confidence as he dipped inside me again and again. He was savoring it: his first time and me. Together, we were like a newly discovered sweet taste he knew would be over too soon. Melting ice cream on a summer afternoon.

Just the effort Emmett makes is hot, but add his sexy clenched jaw and delicious body to that... it’s like a perfect combo.

I adored this story and recommend this for your next rainy day, well any day really but I’m hoping the next rainy day I get, there’s a knock on my door. *looks out window* My lawn is looking like it needs Emmett’s attentive care.

Chele - There’s something about the ages at which men and women reach their sexual peaks which lends itself to this particular fantasy. Both of these stories give us women who are experiencing a renaissance in their lives wherein they find themselves open and seduced by the possibility of a beautiful shared experience with men of a certain age.

When I first read Do You Want To, it was with such a guilty pleasure. Winterstale does such a brilliant job of putting us into Angela’s headspace and walking us through the transition as her attraction to Emmett unfolds. I think that she is as shocked by her acceptance of Emmett as a lover as we want to be, but his honest expression of desire and openness disarms us all. The eroticism in this story left me a panting, desperate mess. It satisfies that deep, secret, lawnboy fantasy, without making me feel that anyone was taken advantage of. It felt both beautiful, right, and forbidden at once.

With The Rightness of Wrong, Manyafandom
accomplishes almost the exact opposite. Through her careful exposition of Esme and Edward’s relationship, she convinced us that there is nothing forbidden about the feelings they have for each other. That their attraction and emotional connection transcends the age difference, rendering it null.

One concept, done masterfully two completely different ways by two immensely talented authors. What more could a perv ask for?

Liz -I think it’s a common fantasy, especially for those of us with more than a few years of marriage behind us, to lust after the lawn boy, or the boy who changes our oil or works on our bike, or fixes our computer at work. Living that fantasy through Do You Want To and The Rightness of Wrong is delicious and delightful.

Angie Cheney in Do You Want To is a suburban divorcee, who acts out a fantasy with the neighbor’s strapping son, 17 year old Emmett, only to discover he’s a virgin and has fantasized about her as well. In one of the sweetest and most touching first-time scenes around, you fall just a little bit in love with both of them.

"Can I… um… be on top? Like… um… how I've thought about it with you?"


His mouth was against my neck, even as his fingers worked between us, slipping between my legs once again. He leaned on one elbow, watching again, as he stroked and dodged, circling and finally dipping inside.

"I've sort of... um, been really into you all summer," he confessed, then dipped toward my mouth for a kiss as if he needed to reassure himself I was under him. "When I think about us together, this is how we are."

"You've thought -?"

"Yeah." He looked down a little sheepish and sweetly self-aware. "Um... a lot. You're just so different and really pretty – no...shit - not pretty… I mean beautiful. Like real? And just… I don't know."

Guh. I love Emmett.

Esme Platt in The Rightness of Wrong is also a divorcee, but far more damaged. Barren, abandoned and feeling like less than a whole woman, she can’t fathom that Edward, twelve years her junior, could possible be interested in her, much less that he should. Finding her emotionally shattered one night in the rain, he finally convinces her that she deserves more than the half life she’s living.

“He's the one that did this to you, made you feel this way about yourself. He's the failure for pushing his own feelings of failure on to you," Edward said, rubbing his nose against hers. "Can't you see how beautiful you are, on the inside and out? How it pours out of you and touches everyone around you. How you make everything better by just being you."

"Edward…" she whimpered, his words touching something deep inside of her.

"Esme, believe me when I say that you aren't empty and lifeless. You're so full of life, I want to be near you always, just so I can soak some of it in." Edward laughed, brushing the wet hair off of her face.

"I want you. I've always wanted you..."

That, I think is the key to the fantasy - that deep down, us older women still want to know we can turn someone on like that.

Jess - There is something magical and mysterious and so seemingly taboo about stories where an older woman and a younger man get together. Maybe it’s the question of who does the pursuing or maybe it’s the backstories for each of the characters that gets them to the point of wanting this - whatever this is - to happen. Regardless of the reason, your inner Mrs. Robinson will be squirming and needing more after reading these two one-shots. In both of these stories, we get the joy of watching two older divorcees find comfort, passion, and and a bit of self-assurance with much younger men.

In Do You Want To, Angela and Emmett (an awesome pairing) explore the bounds of virginity and newness together during an intense rainstorm. Emmett, Angie’s lawnboy and neighbor’s son, is seventeen. He’s sweet, polite, and adorable as hell with his dimply grin. He’s what you think Emmett will and should be - big and muscly, but sweet as can be. Angie is a new divorcee after seventeen years of marriage. She is what I think many suburban woman are really like - full of sexual thoughts that never go anywhere. As we watch these two come together as lightning and thunder crash around them (it sounds cliche, but it’s so not in this case), we watch them fumble through tentative touches and awkward moments as she mentions Ben (her ex) and he mentions his mom (Angie’s neighbor). There are even a pair of Scooby boxers. Angie’s inner monologue will crack you up as she even acknowledges her Mrs. Robinson moment.

Another inquiring glance passed from Emmett to me as his fingers traveled to the waist of my shorts, followed by another nod from me to him. He gathered me against his cheek, fumbling with the fastenings as his forehead came to rest against my stomach. His hair, still damp with rain and sweat, had cooled, calling up gooseflesh on my stomach. Khaki shorts dropped with the soft thunk of collapsing fabric, pooling at my ankles as he returned his attention to the waistband of my panties.

Oh, Christ. White cotton. Not even bikinis. Just plain underwear and absolutely not what a kid must want to see as he undresses his much older, Mrs. Robinson cliché of a neighbor.

"Mrs. Robinson, if you don't mind my saying so, this conversation is getting a little strange."

Am I? Am I her?

Don't think.

Besides there was no time to really think because my panties had gone, and Emmett was on his knees before me, his hands settling against my hips and looking for approval again. His question wasn't as obvious, and I crinkled my eyebrows, shaking my head slightly in confusion.

"Can I... um..." he whispered, Adam's apple riding a little against my thigh as he swallowed thickly.

"What do you want, Emmett?" No chirp this time. Breathy, soft, a little – me? – seductive.


What - oh! - wha-whatever had I done to deserve this?

Not only is this thing sweet and funny, it’s also hot. These two likely won’t ever be more than a one or two time thing... but it was a welcome reprieve for her and a great first time for him.

The Rightness of Wrong is the first non-canon pairing story/one-shot I ever read. When Hopey posted this a while back and tweeted about it, I had no idea if I would even like it. I mean, who reads Esme/Edward? I do and did, apparently, and I freaking loved it. There was something so basic and raw about these two together This story is so intense and emotional and gah! I almost have no words.

Esme (formerly Evenson) Platt is a thirty-four year old woman. She lives alone in a house she and her ex-husband, Charlie, purchased when she was young and they were newly married. Their divorce, after years of infertility, was long and bitter, and it left Esme feeling “old and barren and lacking life. [She] was too old to be young and carefree like she longed for, and too young to feel as old as she did.” Her love life with Charles was practically non-existent, and when they eventually divorced and he remarried, she watched with sadness as he and his new wife conceived a new baby quickly. It is heartbreaking to think of the pain and sadness and loneliness Esme feels at such a relatively young age. Her inability to have children is devastating, and all of these beliefs about herself prove to be the major theme of this story. As it unfolds, we watch a much younger Edward (22) slowly start to help heal her broken heart, change those beliefs, and show her how beautiful and sexy and loved she is.

As time progresses, Esme battles through all kinds of emotions as she tries to process how she feels about a younger man - her neighbors’ son. They spend each morning running together (sweat and running shorts - need I say more) and then Esme’s little obsession comes to a head over the course of a few different events - her checking him out for weeks as he sunbathes and she fantasizes about him while taking care of business, Edward’s 22nd birthday when he wants to kiss her and she says no, at a 4th of July barbeque she hosts and Edward makes his intentions and desire for her clear, and finally the breaking point, the day that Charles and his new wife have their baby.

Broken and weary, Esme and Edward have it out as he tells her how she isn’t a failure of a woman just because she can’t bear children (swoooooooon), how she’s beautiful on the inside and out, and how he’s always wanted her (falls over dead). All the innuendo, UST-y moments between them, and the pressure of stifled emotions erupt into a kiss. And not just any kiss.

The kiss wasn't tentative brushes or awkward nose bumps. It was lips and tongues and teeth and perfect and magical and made her ache with want. Esme felt everything Edward felt for her in the kiss. She surrendered to him, to what she felt for him, to what she had denied for so long.

Everything she felt and had within her went into the kiss. It was one of those epic movie kisses in the rain where the lovers finally get together after denying themselves for so long.

That kiss leads to some very haaaawwwt sexy times in her bedroom. I so want to share it, but I don’t want to spoil it for you. So, go freaking read this, because it will seriously kick your ass and leave you begging for more!

Watching Edward pursue her in small ways and the way Esme fights through her confusion and the “taboo” feelings she feels is in some ways heartbreaking, but it’s so beautiful to see things come out the way they do. Will they be together forever? Was it just a one-time thing or a summer fling? ::shrugs:: That’s what your imagination is for!

Ladies, do yourselves a favor and go indulge your inner Mrs. Robinson and spend a few minutes reading through these lovely, hot one-shots. Don’t even balk at the pairings, because trust me, they soooo work in all the right ways. Hot... just so freaking hot!

Teal - Let me just say, dkjkdjfhvkjvoidfvnjnv fjvkd

That is pretty much how I felt after reading (and recently re-reading) both of these stories. First off, non-canon pairings make my pants happy, and Esme/Edward and Angela/Emmett are both ships I enjoy sailing, no matter how rare they are in this fandom.

So let me begin with The Rightness of Wrong. What I love most about this fic is how brazenly Edward pursued Esme. She was still feeling damaged over her failed marriage, and that emotional baggage was, at times, projected onto the unexpected feelings she had for the younger neighbor boy. There was so much unwarranted self-loathing she experienced in the wake of her ex-husband moving on while she was still trying to piece her life back together and figure out who she was as a single woman, but what I loved was that giving in to Edward wasn’t what made everything instantly better. While he did play an integral part in her journey, she still took the time to heal and internalize what was happening in her life. Edward’s attraction to her was more of a confirmation of all the good in her she refused to see for herself, and in giving into her mutual desire, she showed how she had finally accepted things and was ready to move on. Whether they would develop into anything more than a lust-driven affair, she didn’t know, but being able to get to that point showed how strong of a woman she actually was all along.

Such a wonderful blend of sexual tension, self-discovery, healing, and finally, a certified, fuckhot, lemon! Rawr.

While Do You Want To also embodies all that is right and good about Mrs. Robinson fic, things seem to get to the point much faster. Though Angela has taken on the life of a single parent after spending the entirety of her adult life with her ex-husband, the impression that I got from her was that she was more overwhelmed with day to day life on her own than anything else. She didn’t have any hurdles to jump or bridges to cross; she just had that familiar craving that we all do, that inexplicable attraction to someone regardless of whether it’s sensible or possible, and when the opportunity showed up at her doorstep (literally), she gave in to the unspoken tension between them and made both their dreams come true.

I love seeing strong, sexy versions of Angela, especially with Emmett. I’ve always felt like her sweet, gentle canon spirit would be such a nice match for Emmett. While she wasn’t dominating by any means here - she was actually quite vulnerable - she allowed herself to feel something wonderful that they both wanted, even if it wasn’t practical. There was a real sense that Angela deserved the fun and attention with Emmett, and her regard for his feelings and his experience, both mentally and physically, was what set her apart as an older woman and made her increasingly sexy.

Both these fics are absolutely delightful, insightful, naughty, and fun. Take a gander and let us (and the authors) know what you think, and if you have any Mrs. Robinson stories of your own (be they fanfic you’ve written or something dirty YOU have actually done), please share! I’m totally turned on, and I hope you are too!

Jen - These two one-shots could not be more perfect for Turn Me On, and not only because of the forbidden nature of the stories. I was pretty excited to see them paired together in the official Perv calendar. I’d read and loved them before, and have definitely enjoyed re-reading them.

One reason Mrs. Robinson stories are so hot is that they allow us to indulge in something that, despite the sexual revolution, goes against what our culture views as the norm for romantic or sexual relationships: instead of an older man and younger woman, an older woman and a younger man. The forbidden or taboo is that much more tantalizing. When you think about when males and females are at their sexual peaks, older women and younger men just make sense- right? Put that together with the fact that many of us fic readers are 35 or older, thinking that someone younger could be attracted to you, enjoying those new crush feelings, and Mrs.Robinson fics are a match made in your panties.

Do You Want To may be a o/s, but there are so many layers to it. Angela’s recovering from her divorce, trying to figure out who she is after being with Ben for so many years. When she first starts to notice that she’s seeing Emmett in that way, she tries to tell herself that she’s not really seeing him that way, until he knocks on her door, soaking wet from the rain. I absolutely love the way Winterstale tells this story, showing Angela and Emmett both as vulnerable beings. They each say things that give the other confidence, and there is nothing about their joining that seems wrong. There’s almost an innocence about them together, enjoying each other in the moment. Just a lovely one-shot all around.

Manyafandom’s The Rightness of Wrong feels a little more illicit. Esme is a little more brazen checking Edward out. Edward is not as young as Emmett in Do You Want To, and definitely has more experienced. In a way, he stalks after Esme over a period of weeks in the way that canon Edward’s favorite meal would stalk towards its prey. Esme is as skittish as animal in the woods would be, and though Edward pushes, he never completely spooks her. When she finally succumbs to their mutual desire, The Rightness of Wrong could not be more right.

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