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Going Deep: The Wolf Pack, pt. 2

The Equal Opportunity Whores, Chele and Teal, are going to explore some of the naughtier and more unusual trends, kinks, and pairings in the Twific universe. We’ll be discussing what intrigues us, why it’s sexy, and where we can find it. As upstanding members of Team Anything Goes, you can expect the unexpected.

Chele & Teal have a special guest today: Resident Pack Perv, Einfach Mich is guest whoring with us, because The Pack is simply too much sexy for us not to share.

Going Deep with The Pack - Part II
We’re going to come right out and say it, the wolfpack is fucking sexy. A crew of muscled, half naked, well-sculpted knights in shining (errr, furry) armor - What’s not to love? These are soldiers in the battle between good and evil, who bravely put their lives on the line to protect their families, their tribe, and all-too-frequently, Bella.
Whether you’re in the mood for the smokin’ hot boy-next-door (Jacob), you’re feeling a little more volatile (Paul), or you need someone who can always make you laugh (Embry), there’s something for everyone here in the pack.

Here is a little taste of the variety we are talking about:

Sam/Bella: Blue Jeans and Band-Aids by YellowGlue It’s so rare that Sam actually gets a choice in who his attraction is directed to, and part of what makes this story so special is exactly that - Sam’s compulsion-free, yet unbridled desire. His tenderness is tempered by a predatory edge of age and experience. Every seemingly innocent interaction between Sam and Bella is loaded with sexual tension and the beautiful gift of free will.

Embry / Angela: A Kind of Library by MeraNaamJoker Angela is used to being sexiled by her longtime friend and roommate Bella whenever her boyfriend Jake comes to visit for the weekend, but on this particular night, Jake brings his friend Embry along. Embry finds Angela at her work-study job in the library, and when the power goes out, things heat up between these two strangers. The chemistry between them is immediate, and though there’s not a lot of dancing around the hows and whys of their attraction, it’s undeniable. It’s a safe assumption to say that a lot of people out there got it on in their college library while they were in school . . . and those of us who didn’t wish they had. Live vicariously through Angela, friends. It’s delicious.

Sam/Bella/Paul: An Unexpected Menage a Trois by BBSapphire24 A lot of threesome/poly fics feel unrealistic or contrived (not saying that we don’t like that kind too!), but what we love about this one is that it feels believable. Without giving too much away, Sam and Bella are best friends, and on this particular night, Bella is determined to show Sam that she wants to take their relationship in a different direction. She gets more than she bargained for when she shows up to the party and find sparks flying not only with Sam, but also with Paul, their other good friend (who Bella had a one-time make out session with a while back). The title should make it clear that things turn out wilder than Bella anticipated, but whether this story is a triangle threesome or a V, you’ll just have to read to find out!

Jacob/Jessica: Where Do We Go Now But Nowhere? by Jacina night feather A chance encounter sparks passion between Jacob and Jessica, both of whom are recovering from a bit of disappointment. Though things start out physical, their common realities forge a bond between them that only history can break. While the pairing of Jacob and Jessica together may cause the raising of an eyebrow, Jacina night feather pulls this off so brilliantly you’ll be a believer.

Jacob/Bella:The Fragrant Taste of the Rain by PavartiThough we tend to spend our time humping AU Jacob/Bella, this one is a little something special, so we’re humping their human counterparts too. In his typical style, Jacob helps Bella to recover from the loss of her ex, Edward, with his dogged persistence and disarming lightness of being. However, this Jacob? is not only a mechanical genius, but also a gifted sculptor, and retired military. *wipes drool* Beautifully written, and smoking hot.

The Imprint - Compulsion: a strong, usually irresistible impulse to perform an act, esp. one that is irrational or contrary to one's will.

While there are things about imprinting that we are not so hot on (see: lack of choice) it is also an awesome fantasy plot device which lets authors pair the most challenging of couples and show us how they could possibly be made for each other. When it works? It’s brilliant and turns us on like crazy.

What is it about Bella and Paul that makes imprinting seem right? Probably because without supernatural intervention, they would never have spoken civilly to each other, and, therefore, gotten to the point where they could see how perfect they are together.

Miror Quaenam Sis Tam Bella by MeraNaamJoker If you haven’t already checked out the Team Anything Goes recommendation of this story, go now. We went on for days about it because it is Just. That. Good. If you need further motivation, we’ll say this: Paul/Bella, dirty, hot fucking and a need that can’t be sated any other way. UNF. We’d marry this fic & have it’s babies if we could.

Be Like Water by taoist elf There’s nothing quite like a good AU to help you pretend that pesky things like Breaking Dawn never happened. In addition to being generally awesome, this fic shows brilliant use of sensual/non-sexual intimacy between Bell and Paul while in wolf form. You know how they say having a pet can lower your blood pressure? Having your confrontational lover turn into a wolf may make it easier to talk to him, and make you less likely to want to hit him in the face.
This story takes the moment from New Moon movie canon where Paul explodes into a ball of furry fury after Bella slaps him, and sees them through the tumultuous forging of their imprint bond and beyond. The intensity between Bella and Paul is heady and erotic. Their polar personalities both cause friction, and convince of their complimentary nature. taoist elf takes Edward’s canon characteristics, to the extreme, giving them a sinister twist; and thereby, giving Paul a reason to fight for Bella.
Action-packed, sex-for-the-sake-of-character-development awesomeness.

Leah - We admirably refer to her as the bitch of the pack, a title bestowed with respect. Despite having been betrayed by her fiance and best friend, she channels her hurt into a stony rage, unlike Bella’s zombie state, and still shows up for her duties to the pack. In short, Leah kicks ass, and we’re glad to see that some fics give her the respect she deserves.

The First Five Times by Stretch If there is anyone who can break through canon Leah’s stony facade, it is Embry, whose earnestness and humor are a persistent grace.
Though they refer to themselves as “The Bitch and the Bastard” this is so much more than a tale about bitterness and isolation. It’s two lost souls desperately resisting a connection, who eventually embrace the fact that they have been given the chance to choose one another.

Hair of the Dog by mjinaspen Few A/H fics capture the canon edge to Leah’s personality like Hair of the Dog. The passion in the erotic moments between Leah and Edward are only matched by the passion in their arguments. This story is a roller coaster of intensity. While MJ never promises hearts and rainbows with her happy endings, she’s going to give Leah what we all wanted for her, hope, resiliency, and a greater belief in her own worth.

White Christmas by mkystich It’s Christmas and, unsurprisingly, being surrounded by her packmates and their imprints, Leah is feeling the ache of lonliness and rejection. An intense, physical encounter between Leah and Sam reminds her that what they had was real, and that even the power of an imprint can’t erase his love and desire for her, even if it doesn’t change anything.

Slashin’ the PackWe love those wolves, and we’re Pervs. Therefore, we love seeing them slashed up. Are you with us or are you with us?

Forks Host Club by Nanamun Jacob and Emmett work in a classy escort club, providing companionship and entertainment to the lonely ladies of Forks and beyond. One night after work, Emmett reveals to Jake that a kiss he shared with Edward at the request of a client. Jake’s answering admission to having done that and more, pushes Emmett to explore boundaries and attractions he’d previously denied. It’s a unique story with sex so hot it will melt your eyeballs.

Stars by fngrdust We would be completely and utterly remiss if we didn’t include a story that is not only well-written and a gorgeous portrayal of Leah, but it’s also femmeslash! A collaborative effort between lightstardusting and fngrcufs, Stars is the story of childhood best friends. The angst is strong in this fic, so be warned, but it’s worth every ounce of it to get the hot, much anticipated hook up between these two fierce woman, and also what they each learn about themselves and the other in the end.

The Boy, The Boyfriend and the Ex by hidingfromsomeone What could be hotter than Emmett and Paul sexiness? Emmett, Paul AND Jacob sexiness. Enough said. Read Now, thank us later.

The City by artbeatsandlife Though we loved on this Emmett/Paul fic when the Equal Opportunity Whores brought you Big Gay Emmett (as well as a very fun Team Slash rec), we just couldn’t resist mentioning it here. That’s how much we love it!

Fire and Ice - Turns out that even a little thing like being natural born enemies can’t reign in desire.

Ephraim/Rosalie: Reflections on History by SleepySheep683 gives us a wickedly canon glimpse into the root of Rosalie’s animosity toward Jacob, by filling us in on the time she spent knowing, and loving, Ephraim Black. Before finding Emmett, during the Cullen’s first stay in Forks, a still raw and broken Rosalie found friendship, acceptance and passion in the arms of her natural enemy. This one shot gives so much depth to both characters, and a history which explains so much about Rose’s desire to push Jacob away. He reminds her too much of the love she couldn't keep.

Seth/Jasper: Howl by Dahlia J Black Though longing and internal struggle shadow the foreground of this fic, the sexual tension is so strong and thick that it’s impossible to stop reading. As a BD AU, we find Seth struggling not only with his infatuation with Edward but also the reactions and ridicule of the pack, considering their ability to see inside his head. Just when he thinks he can’t take it any longer, Jasper comes along. But that’s not the end at all. It’s a short piece, so there’s no excuse not to read it!

Paul/Jasper: A Year With a Wolf by robpat A year of stolen moments with Paul show Jasper that the only peace and comfort he will find in forever is in the arms of his forbidden love.

We’ve enjoyed whoring our way through the wolf pack, and we hope you did too! If you have any favorite Pack fics that we missed, please share in the comments below. If you read any of the fics we’ve rec’d today, be sure to leave those authors some much deserved love. And finally, here are a few other fics we think you might enjoy if you find yourself wandering through La Push or along the shores of First Beach:

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