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Lemon Report 2/14/2012

The Lemon Report - Fancy finding out what is on the FF bookshelves of the Pervy Girls of the PPSS? The lemon report lets you know our personal favourite updates of the week, and why you should give the fic a try.... It’s a great place to trawl for new recc’s and don’t forget to share your favourite update with us by leaving us a comment.

In some cases, the Lemon Report may contain spoilers. Please read with caution.

Acronym Guide

AU - Alternate Universe
AH - All Human
WIP - Work in Progress
O/S - One Shot
OOC - Out of Character
WP - Wussperv
Slash/Femslash - Features homosexual characters and romance.


Nico -This story is such a different twist. Edward is a God from mythology, drawn to Bella a simple human. The story is a slow build of the coming together of two different worlds and how sometimes against the odds nothing can come between what was meant to be.

Jen - This entire story is a delight to read. It definitely has a fairytale/otherworldly feel to it, like it’s wrapped in gossamer veil. And this chapter- gah! Gorgeous and soooo satisfying.

AH, Complete/outtake, E/B

Corie- I love when an author revisits characters and gives you a full circle moment and this time FictionFreak95 does it with one of the dirtiest and sexiest moments up against a house at a friendly neighborhood cookout. I may have reread that scene a few times LOL. Check out the full story if you haven’t yet!

AH, O/S, Alice & Jasper, Androgyny, Strapons

Corie-So I was rec’d this o/s by Jeanne and Leckadams last week when we were discussing how much we wish there was more transgendered fic. Now while this isn’t a transfic it is a fantastic look at androgyny. Alice is comfortable in her skin as a girl and also in her skin as her male counterpart Alex. One evening she meets Jasper who has always known he was gay and falls for Alex hook line and sinker. But how will he feel about Alice? I love the complexity of emotion that this o/s lends to this idea. Also there is just some good old fashioned hot fucking in this story. I would LOVE to see more of how these characters balance this complicated relationship. I have to say this Twikinkfest entry made night!


Corie- This update was one of the most intense and original lemons yet. I don’t want to spoil to much but the beauty of this story is Edward can read Bella’s mind and in this chapter that makes for some really sexy times.

Nico - I’m with Corie! What a lemon and something so unique! Edward is just so sexy I tend to be drooling at the end of each chapter. :)

Emmy - This was an intense, and as the girls say, a unique lemon. It was beautiful but not fluffy! So much more going on than that. Just done so well. Bravo

AH, O/S, Leah/Charlie

Jeanne - Good GOD do I love Charlie smut fic, and I love it even MORE when he is paired with Leah. I’ll be honest, GracieBlack28 wrote this for a TwiKinkFest prompt that I wrote, and I am so fucking thankful that she did. This fic is naughty, sexy fun, and it’s very real. You feel poor Charlie’s awkwardness at being trapped in his house with a group of half-naked college girls. Like wise, you feel Leah’s guilt over lusting after her best friend’s father. Still, this Charlie is fucking sexy with a capital S!

Jess - ::sideeyes Jeanne:: Of course, it was your prompt. LOL Seriously though, this was one of the hottest little smutshots I’ve read in a while. Straight up sexy times... and handcuffs.

Chele - Can. Not. Get. Enough. Of. This. Pairing.

Posy - First time I’ve read this pairing and WOW!!! Hawt.

Jen - Jeanne, you hooker! Bless you for inspiring GracieBlack28 to write this piece of awesomeness. I bet if we’re real nice she’ll tell us some more Leah/Charlie stories.


Teal - Mmm...sneaky sex. It’s tough being quiet, but sometimes, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do to get with her man =)

Nico - There’s just something so naughty but delicious about high school sexy times when the parents are home and knowing that Charlie has a gun just adds to the fun :)

Emmy - The number of chapters to this fic might put some people off. But as each update is just a small slice of delight, the word count is still very decent. I’ve really enjoyed Bella’s transformation in this story.

AU, WIP, Jacob/Bella (kinda), Genderbending

Jeanne - This fic is different from a most TwiFics. Here we have a gender switch of the three main characters, Bella is Lucas, Jacob is Ruth and Edward is Mary. The story picks up in New Moon, where Lucas has been left by his beautiful vampire girlfriend, Mary. It takes the friendship of a young Quileute girl, Ruth. Lucas is confused, heartbroken and a little lost, but Ruth brings him out of his depression and becomes the focus of some of his intense (realistic) teenage boy fantasies. That is until Mary returns. This story is fascinating because it begs the question, would you feel different about these characters’ actions and relationships if their genders where changed. You might be surprised what your answer is after you read. I have a soft spot for Lucas and Ruth.

Jen - I thrill every time there’s an update for this story. It’s Twilight through a different lens; you just might be surprised about who you’re rooting for and who you think is a big old jerk. Ruth just gets me all tangled up inside, and I love her even more for her just this side of passive aggressive dry hump.

RPF (The Social Network) Andrew/Jesse

Posy - I skeptically read RPF (real person fic) last summer at the behest of a friend. She knew I was uncertain, so she directed me to this lovely story. I was pretty much sucked in by Andrew and Jesse, the actors who play Eduardo Saverin and Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Network. This story actually takes place while the actors are filming the movie. I was taken behind the scenes and got to see how these two guys fall for each other. In an actual interview, Andrew Garfield says “As soon as I met him, I fell in love with him.” Here’s some video. So you can see the need for slash writers across the world to start writing about these two. This was such a beautifully crafted story and the sex is hot, but mostly, I just fell in love with Andrew and Jesse. *le sigh* Romance, romance, romance.


Teal - Holy fucking shower sex!!! Seriously, pervlings, shower sex is my fave (in fic & IRL, js!), so this was my dream chapter! You should be reading this whole story if you like cocky Edward turning mushy for Bella, but even if you don’t, just read this update. It will be soooo worth it!

Jen - He’s the most lovable cocky bastard you’ll ever meet. Edward and Bella are totally rubbing off on one another--sexually and otherwise. Unf.

Jess - ZOMG! YES to everything the girls’ said above!

RPF Andrew/Jesse

Posy -Ah, the language of flowers, and what better time to talk about how well flowers communicate our hard to express emotions than Valentine’s Day. ArcadianMaggie started this fic as an anon fill to a prompt last year and I fell in love with this fluffy piece. It’s written from Andrew’s perspective, and we get to go along on this lovely journey of self-discovery, all because he has trouble finding a gift for his psycho girlfriend. He wanders into a flower shop, owned by Jesse, and it a fortuitous meeting, indeed.

AH, Complete, E/B

Corie- I spent my Wednesday last week glued to my phone and laptop as Cosmogirl7481 updated the entire story through the day. I love the idea of it, a stranger contacting you with a dirty message but there was vulnerability there too. I had the best time reading waiting to see what came next. This is phone sex at its best, watching Bella let go of the guilt and shame she felt and just allowing herself to feel and get off with a sexy stranger’s voice totally did it for me.

Nico - This made my Wednesday last week. Each time I looked then was a new chapter to devour. Cosmogirl7481 does it again by sucking me in with the perfect combo of story and sexy times that always has me coming back for more. This story tempted me to start texting random people to see what I might find. :)

Merlin Fandom, Arthur/Merlin, Modern AU, Slash

Chele - This story is adorable, cheeky, and full of useless magical superpowers. Arthur is the fun and charming son of a Parliament member who leaves a trail of broken hearts and stalkers in his wake. Merlin is irreverent, sarcastic, and so very adorable. Their text banter is as funny as it is sweet, and the progression of their relationship feels natural and makes me swoon. Throw in a heaping dose of UST, some wicked hot wanks, and a mind blowing BJ, and this fic pwned me start to finish.

Emmy - Gah. Just lovely. I got sidetracked finishing up the Merthur fic below and then starting this one! Wow. What a good recc from Chele, thanks sweetie! <3 Am LOVING this, and want to read it all now. Just mmmh, mmmmmh, mmmmmmh! Perfect!

WIP (Sorta sequel), AH, E/B

Emmy -The original story of this was a Turn Me On Post a wee whiley ago. So seeing these updates was a real treat! As like the original story they are crazy hot. Mad, intense sexing all the way. AND we get some insights from how they jumped from crazy in love and lust, to crazily married....

AH, WIP, Edward/Rosalie

Jen - This is a delightful, frequently updating Edward/Rosalie story. He was her best friend’s big brother, until suddenly he was interested in her romantically. They’re still figuring it all out, but there have been lots of laughs along the way. Things are moving along, though, as Rosalie uses her bj skills to distract Edward from news of a very special double date.


Nico -Bella a social worker, and Edward is a reformed director of a house for boys. Edward is sexy and mysterious and as we learn more about him the more I just want to jump him myself. This last chapter had me drooling for more, take charge Edward in such a delicious way. :)


Emmy - Reading this was a wee birthday treat to myself. A fic that was somehow fluffy and yet tense, angsty (my heart wrenched at time) and sexy. A wonderful fic, with an adorable Merlin and an even more adorable Arthur. Taking some of my most favouritist canon traits, such as Arthurs stoicness (I KNOW this is not a word!) and protectiveness, concealing tenderness, and Merlin’s loyalty, fierceness and anxiety. Gah just wonderful. I am so in love with this fic. Probably one of the hottest wank scenes I have read in a fic. (Merlin was lending Arthur a hand, in case you were wondering...)


Emmy - No sex yet. But wankity-wanky! Edward is on a journey and a half... A journey to rediscover himself and get healthy. Shame its killing him to see Bella and think she would never be interested in him, the size he is.... What I like about this story is how those around Edward are having to adapt and change as he does. Proving that getting healthy and losing weight is more than just a lifestyle change, its a whole culture and ethos shift for your whole life.....

WIP, AU, Angstish, E/B

Emmy - I love AU NM fics (were B does not end up with Jake). In this one, Bella finds a huge sum of ‘scholarship’ money suddenly in her bank account, and guesses its Edward controlling her again, from afar. So she decides to drop out of school and blow the money on travelling.... Now on chapter 8, the action has moved on and I love the way Bella and Edward are moving past old boundaries. Not a smutty fic, but beautiful to see their connection and see them properly moving on, resolving difficulties, in ways SM could never write them....


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Thank you for your gender bender suggestions. So unique and beautifully done.