Monday, February 13, 2012

Slash Brigade: Lost by Hank's Lady


What Perv doesn't love sexy man on man action? The truth is so many of us Pervs love slash fic that we can't just be called a team. We're the whole damn brigade! Batten down the hatches, stock up on supplies 'cause the ladies of the Slash Brigade are here to rec some slash fic.

The Slash Brigade pick is...

Title: Lost
Author:Hank’s Lady
Chapters: 19
Words: 63,257 (Complete)
Reviews: 176
Summary: This is Jacob's story, starting when he turns 18. Lost, alone and desperate to escape his pain, he leaves La Push and goes looking for a new life. Rated M for sex in future chapters. NB - this is a Slash story, don't read if you don't like.

If you don’t know me I suppose I should say up front that I’m a sucker for happy gay boy in love, the fluffier the better. I know, it doesn’t sound like me at all, but honestly, with all the angsty slash fics out there, sometimes I need a break. These two boys were a nice snuggley, sexy break for sure.

I love the idea of Jake/Paul. There is a balance to their personalities, and inherent strengths that hints at the possibility of a very passionate relationship. I love how Hank’s Lady played off Paul’s (canon) behavior toward Bella in New Moon, to help sow the seeds of Paul’s feelings for Jacob. It helps to explain some of his anger and stand-offish behavior with Jacob too. After all how would you react to watching someone you like brokenhearted over a girl that doesn’t love him? Easier, you’re an asshole. lol

Seriously though, the key to this story for me was showing how these two lone wolves find solace and happiness with each other. It feels so good to see two characters that were treated so poorly in canon, find their own happily ever after. For me, as a Pack Slash fic fan it’s like a warm, fuzzy blanket that I want to roll in all night long.
His tongue circled my ear again and his warm breath made me shiver. Then he let go of me and pulled back. I opened my eyes slowly, just in time to see him grasp the bottom of his t-shirt in both hands and quickly drag it off over his head. Then he was doing the same with mine. I raised my arms in the air automatically and a second later the t-shirt landed on the floor with his. He grasped both of my hands and placed them back on his chest. His skin was hot, hotter even than mine and his heartbeat somehow seeming stronger without a layer of fabric between my palm and his chest.

He took his hands away from mine and stroked one from my throat down to the top of my jeans. I felt my stomach flip over and the muscles jumped. His other hand came to rest on my leg. I was half facing him, one leg bent up a little on the couch and his fingers rested on my knee for a moment, then slid up the inside of my thigh until they almost reached my groin. I sucked my breath in and looked down at his hand. Another inch and it would be on my dick. Or my balls. He turned his hand and cupped them as I watched.

*fans self* See what mean? Hot, wolf!boy loving gets me every fucking time. UNF! There is a lot more to this story, but for me the heart is in Jacob and Paul’s relationship and love. I would love to see more fic for this pairing, more sexy hot tattooed Paul and unsure virginal Jacob fucking and falling in love makes me happy in my pants.

I can’t remember if the antagonistic relationship between Jake and Paul is part of SM’s canon or if it’s something that’s become ingrained in my mind from fanfic. In any case, I’ve always imagined that Paul’s aggressiveness toward Jake is because he actually really digs Jake. Lost is a sweet story that plays with the idea that Paul has always had feelings for Jake.

After Jacob loses Bella and then Billy, he leaves La Push to find a fresh start somewhere. Throwing away his cell phone ensures that they won’t know where he’s going. He misses La Push and his friends, but he settles in to his new location really well. There’s no one in his business, no one in his thoughts. The garage is in business and is bringing in customers. He’s got a nice rental home, and even starts dating a girl. His relationship with Jodie doesn’t last very long because Jake becomes fixated on the idea that she will abandon him, like other people in his life have.

Paul shows up, most unexpectedly. In the course of talking, Jake is surprised when Paul tells him that he’s gay. Over the weekend, Paul finds opportunities to kiss Jake; kisses in which Jake finds himself an active participant. He’s confused after the kisses, but definitely enjoys himself in the moment.

A second later his lips touched mine and I stayed still as he kissed me warmly, softly, caressing my lips with his. I didn't think about whether it was right or wrong or whether it mattered that it was Paul kissing me. I found I liked it and after a moment I began to respond. I kissed him back and after another minute he let go of my hand and slid his arms around me instead. I held onto him too and his tongue plunged into my mouth, exploring, making me do the same. I could barely breathe and I shivered as his hand ran down my back and then slipped under the bottom of my t-shirt. I heard myself whimper and I lost myself in the kiss until suddenly he stopped, pulling back and then resting his cheek against mine.

"Better stop this while I still can," he whispered, so quietly I barely heard it.

He let go of me, got up quickly and went into the bathroom. I stayed where I was until he came out again and went into the guest room. I didn't know what to think. I was both scared and excited. I went into the bathroom to clean my teeth and glanced at myself in the mirror, noticing my flushed face and eyes almost black where the pupils had dilated. Shivering, I went to my room quickly, stripped off and dived into the bed, my heart thumping wildly.

What just happened? I kissed Paul and liked it. Was I gay now? Just like that? I realised I hadn't even got anything much to compare it to. One kiss with Bella who I'd been crazy in love with for ages and then two weeks kissing Jodie and jacking myself off thinking about her.

There are ups and downs, time spent apart by necessity, and misunderstandings. There’s adorable, inexperienced Jake falling in love with Paul. Long distance relationship equals reunions filled with lots of kissing and all kinds of sexytimes. There’s even a bit of hard ass Paul being sappy and sweet.

Lost is a quick read--so if you’re looking for some sweet and fluffy slash loving that doesn’t rip your heart out, this is the fic for you. Make sure to tell Hank’s Lady that the Pervs sent you.


Paul was always one of those characters that I felt I wanted to know more about in Stephenie Meyer’s tales, and the beauty part (wow, I just became Canadian) of fan fiction is that authors like Hank’s Lady get to take me on these journeys. Lost is a story told from Jacob’s point of view. After his dad dies he needs to get away from the Olympic peninsula and from Bella as well, so he drives and drives and drives, ending up in Texas in a small town where all the pieces of his life seem to fall together nicely. He has left his entire life behind him, destroying his lifeline (cell phone) on his journey and not feeling too bad about that. While he’s still sad about being without his pack and friends, he finds his peace in Texas working on cars and making friends with the man who own the building he rents for his business. We get to watch Jacob slowly start to heal and to feel whole again.

Unfortunately, Jacob is a bit careless on one of his lonely nights (I’ll leave the details to you to read about) and basically leaves clues behind that Sam, back in Washington, is able to follow. Then Paul arrives, and of course messes with Jacob’s serenity.

But messing with serenity is what makes us grow. Paul and Jacob basically help each other grow up. Paul is no longer the angry man he once was, and Jacob is no longer brooding over the loss of Bella. So, how do these two come together? It’s not with a ton of fanfare or freaking out, which I truly appreciate. It happens, and while Jacob initially questions it, he doesn’t lose his head over it.

I’m a woman who loves really heavy angst, so this story was very different for me. It wasn’t fluffy, but certainly has some yummy fluffy moments. It has some angst, but Hank’s Lady doesn’t drag it out for an inordinate amount of time. Resolutions come quickly so those who lean toward being a Wussperv and can handle slash, this is going to be a great fic for you. It is sweet and makes you root for these guys to get together and will leave you with a smile on your face. Of course, the most tragic of activities in the story happened to be read by me right when I had to leave the house for a dinner party, so I was left hanging for hours waiting for resolution. But you will get resolution.

Lost is a completed fic and I read it in a day. I even read some lemons while working out at the gym. I had to change the font on my nook to the smallest so my treadmill neighbor didn’t see me reading about erections and stroking and fingers pressing. Yum.


We love love. It’s part of what drew us to fanfiction in the first place, right? (Don’t look at me like that; you may love angst now, but you know your squishy little heart is what drew you into this fandom!) That’s why I think this is a great pick for the Slash Brigade this week. New love is about discovery, excitement, fear of being hurt or making mistakes, learning from your past, and finding a future with someone you trust with your heart. This story wasn’t pure fluff, but as the other Pervs have told you, it has a great blend of the initial angst and the growth of these two characters as they find something special together.

I really enjoyed the way Hank’s Lady played off canon - Jacob running away from his home to escape the memories, spinning Paul’s aggression toward Bella to show his feelings for Jacob... It’s all there, and quite clever, I might add.

It’s always refreshing to see different slash pairings in the fandom, especially Pack Fic! I won’t say it’s as hard to find good Pack Fic as it used to be because a lot of great authors and stories have surfaced in the last year or so, but it’s not always easy to find something this good! The boys are hot, and seeing them hot for each other, both in the moments of hesitation and newness and in the lusty, primal times, was exciting and fun to read. You may want to lock yourself in your bedroom and ignore the world for the day when you sit down to read this one because you’ll definitely want to get it all in one sitting! Yum!