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Team Anything Goes: Intervention by AllTheOtherNamesAreUsed

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The Team Anything Goes Pick is...

Title: Intervention
Chapters: 5
Words: 28,776
Reviews: 97
Summary: Carlisle has buried himself with work, but when the family stages an intervention exploring his darkest fantasies, he will learn something important about himself, and which fantasy he needs to be a reality. TwiKinkFest. Carlisle/All. AU. HEED WARNINGS!

I'll be honest: it took me a little while to come around to Carlisle fics. Considering that he plays a father figure in canon, it just felt so weird to think of him as anything else. A few wonderful fics – specifically, pretty much everything avioleta has ever written – finally changed my mind, and now he's one of my absolute favorites. After all, once you get beyond his paternal role, his character is oh-so-compelling. Consider: He was alone even longer than Edward was, hated himself and what he was enough to try to end himself. Rather than having companionship thrown into his lap, he had to choose to reach out for it. He's generous and giving. And he was redeemed by love.

Intervention is remarkable specifically because it is so true to that character, as well as to the rest of the characters in the Cullen coven. While the relationships between the Cullens are sexual, they're canon through and through. The story takes place shortly after Bella and Edward's wedding, and in the very first paragraph, we meet a Carlisle who has buried himself in his work to the point of distraction. (What he's distracting himself from we are only hinted at in the beginning, but it makes perfect sense as it's revealed.) As you might have guessed from the title, the members of his coven stage an intervention, kidnapping him and bringing him back to himself, his sexuality, his connection with the people who are most important, and, ultimately, the feelings he's been running from.

Am I getting too heavy? In addition to lovely characterization, there's also smut of pretty much every flavor and persuasion. Kinky submissive-Carlisle-being-brought-back-to-himself-by-his-mate smut, kinky Bella-has-a-Daddy!kink-fantasy-and-wow-apparently-so-does-Carlise smut, kinky three-male-vampires-fucking-in-the-woods-while-covered-in-blood smut. Even kinky Volturi-dungeon-group-sex-fantasy-lifted-directly-from-Carlisle's-mind smut:
Carlisle closed his eyes and leaned heavily on the chains as he felt the exquisite friction along his shaft and channel. He was stretched and nibbled, licked, and spread, and he could feel the heat slowly coiling in his abdomen. He groaned, and he heard others groan. He felt a blunt, warm object press against his opening, and looked to where the men were still standing, stroking themselves as they watched him being breached. The object slipped past his guardian muscle and went deep, filling, stretching, and then vibrating. Carlisle lurched when the buzzing started and noticed a flurry of movement below him as a third Guard knelt in front of his cock, circling the tip with her tongue. His mind was becoming very focused on the sensations: the buzzing vibrator, the hands on his balls, chest and legs, the three tongues working over his cock, all titillatingly cloaked beneath hoods, all focused on his pleasure… he knew he couldn't last long. As the heat built, twisting and coiling at the base of his spine, surging through his veins like quicksilver, the audacity of the situation fell away until it seemed almost normal, almost natural to have three anonymous women focused on his cock while he was chained to the floor and ceiling. It was almost normal to have three tongues gliding along his shaft, swirling with wet heat… and then they tilted their faces in unison and three sets of ruby eyes met his.

"Oh god…oh god!" he cried as he registered the wholly forbidden scene, and his balls tightened. The woman at the end slid her mouth off his cock, cradling the tip with her tongue. She watched him serenely as he groaned and shuddered, and thick ribbons of release spilled across her face.

And then there's the last chapter. The chapter that brings everything together, not with kinky smut, but with love and the culmination of a century of unconsummated affection as relationships shift and change, all for the better.

AllTheOtherNamesAreUsed insists that Intervention is kinky porn without plot, but I beg to differ. No, there's no wide-ranging plot. But it's a lovely exploration of a pivotal moment in this particular coven's history, full of affection, love, understanding, and… well, yeah. Kinky smut.

. . .

A side note: Intervention gets extra points for some of the most simple, elegant explanations about why one should talk to one's partner about one's fantasies and desires I've ever read. Take Carlisle reminiscing on how Edward convinced him to tell Esme about his submissive fantasies:
"Just ask her, Carlisle! Just ask her and be done with it," he'd said."I could never… I don't… I…" Carlisle had been horrified. He didn't want to want to be tied up. It was unnatural. A source of shame. "Esme is everything I need," Carlisle had finally blurted out.
"No, she's not. And you won't even let her try to be, which is very unfair of you, I think. Just tell her what you like."
Or Carlisle accepting Bella's invitation to fuck her throat:
And the harder he thrust, the more ecstatic she became, until he wondered if she might come before he'd even touched her properly. She loved it, and that meant he could love it too. And he did, oh, Lord he did.
That's right folks: you never know what your partner might be, ahem, open to until you ask.

Ahhh, Intervention, how do I love thee? Let's just say that if I tried to count the ways and fit them all here, this review would go on forever. Award-winning fan fic author AllTheOtherNamesAreUsed absolutely blew me away with her response to one of the TwiKinkFest prompts. Her amazing story, Intervention: A TwiKinkFest Entry in Five Parts, is a virtual smorgasbord of sensual and kinky delights, and it's all centered around the head of the Cullen coven. Carlisle fans will be in heaven reading about how the overworked doctor is abducted by his wife and family – hence the title – and taken to a place where some of his most forbidden fantasies come to life. You'll find a little of everything here: bondage, poly sex with bondage, BDSM, and Daddy kink are just a few of the themes that are explored. Oh, and did I mention bondage? Carlisle, naked and tied up. Let that visual sink in for a moment…

Each of the chapters depicts a different scenario for Carlisle, though they are all very much tied together. Esme, who is the ring leader of this little intervention, starts Carlisle's three-day weekend off just right in the back of a van remodeled for one purpose, and one purpose only: playroom on wheels. Once they've reached their destination, Carlisle is led into a dungeon of sorts, where fantasies of the Volturi Guard sexual orgies he was forced to witness come to life in vivid detail. Some quiet time with Bella – ever the inquisitive, 'Obstinate, headstrong girl!' – follows, allowing our main vampire to play Daddy. Alpha!Carlisle does make an appearance, too, when he's taken on a little hunting trip with Jasper and Emmett. Cue the slashy, testosterone-laden goodness!

Despite the very un-canon-like situations in which they find themselves, these characters are definitely the Cullens that we know and love. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the final chapter, which is more about bringing love, friendship, and insight full circle and than anything kinky. Carlisle and Edward. Oldest friends. Oldest desires. Beautiful revelations. The scene is pivotal, sharp with the ache of long-denied emotions. And it's breathtaking to read.
Edward trembled, and the tension between them heightened again. "Carlisle, why are you still holding back?" Edward whispered. Carlisle had no answer, save habit. "Are you worried about the others? How this will affect the family dynamics?"

No. Carlisle knew that the form and bonds of the family shifted over time, changing shape, ebbing and flowing. The others would get used to this, if he and Edward chose it.

"Are you worried about the girls? Do you want to speak with Esme or Bella first?"

Carlisle was confident he knew what Esme's answer would be. If Edward was sure about Bella's answer…

"I am."

Then, no. I'm not worried about them.

"Then what?" Edward asked gently, following the question with a quick, light kiss. Even that small touch seared Carlisle's lips.

I won't be able to stop.

Edward smiled against his lips, and when he spoke, the words became soft, chaste kisses. "I won't ask you to. I've loved you for almost a century, Carlisle. I've loved you when you didn't know what to do with me, and when you let me drag you into speakeasies to listen to jazz, and when you found your mate, and when I couldn't stand your rules, and when your rules seemed like salvation. I've loved you when you were a friend, and a brother, and a father. It is one of the deepest, most enduring loves of my life, as I know it is for you." Carlisle nodded. It was all true on his side, too. "Touch me, love," Edward whispered, and Carlisle felt Edward's lips touch his again in a firm, gentle, patient kiss. They had both been patient with each other for so long; the time for it was over. And as he had wanted to all those years ago, Carlisle dragged his fingers from Edwards hip inward, and wrapped his fingers around Edward's long, thick cock.

They groaned in unison, and Carlisle didn't even think before he slipped his tongue into Edward's mouth, where it was met by a long, delicious slide of Edward's. Carlisle stroked Edward's shaft experimentally, gauging its weight and length and thickness. And it was perfect. So perfect. And all the more so because it was Edward, of whom he'd dreamt for decades. And this moment could only be more perfect if Edward were touching him, too. And then he was, and all senses were focused on the gliding of tongues and the sliding of palms along shafts and the gentle gasps of long overdue discoveries. Edward's mouth pressed onto his, passionate and perfect. Every fantasy he'd ever harbored and hidden from Edward ran through Carlisle's mind as they kissed and explored each other.

Edward groaned as he witnessed just how deeply Carlisle had longed for him over the years. He wrapped an arm around Carlisle's waist, pulling the older man closer still as he registered every yearning: the desire to touch, to taste, to fill, to be filled… Edward gasped and pulled back, searching Carlisle's face and thoughts.

"You want that?"

"With you, I want everything."

"But you never let any of us near you. Anyone but Esme…"

"That's to do with dominance. But with you, I want everything," Carlisle repeated.
AllTheOtherNamesAreUsed's eloquent style adds such depth to this story. It is so beautifully written, and her attention to detail and characterization is exquisite. And while the sex in this story is scorching hot, there's a lot more going on than just the obvious, and this is the reason Intervention holds a special place in my heart. No matter how steamy the action gets (and oh, boy, does it ever), the love and respect these family members have for each other is palpable. It shows in every action, every spoken word, from the care with which Esme takes in binding Carlisle at the beginning to the genuine concern Carlisle expresses for Bella's comfort while role-playing with her in his study. And those are just very small examples. The biggest illustration is the fundamental theme of the story itself: refocusing Carlisle on the people and things in his life that matter most. A lot of love and devotion went into the planning and carrying out of this intervention. No superficial sex-fest, this. No matter how much leather is present.

Intervention took me on an incredible journey that I'll never forget. I was titillated, I laughed, and I even got all teary-eyed during Carlisle's and Edward's achingly profound scene at the end. Most of all, though, I felt warm and satisfied – the kind of contentment that only comes from reading a brilliant, thought-provoking, sexy story.

To the author, I say, Bravissimo! To all potential readers, I say, Run, don't walk...

What is often the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Carlisle Cullen? Control. Haven’t you ever wondered how on earth Carlisle has maintained control for these hundreds of years? Carlisle exhibits control in every aspect of his life--as a doctor, as a coven leader, and as a vegetarian vampire. But even the most dedicated control freak needs to let loose on occasion. Intervention tells the story of the Cullen Coven forcing their leader to surrender control to them for one weekend.

I love stories that explore the notion of the Cullens as a polyamorous coven. AllTheOtherNamesAreUsed wrote Intervention in response to a TwiKinkFest prompt, and every one of its five chapters is full of kinky goodness.

As I read, each chapter was quickly deemed my favorite--until I clicked ‘next,’ that is. In that moment after completing a chapter and waiting for the next one to load I would think, ‘no way AllTheOtherNamesAreUsed can top this, no way she can maintain the intensity that’s been present in each scene so far.’ Yet somehow she did.

As theladyingrey mentions above, the story may be characterized as PWP, but it really is so much more. Although nothing even remotely sexual is part of canon, each scene feels like it would easily fit into canon. AllTheOtherNamesAreUsed has given a lot of care to the way each character interacts with Carlisle, and has made sure that, sexual dynamics of this fic aside, this is the way each character does interact in canon.

Carlisle gives up control in multiple ways. In the first two chapters, he’s given complete control of his body over to Esme and the others. He’s so physically stimulated that he can’t even think. When he’s with Bella, he allows himself to be aroused by something that’s taboo. With Jasper and Emmett he allows himself to put the gentleman coven leader aside and assert himself as the dominant male in the coven. And lastly, he allows himself to finally acknowledge the depth of the love that he’s always had for Edward.

Here’s one of my favorite bits in Bella’s chapter:
Bella quickly curled up on Carlisle's lap, sideways, like a child visiting Santa to ask for a present. She wrapped her right arm around his neck, and he was hit again with the scent of baby powder and flowers.

"Isn't this nice, Daddy?" she whispered, "I thought we could read together for a while, just the two of us…"

Carlisle closed his eyes and swallowed heavily. Sweet mother of Jesus, she did not just call me Daddy, he thought as she cuddled closer to him, wriggling her ass on his lap as she settled into a comfortable position.
Give Intervention a try, and I know you’ll be thinking, ‘More! More! Yessssss!’ and maybe even locking the bedroom door for some alone time.


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