Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Team Anything Goes: Dark Delights 2-22-12

A fearless group of Pervs willing to read anything, as long as it's sexy, smutty and well written. We are brave and we dare you to be too.

It is that time again, when our pervs tempt you to take a walk on the dark side of erotic fan fiction. After all, we are Team ANYTHING Goes. We don’t just go where angels fear to tread, we rent condos and throw cocktail parties there. So, if you’re brave or just curious, take our hands and let us lead you to the dark side.

Anything by theladyingrey
(AH, Edward/Bella, James/Bella) 
For our first selection we will share a fic that has to be one of the most WussPerv safe kinky fics out there. Anything is a beautiful, erotic portrayal of the cuckolding fetish. Edward and Bella invite James into their bedroom to have sex with Bella while Edward watches. What unfolds is a shockingly sensual and emotionally intimate story about a loving couple finding a new depth to their relationship and love for each other. We know that this might be a stretch for some readers, but we would not lead you astray. This is stunning portrayal of love in a damn good kinky smut fic.

Come Play With Me by Mizzdee
(AH, Bella/Jasper, Bella/Emmett) 
Next we tempt you with a naughty, boundary-pushing fic that asks the question: What if you wanted two men to take advantage of you while you pretended to be asleep? Bella has been fantasizing about her boyfriend’s roommates and finally she devises a plan to make her sexy fantasy come true. WARNING: This fic is definitely not for anyone that might have issues or triggers around dubious or non-consensual sex. It also isn’t for those who do not like cheating fics. Bella is most definitely the mastermind behind the set up for this sexual encounter and our naughty boys, Jasper and Emmett fall right into her plan. What ensues is unbelievably hot sex between a clever, brazen Bella and two very dirty, sexy men. Here you get to have your kinky cake and eat it too. Enjoy this naughty delight, we promise we won’t tell.

Paint Me in Blood and Desire by mjinaspen
(AH, Edward/Bella) 
WARNING: This fic contains the graphic depictions of cutting and bloodplay. It is not recommend for the squimish. However, if you are like some of the pervs and enjoy edgy, kink this fic is right up your alley. Here we have Edward who, with the encouragement of his beloved Bella, takes a blade to her skin. This is one of the most erotic portrayals of cutting and bloodplay we have seen in fic. This dangerous sexual play is merely the conduit for these two perfectly matches souls to express their love and desire for each other. It is mesmerizing to read, and it is guaranteed to leave you breathless.

Timeless by shoefreak37
(AU, Slash, Demetri/Felix) 
WARNING: This story contains graphic depiction of dubious consent, vampires feeding on and killing humans during sex. If anything about that previous sentence bothers you we advise that you do not read it. Now, for the pervs and Volturi fangirls that have been waiting for dark, sexy vampire fic, the wait is over. Demetri and Felix are in all their predatory glory in the dark and delicious one shot that shows the unflinching reality of how “non-vegetarian vampires” hunt and eat their prey. Half the fun of the story is just how apologetically evil these two creatures are and how they enjoy what they do. The seduction of a hapless human couple plays out like one of those tense moments in a horror movie where you want to scream at the screen for them to run. At the same time you can’t help but understand while the human prey goes so willingly to a vampire. They are gorgeous, spellbinding and terrifying in their allure. The climax of this boundary-pushing fic is one that will leave even the hardened horror fan a bit stunned. It takes a lot of guts and skill to make such a horrific topic enticing, interesting and sexy.

Light Foot Lads by Littlesleepfic
(Merlin fandom, AH. Arthur/Gwaine/Merlin) WARNING dub-con, mild bondage, older boys/younger boy, incest - If you made it this far... When we’re feeling really fucking deviant and want to read a little Merlin that will make us feel all kinds of dirty!Sexy!Bad/wrong!, this little tale fits the bill for several of our pervs. Gwaine, Arthur’s best friend and occasional wank partner, takes wicked pleasure in driving Arthur to orgasm by pointing out Merlin’s assets. The only problem is that when Arthur recently met Merlin, it was because he was being introduced to his half-brother, who he hadn’t known existed. Light Foot Lads combines the taboo of attraction between siblings, clandestine mutual masturbation, and manipulative voyeurism in a tale of temptation and sated desires. You’ll need to set all your boundaries aside for this one, but it’s worth it.

Downward Spiral by content1
(Post-Breaking Dawn AU, Edward/Bella)
Maybe your taste moves towards post Breaking Dawn. What could go wrong after a happily ever after? Edward is captured by the Volturi and tortured. Not as you might expect however, how long does it take for someone to break when you force them to go against what they believe? Will the Cullen’s be able to save him in time? What will be left of the Edward they once knew when they get him back, and how will Bella be able to bring out the old Edward? We get to see how Bella might be able to not only get her Edward back but also a new darker side to him as well. If your husband has two sides is it cheating on the one you married to indulge in the other part of what he‘s become.

Cause and Effect by Lou-La
(AH, Slash, Carlisle/Riley) 
Warnings: Adultery, Age disparity (20 year age difference) and Underage (sex with a consenting minor.) This fic is a good example of how something can be morally and legally wrong, but be fucking hot when it occurs in fiction. Carlisle is attracted to his son’s best friend, Riley. You get the sense that Carlisle would be able to resist being the aggressor were it not for the fact that Riley is hell bent on seducing him. Eventually, Carlisle breaks. It’s illicit, it’s wanton, and now that Riley’s gotten what he wants, it seems pretty likely that he’ll get it again and again.

We hope you found something naughty and wrong to entertain and inspire you. Don't worry, we won't judge you, because we know how good it feels to be bad.
Till next time.