Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Dark Delights: Prey for the Wicked

The Dark Delights pick is...

Title: Prey for the Wicked
Author: Aleeab4u
Words: 83,498
Reviews: 1,016
Pairing: Edward/Bella
Summary: A vampire finds the true meaning of temptation, an innocent beauty with a siren's blood. Is she prey for the wicked or the answer to a prayer for salvation? When love knows no bounds and obsession has no reason, where do you draw the line? AU/EB Darkward

"Edward..." Isabella calls his name and spreads her hands over the skin on his chest that her shaking fingers have managed to bare. The heat of her sears him, reaches his mind and envelops him in a new need, one just as equally potent. He wants her pleasure. He wants for one moment to forget that he is not a man, that he is not worthy of what he takes, that he is a dark creature who until this moment has ever only given pain and reaped destruction and death. He wants life and love, if only for now, if only for this second. 
His selfishness knows no bounds, but he's long past caring. 
Rolling to his back, he draws her fragile form over him, wanting to be draped in her delicious flesh and scent and heat. He will take what he wants; nothing in heaven or hell will stop him from consuming this woman whole, but he will give while he takes. 
For now... 
The remnants of her clothing slip through his fingers and fall to the floor beside the bed. Her body is sublime, all small, soft curves and hot concaves, silken skin and fragrant delicacy. She kisses him with growing hunger, her moist mouth devouring him in greedy little nips and soft licks. He feels surrounded, the silence of her mind a haven as he learns to read her body the way a mortal man would. By touch and reaction and the reward of erotic, female moans. 
He rolls again, needing to touch her secret places and turn her soft sighs into needy pleas. His cold touch brings goose bumps to her skin, though she only pushes closer, oddly oblivious, gloriously oblivious to his oddness. 
"Isabella," he groans loudly. "I want to consume you." The words are a growl, a threat, a dark, passion laced promise, perhaps even a warning. "I am going to consume you."

This story did consume me each and every word. This genre is by far my favorite, the darker the better and I love a great vamp story, what can I say I love seeing what could have been for Edward. I sat with my jaw agape for most of the chapters posted, Aleeab4u pulls no punches. He is dark and full of bloodlust and when he meets Bella that bloodlust stirs, a deep sexual desire within him. Edwards actions are very untamed in his physical desires but there is always a refined air about him which I just found to be a delicious. I love complex characters and both Edward and Bella are layered and well thought out. There is a hypnotic quality to reading their interactions that I found to be unique to this story and kept me glued to my screen. The writing itself is beautiful and visceral there really is a amazing talent in how Aleeab4u puts her words together. I found the way she uses the canon story to really give her plot a depth and complexity breathtaking. This is what I love about a great AU fic, the use of things from what we all fell in love with brought to life within another story. There is dark possession in this fic, all consuming need.
"Mine," he growls low in her ear. "You are mine, Isabella. From now until death claims you, until I claim you." He lets his breath wash over her face, warm now as it slides past the blood heated flesh of his mouth. Her eyelids flutter, her gaze unfocused, though he knows she hears him. "If any other man touches you, I will tear him limb from limb, piece by piece, without mercy. Remember this, my beautiful little lamb. Remember who you belong to." 

Then as the story progresses we see he needs her to possess him just as much. I love seeing the vulnerability of this side of him.
"I want you, Isabella," he says, voice all wrapped in dark velvet. Words delivered with the promise of pleasure the likes of which she's never known, not even in their previous encounter. "Tell me you feel the same." 
She wants to say no, wants to reclaim her sanity and stop this before it goes any farther, but she can't: she won't. It's without rhyme or reason, but oh, how she wants this, wants him. Of her own volition, she reaches up and touches his face, her fingers following the sharp definition of his jaw, feeling the sudden tension in him that flexes beneath her fingers, rippling over the skin that only barely grazes her own. He draws back, and his eyes reflect emotion she can't read. Confusion perhaps; startled hesitation for sure. He's so beautiful it makes her ache. Something else moves in those eyes. Pain, longing. She knows those feelings so well. They have been her constant companions her entire life. He's alone and empty, just like her; she knows it. 
Her touch gentles as she moves it to his mouth, lips like cool marble meeting her fingers, sending tingles of sensation shooting through her nerves. She feels lost but not alone; for the first time in her entire life, she doesn't feel alone. 
Edward groans and closes his eyes. His expression takes on one of pain and pleasure mixed together. When he opens them only a second later, his eyes, swimming in black, devour her. Her robe opens under his touch, and he groans again. 
"Tell me you want this, Isabella. Tell me you want my touch, even though I hardly need your words. Your body screams for me, little one, and still I want you to say it. I want to hear you give yourself to me freely."

At 12 chapters in we are seeing the relationship grow and intensify I can’t wait to see what is in store for these characters and how dark we go in to love and sex. I have found myself on more than one occasion going back to reread chapter 10 just to capture the intensity all over again, it never disappoints. These two have chemistry that I have not seen replicated, I hope you join us in taking a chance on a Dark Delight that I know I can’t wait to read more of.

  It’s not often that I find myself pulled into a story where the intensity seems to just rise off the page like wisps of steam off a boiling pot, but Prey for the Wicked delivers with a vampire Edward who has clearly embraced his monster. He survives on society’s dregs, living a solitary life away from the Cullens, deriding their vegetarian lifestyle while wrapped up in his superiority. Nothing has prepared him for his own internal reaction to Bella.
Her scent is every dark desire he’s ever had wrapped up in one tiny, fragile package. He’s up out of the booth and following her before he’s had time to process it all, moving in a way that red flags him as a predator and not caring a bit. 
Warm vanilla flesh and floral skin. Ambrosial, sanguine blood. The perfect earthy musk of a woman in heat, aching to be consumed by her lover, by him. Layering over all of it is the bittersweet siren call of her fear, tempting the beast inside of him from its lair. He wants to eat her alive in every way he can.
Aleeab4u delivers us an adult Bella whose life evolved in that typical accident prone way, always stumbling into bad luck and chronically injured. She’s just out of a relationship with Jake, a relationship born of the path of least resistance and nurtured by Charlie. Attempting to stand on her own, Bella is wary of the men in her life interfering in her decisions. Yet, she is completely unprepared to fend off Edward in any way, especially once he has decided to entrance her and keep her heart beating long enough to enjoy it.
“Isabella,” he groans loudly. “I want to consume you.” The words are a growl, a threat, a dark, passion laced promise, perhaps even a warning. “I am going to consume you.” 
“Yes,” she breathes, arching upwards as his lips move down her neck to her chest. “I want you to, Edward. Take me...”
Isabella is not foolish. She is aware that Edward is different.
She can’t want him. He’s poison and slow death and madness, and yet the thought that he might have left leaves her utterly bereft. 
His frown deepens; he can feel it stretching his skin in unfamiliar ways as he struggles to understand the feeling her vulnerability engages in him. He doesn’t like this look on her. 
Protective instincts flair, but he’s lost. There is no enemy to battle, save whatever is in her head, and he can’t access that... His emotions confuse him. Emotions confuse him.
Whether or not Edward is different, Bella must come to terms with Edward’s admission that she belongs to him now. Only Aleeab4u knows how this will come about. I’ll be here waiting, immersed in the depths of their need for one another and completely blown away by the intensity of their sex. JaimeArkin