Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Lemon Report - Fancy finding out what is on the FF bookshelves of the Pervy Girls of the PPSS? The lemon report lets you know our personal favourite updates of the week, and why you should give the fic a try.... It’s a great place to trawl for new recc’s and don’t forget to share your favourite update with us by leaving us a comment. In some cases, the Lemon Report may contain spoilers. Please read with caution.
Acronym Guide AU - Alternate Universe AH - All Human WIP - Work in Progress O/S - One Shot OOC - Out of Character WP - Wussperv Slash/Femslash - Features homosexual characters and romance.

1D, RPF, Harry/Louis, Slash

Posy -junkshop-disco has how done us the pleasure of writing some lovely 1D. This makes me happy because she’s able to mix sweet and kinky so well together. Girls are constantly throwing panties and other items—most recently a cellphone—up on stage when the guys perform. Well, sometimes they keep things for later. ;)

Twilight, AU, WIP, E/B

Jen - We recc’d this a little bit ago, and the story continues to be wonderful and original. Super hot kitchen sexing is like the cherry on top.

Merlin, Complete, Modern AU, Fandom and fanfic, SLASH, Merthur

Emmy - Fanfic set in the world of fandom is EPIC. I cannot begin to tell you how epic and amazing this fic is. I am SO late to the party on this one it is unreal. IF like me (until recently) you haven’t read this fic about the BNA Pendragon and his beta then you need to read it PRONTO!! Everything about it is Epic. The friendship, the romance, the love, the passion, the bumblings, the yearning, the fan community. Everything!

Twilight, AH, WIP, E/B

Teal - I love the way Bella has changed Edward and made him realize how great it is to have someone you love so much. And shower/bathroom sex? Yes please.

Harry Potter, Harry/Draco, Slash, Mpreg

Posy - I have wanted mpreg fics lately and this one certainly fit the bill. First, it’s long and meaty. It makes believable because of magic and the other unique circumstances involved. And it’s unexpected in a lot of way. I love how it unfold, especially with it’s amazing ending.

Merlin, Complete Novella, Canon-era, Magic Reveal! SLASH, Merthur

Emmy -Set after simpleton Arthur, this fic is a delight! Poor Arthur and poor Merlin. Arthur’s pov and his accompanying flashbacks work so well in telling his tale, we can still feel and see Merlin’s pain and worry but Arthur. Oh he is such a lamb in this. Perfect, his confusion, fears, worry and heart are all just so wonderfully captured its just.

Twilight, E/B, AU, WIP

Nico -Human Edward finds Vampire Bella on an archaeological dig. I love the different twist of Edward being the human and Bella is such an interesting mix of sweet and shy while she takes what she wants. The chemistry starts flaring from the start and it only gets hotter from there. :)

1D, O/S, Harry/Louis, slash, RPF

Jen - NGL, sometimes looking for 1D fic is skeery. Thank goodness for talented writers like robpatff who can give us this sweet, perfect, delightful, sexy oneshot.

Twilight, AH, WIP, E/B

Teal - Again with the sweet first times together. I swear, LyricalKris is trying to smother me in the fluff!

Jen - I call this Edward menschward. He is just a truly good guy, trying to do things for other people. I’m sooooo happy that he’s finally getting something- someone- who he can indulge in, just for himself. Tender and hot.

RPF with the Merlin cast, Eoin (Gwaine)/New Cast member, Slash

Posy - RPF warnings all around. This super hot story is actually based on a tweet that Eoin Macken posted about going to a great gay bar. sapphirescribe’s mind went a-wandering and landed in the middle of a dance floor so we could see the wonderful perviness unveiled. OMG, hot!

Jen - I think my review for this said that it was all that was good and right in the world. Eoin wouldn’t tweet that shit if he didn’t want people to write about him, right? Soooo good.

Twilight, AH, WIP, E/B

Teal - Birthday Sex!!!

Harry Potter, Complete, Draco/Hermione/Theodore Nott, Poly

Chele - This is the polyamorous trio I didn’t know I was looking for. Long post-war, Hermione and Draco are married, and have been unsuccessful in conceiving the child that they want so badly. Enter Nott, who is willing to do a favor for his good friends by providing the necessary DNA. What could have been clinical, turns passionate, and all encompassing. Sweet, sexy read,

Twilight, AH, WIP, E/B

Teal - of the sweetest love scenes I’ve read in a while. A genuine, sweet first time together!

1D, Complete, OT5, RPF, Slash

Jen - Um. Zayn. In charge of Harry’s pleasure. And in charge of all the boys. Fuck yes.

Twilight, AH, WIP, E/B

Teal - GAH. Always killing me. Sneaky car sex? Ded and died. 

Corie- How lovely and playful with her he is KILLS me.

by Anon
Merlin, Complete, Merthur

Jen - I looooved this intensely angsty fill on the Merlin kinkmeme. Love. Read it. 

Emmy- I was completely hooked when this was a WIP. Soooooo good. I cannot wait for it to be reposted on AO3 as apparently authoranon says there will be deleted scenes!!! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I can’t wait!

Twilight, AH, WIP, E/B

Teal - Oh how I love this Edward and Bella! Bella is hilarious, and Edward is adorkable. I love having them back in this little sequel, and when they get down to business...mmmm.... =) 

Corie - I might have squealed when I got this alert LMFAO!

1D, Complete, Harry/Louis, OT5, RPF, Slash

Jen - Harry is an exhibitionist (duh). He slowly pushes his fellow bandmates’ boundaries by instigating more and more sexual situations and encounters with Louis when he knows the other boys can hear or see. Yummy sexytimes ensue.

Merlin, AU, Complete, Merthur, Slash

Jen - Never let it be said that short fics can’t pack as much of a sexual punch as a longer story. This is delightful and so, so hot. 

Emmy Yep. Perfection!