Friday, June 29, 2012

Emmy wants your words. (amongst other things...) Every week Emmy will post a pic or 2 - containing phwoarrrr-worthy blokes from across the seas, some hunks from closer to home and sometimes some dangerously delish knickers and lingerie. What do we want from you in return? Well...... We want you to be inspired by these pics and to leave Emmy a delish drabble or longer story inspired by the pic(s). 

Leave your story offering in the comments section and, if you want to, post it to your FF account (pm the link to Emmy at mentioning the PPSS, by the following Wednesday. Each Friday Emmy will reveal her fave (entirely personal & subjective opinions belonging to Emmy) and at the same time post the next pervy picspiration for your pleasure. Non-Canon writers don’t despair - Emmy might be tragically WussPerv©, but there are plenty of equal opportunity pervs in the pack longing to read those if Emmy turp’s out. 

Emmy is DYING to see what dirty delights you are going to come up with... 
*Please make sure your story offering is in line with our mission statement

So remember you STILL have another WEEK to get writing and get any entries in to me. As we have extended our Pervy Picspirations submission times for you! So there is no excuse now to not get writing for me! And as a wee brucey bonus, here are two new HOT pics on the of diamonds and pearls to inspire you TO WRITE FOR ME, FOR ANY FANDOM!

So get writing!!
Our joint contest with TwiFicPics each month to create pervtastic banners is going from strength to strength! Read more about it here Pervy Banner TwiFicPics Competition. Make sure you go look and ADOPT HERE! There are AMAZING entries yet again. The last fabbio winner was here

So this week? So I think I deserve the best. So do you. How about some diamond and pearls? Drape your body is cold and hard, or skin warmed jewels and adornments... Its one way to feel special. Why are there precious jewels decorating beautiful dark or pale skin? A reward? A punishment? A sign of ownership? A declaration of love? But as always its about whatever these sexy pics of buff blokes and bonny birds covered or uncovered in precious stones do for you. How do they make you feel? What fandom do you want to write for? Really it is all about sexy pictures to get your writing sexy scenes... SO remember ANYTHING in the pics can inspire you to write for me. Go on... Do they do anything for you? What do the pics make you feel? Write it! It is whatever you wish! As always it is your call! Completely up to you....

What fandom do you prefer to read or write? Twilight? Merlin? Harry Potter? Spartacus? Game of Thrones? The Eagle? Hunger Games? Transformers? DC Comics? GOT? Sherlock? Inception? TSN? Or one I haven’t mentioned? NO matter the fandom, we want you to write it, and we WILL read it! We love all fandoms, and especially love discovering new fandoms....

Remember you can take the prompt anyway and get writing - any character or fandom! Or you can be inspired in ANY way by the pics and write something tasty - it doesn’t matter! Just write me something.
Whatever the pics below do to you - write it... No matter what smutty delights they unlock. SO what do these pics do for you, do to you? Just go for it and WRITE anything for ANY FANDOM and any pairing that the pics or prompt inspires..!

Write me anything - be it Slash, FemmeSlash, AU or AH, canon or even OOC... AND remember for any fandom... Perhaps one of the pics inspires you to write a new chapter in a work-in-progress, or try something new. Be it a drabble, be it a one-shot or be it a WIP, just write for me. Make it sexy, make it sweet and tender, make it sensuous, erotic or downright naughty. Your call. Just let the inspiration take you - be you a BNA or an innocent virgin, wanting your Pervy Picspiration cherry popped for fun. Write whatever the pics inspire in you.....

I’m waiting.........


CL82 said...

okay, a little something in 2 comments, because blogger won't let me post, lol
. “Mmm.” She moans as I ascend with my lips from the small of her back to her shoulder blades.

With each touch of my lips I can taste her salty skin, a remnant of our night together here in bed. I lick and nip and feel her shiver. She moans or giggles and I hum and smile against her heated skin.

We had been here in bed for the last few hours, taking our time at undressing, touching, whispering; knowing that we won’t be interrupted this time.

It had been hurried and then slow, it had been about pleasure and about something more, something that I don’t allow myself to name just yet. All I know is that she has my heart. With each touch, each thrust, each pull, she buries deeper into my soul.

It’s been a year since the first moment I saw her, since I saw her at the arm of him, my father, as he introduced her as his new wife.

Since that day it has been both pleasure and pain mixed into one every time I see her. I can never get enough of her: of her voice, her body, her mind. Always craving to touch her, kiss her, hold her like he does in public, but knowing that it’s far beyond my reach.

Like I said: pleasure and pain.

“Don’t stop.” She moans and I feel the vibrations against my lips.

I move and prop on my left elbow next to her and run my right hand over the skin of her naked back. Her body instantly moves into my touch. It always does that and I smile thinking that she never seeks his touch.

I stop when I reach her long diamond necklace, the one she was wearing tonight at the party, falling down the naked back of her dress. Every eye was on her, every eye in the room wanted to know what lay beneath that fabric and have the pleasure of claiming her. Only she left home with me.

Now here in bed, the necklace is the only thing she’s wearing, again, falling down her body, almost reaching the small of her back. A black diamond at the end of a long platinum chain to match her dress.

It’s beautiful and I hate it.

It was a gift from him, something to make up for the fact that he wasn’t going to be at the party with her tonight. Everyone admired it and complimented her on its beauty, Bella only smiled and thanked them.

I saw it as a mark, a claim on his part that he was the one who gave it to her, that she was his and only his.

If he only knew.

I kiss her skin a little more and then move from my spot to settle between her legs, lifting her hips to meet me, my hands holding her close to me.

“Edward.” Bella whimpers and stretches her arms above her head, her ass lifting a little. She doesn’t want it slow.

I throw my head back and closing my eyes, I move my hips until I’m inside her.

I still for a second, relishing in the fact that it’s only been me like this with her for the past few months. He hasn’t touched her in that time, except in public.

CL82 said...

Fuck, every time with her is more than I can take sometimes.

I start thrusting and soon the only sounds in the dark room are my groans and her whispers of my name.

I see the necklace slipping to the side of her body, the diamond resting on the sheets.

I stare at it as I move her hips forcefully against mine. I hate that diamond and everything that it represents.

She’s not mine.

I can’t give her everything she wants.

This will never be more than this.

The more I look at it, the more hurried I get with my movements, the more punishing I get to be with her. Why doesn’t she leave him? Why am I not enough? Will she ever feel something more for me?
I move my left hand from her hip and take the diamond into my fingers. I grip it into a fist, I want to rip it off of her neck, yell at it, but I can’t. I won’t.

She’s not mine.

Why the fuck didn’t I see her first?

Every time I see them together I want to vomit. The way he touches her and parades her around; the way her lips curl into a fake smile when he introduces her and how she places her hands on his neck as she kisses him.


“Edward.” She moans again.

I drop the diamond and keep thrusting. I want to fuck him out of her, I want her to choose me and leave these hidden encounters behind us.

I focus my eyes on her back instead, how she moves and how she responds to my touch. She may not be mine, but on nights like this, she is. It’s my name that she screams, it’s my touch that she begs for. Me.

“Bella.” I grunt as I still and I come. I feel her following me a second later.

We both fall into bed more sweaty and panting.

I lay on my back with my eyes close when I feel the bed dip next to me and then her hands are running through my hair. When I open my eyes, even with the faint light coming from outside, I can see her shinning eyes.

We just stare at each other for a long time, her hot breath against my cheek. We don’t say anything and my hand only moves to run along the side of her body.

Neither of us can make promises, we know what we’re doing and we know it will have an end. When? We don’t know. How bad? We’ll have to wait and see. But as I see something else shinning in her eyes, I can’t help but feel something that I haven’t in all of these months with her.


I lean and kiss her lips, maybe I can make her feel that too.

Emmy said...

Hi CL82.
Thanks so much for this tasty number!!

Do you have a home such as LiveJournal, FanFiction or AO3 where our lovely readers can be directed?!

Much love

CL82 said...

I'm so fail, sorry for not answering your post earlier.

Yes, I do have a FFn account. This was jsut a little something for you, girls. <3<3