Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Lemon Report June 6, 2012

The Lemon Report - Fancy finding out what is on the FF bookshelves of the Pervy Girls of the PPSS? The lemon report lets you know our personal favourite updates of the week, and why you should give the fic a try.... It’s a great place to trawl for new recc’s and don’t forget to share your favourite update with us by leaving us a comment. In some cases, the Lemon Report may contain spoilers. Please read with caution.
Acronym Guide AU - Alternate Universe AH - All Human WIP - Work in Progress O/S - One Shot OOC - Out of Character WP - Wussperv Slash/Femslash - Features homosexual characters and romance.

Twilight, AH, WIP, E/B

Teal - Finally! I haven’t wanted these two to rush because they’ve had a lot of hurdles to overcome and a great deal of trust to solidify...for very different reasons...but I’m soooo glad they got here. Ro rights the sexiest Edwards ever, even when they start out cocky or smug. And this is just the beginning, I’m sure of it!

Corie - It was like releasing a breath this last chapter RA really has me on the edge of my seat with these characters, I am always waiting for the other foot to drop but so fucking in love with the characters.

Twilight, Edward/Bella, WIP, Drabble, AH

Corie - I have to be really in to be really excited about a story to stick with a drabble and I have to say I am more then excited about DariaChenowith new one. It’s a true drabble with 100 word chapters and its amazing to me how she captures so much in so little words. We see as Bella decides to finally fulfill her BDSM fantasies in real life. Everything is handled wonderfully and the emotion and UST is built between characters so well. We are in the middle of their first scene right now and the rope play and teasing her is reaching epic heights! Also Bella is a fuller figure and I just love the fact she is and it's not the main focus of every thought she has but she's aware of her power as a woman. 

Nico - I read Corie’s blurb and jumped in so glad I did. I also love that Bella is a full figured girl in this story it just makes it seem that much more real and brings you in. I am really looking forward to seeing what Edward has in store for Bella next. :) 

Posy - Nice! Now that’s how to write a drabble. It makes me wonder so many things and my mind goes in many directions. Yes!

Merlin, O/S, Modern, non-magical, Merthur, cross dressing Merlin

Jen - I love this fic like woah! The sex is fuckhot, but the journey toward the sex, and the emotions are what own my heart. Watching Arthur realize that he doesn’t care that Merlin, who dresses as a woman, has male parts, just makes my heart burst. Arthur is a dollop head, and you love him for it. Merlin- gah. I love her so much. 


Posy - I was lost at Jen’s sentence “Watching Arthur realize that he doesn’t care that Merlin, who dresses as a woman, has male parts, just makes my heart burst.” I know exactly what I’m reading tonight in bed!

Twilight, AH, WIP, E/B

Teal - Having only been on FFn for about a month so far, this story has picked up steam quickly. I’ll admit I still feel a little late to the party with it 13 chapters in already! While I do have to suspend reality to accept this Cinderella-esque plot, I like the redemption this Bella has received, and it’s fun watching as all the canon couples meet and start flourishing into something more. The smut is fun and playful, with all the excitement and discovery of a new lover, and it’s sweet how fond Edward and Bella are of one another. This is a fun, quick read to add to your alerts.

Twilight, AU, Complete, E/B

Teal - This fic came my way as a recently completed New Moon AU, and I’m just getting started...but there was already dry humping in the first chapter. Hot, crazy, and surprisingly believable dry humping in a fit of desperation on the night of Bella’s disastrous birthday party. All I’m saying is that’s enough to get me interested!

Merlin, Modern, non-magical, Merthur, Slash

Jen - I love when Arthur really is a clotpole, but with the love of a good man turns himself around. Arthur is doing community service hours after yet another drunk driving incident. He meets Merlin, who was paralyzed after being hit by a drunk driver. It takes some time, but their somewhat adversarial relationship evolves, first into friendship, then love. Not super smutty; rather there are touching lemons where Arthur and Merlin explore sexuality in the context of a spinal cord injury. Just lovely.

Twilight, AU, WIP, J/B

Nico - There aren’t enough words to describe how much I am loving this story. It had me at the first chapter and the progress of everyone has been such a fun journey. It’s been a slow build as we see thing progress but in this last chapter we get to the lemony goodness and I was giddy to be there. :) 

Jen - I adore this story. Adore! So excited about this chapter.

Twilight, AH, WIP, E/B

Jen - Young Bella embraces her sex goddess. Such unf!

One Direction, RPF, Harry/Louis, Zayn/Harry, Zayn/Harry/Louis

Jen - I really don’t ‘ship anyone in 1D besides Harry & Louis. But... I also really love some heartache with my lemons. Lots of emotions in this fic, lots of heart-stabby feels, and of course, lots of good lovin’.

Twilight, AH, WIP, Ed/Leah

Jen - This reads like a real marriage, not just a fic one. It’s so fabulous to see them taking steps toward healing, especially when it means we get some lemony goodness. Love these two! 

Teal - As always, I love the tenderness these characters share while keeping their love life hot and fun. Not to mention I’m a total sucker for shower sex. UNFfffff.....

Twilight, AH, WIP, Edward/Bella

Corie - Holy hell I fell for this story hard this week. I am a 90’s girl I had the best years of my young life during the 90’s and so a well done 90’s fic is like crack to me. Add in great writing, heartbreaking angst of teen drama and characters I relate with and I feel like it's fichristmas! 22 chapters and I can’t get enough dying for more!

Twilight, AH, WIP, Bella

Teal - I’m still on the fence whether I really think cocky, smug Directorward deserves the insanely hot and exciting sex he’s getting with Bella, but she’s a confident, grown ass woman. I trust her decisions ;) 

Jen - Like Teal, I totally approve of Bella getting her rocks off with Directorward. That said, if she decides she would like an emotional relationship as well I sure hope she goes after someone more worthy of her. Someone like, Carlisle, perhaps?

Corie - I have to say I love that she went with the insane sexual chemistry with Edward and was ok with that being what it was all about. I also would LOVE to see Carlisle back in her bed and maybe more.