Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Lemon Report - Fancy finding out what is on the FF bookshelves of the Pervy Girls of the PPSS? The lemon report lets you know our personal favourite updates of the week, and why you should give the fic a try.... It’s a great place to trawl for new recc’s and don’t forget to share your favourite update with us by leaving us a comment. In some cases, the Lemon Report may contain spoilers. Please read with caution.
Acronym Guide AU - Alternate Universe AH - All Human WIP - Work in Progress O/S - One Shot OOC - Out of Character WP - Wussperv Slash/Femslash - Features homosexual characters and romance.

Merlin, magical AU, Merthur, Slash

Jen - A gorgeous and sexy physical description of Merlin’s magic. Love it!

Emmy -I am a HUGE fan of this fic. What I love most was how Merlin came to life through his music and and how it also brought Arthur’s love and passion roaring to life.

1D, RPF, Harry/Louis

Jen - There’s no way that no-strings-relationships-only Harry couldn’t fall in love with sweet, barista-slash-actor Louis. A few bumps in the road, but it’s a sweet and sexy o/s.

Twilight, E/B, AH Complete

Corie - I spent a day with this story and just fell in love with the characters and their struggles. Bella is a misguided girl who in an act of love does something outrageous by looking for a man to get her pregnant. She thinks she's found the perfect turkey baster in Edward Cullen, only things get complicated when they fall head over heals for each other. What could be bad about that you ask? Edward doesn’t know he's being used as a turkey baster, enter drama, and heartache. The physical chemistry written between these two is off the charts. Beautifully written in the author's unique style. I just really enjoyed it.

Game of Thrones, Sandor Clegane/Sansa Stark, Complete

Corie - This may be one of the best GoT fic’s I’ve read, period. I can’t tell you how beautifully written these characters are. I was blown away. There is pain, angst and some of the most loving scenes. The sensuality between The Hound and Sansa is startling and to see how powerful a story can be in just 3 chapters is breathtaking. I say if you love these two characters this is a must read.

Chele This fic is even more powerful on the second read-through with the canon fresh in my head. Sexy, strong and intense.

Twilight, AH, E/B, Complete

Corie - I had so much fun with this funny, sweet story. I was laughing out loud multiple times. Bella goes on tour with her brother’s band as their Merch girl, where she meets the lead singer of the headlining band and hijinx ensue. I loved each character and the relationships between them. It’s hot and sweet and just fun!

Star Trek - reboot, Kirk/Spock, Slash, Mpreg, Angst, teens

Posy - I’m supposed to be writing a novel for Camp NaNoWriMo this month, but I’ve spent the last two days reading about Spock’s pregnancy at the hands of Kirk, thanks to the lovely rec by Melooza on my twitter feed. DON’T run away. Please. *begs* I know mpreg isn’t something a lot of people read because it is “not realistic” or whatever. Well, who knows what Vulcan biology is really all about? This is a beautiful story that has been a WIP for awhile. You have 40 chapters plus a few interludes to start with. The main smut is in chapter one, but there are flashbacks to it which are so sweet and tenderly remembered, and I’m super duper hopeful that there may be more in the future. Far, far, far beyond the smut, this is a brilliantly told story of another world’s culture, the social stigma of teen pregnancy on that world, the forced maturity that happens when becoming a parent, Spock essentially being alone and wishing the blond haired dad who helped create this life were involved, and then the consequences that happen years later when Spock and Kirk meet at Starfleet Academy. I have honestly not been able to do anything but read this, even though I supposed to be writing an amazingly hot wank scene in my book. Haha. Run. Don’t walk toward this mpreg because you will not be disappointed in how rich this story is told. 

Chele - I’m not going to lie, I stumbled upon this fic several months ago seeking only Kirk/Spock smut of the most delectable variety. As Posy mentions, this story delivers on that gratifyingly early in the story, and it is intense, and almost hyper-real. The big surprise, however, is that this story has managed to hold my attention through the following thirty or so chapters (Don’t check the word count, you don’t want to know, and once you start, you won’t care) with the aftermath of this intimacy. I am ACHING for these two to find their way back to one another, but meanwhile, I’m riveted to the updates by the intricate plot and multi-faceted characters.

Twilight, Complete, Bella/various partners

Jen - A fitting and explosive climax *cough* to Bella’s journey through female sexuality!

Teal - I just...UNF and more UNF. That’s all I’ve done through this story because JFC, there’s never been a fic like this. I want to roll around in allllll the loving.

Harry Potter, AU, O/S, Draco/Hermione

Jen - Draco spent years secretly pining for Hermione, sending the Order helpful information via anonymous letters. It takes some time, but as Hermione is caring for the badly injured Draco they eventually admit they’d been thinking of one another for years. Super hot hospital bed sex--Hermione on top is always a good thing!

Twilight, AH, WIP, E/B

Teal - Awwww....these two. The drama came, but they stayed sweet and fluffy, bound together through it. I kind of have a crush on Edward Sr., too. I like seeing these Masen men step up to the plate! 

Corie - I swear to god these two make me swoon. I can’t get enough of these kids and the love between them.

Merlin, Canon-era, Magic!, SLASH, MERTHUR

Emmy - So poor Arthur has been hit by yet another spell, but this one instead of making him act all loony in love for some random bird/princess is making him moon all over Merlin and say very naughty things to him... Merlin can’t help but not really want to reverse it, but he does try his best. But what happens when NONE of the antidotes have any effect? What if its not a love potion at all?....... Fabby fic, made me really chuckle at times and its sexy too. Merlin is adorable and clueless and Arthur is pained and beligerent and wanting very filthy things from his manservant. Perfect read for a bad day... READ IT!

Twilight, AH, WIP, Emmett/Jasper

Teal - Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeej!!! Where is Chele??? *looks around crazily* It’s your boys! 

Jen - oh mah gah. That is all. 

Chele - You are seducing me back to TwiFic.

Merlin, Complete, Magical AU, Merthur

Jen - I just love this fic from the Merlin kinkmeme. The language is gorgeous and gives an ethereal, mythic feeling to the historical setting. And that beautiful writing of course carries over into the longing they feel for one another and their sexytimes. So good. 

Emmy - I am both extremely happy and sad that this fic is complete. Totally adored this and how much Arthur and Merlin could communicate without language. Beautiful and amazing and just I NEED A SEQUEL//OUTTAKE. I Need to know about their new lives. Just fabby. The scenes with Arthur on his own desperately searching are SO well done. I just. Gah!

Twilight, B/E, AH, Historical, Complete

Corie - This historical story set in 12th century Scotland is what I’m currently reading and loving. The fire and intensity between E and B is so win. I’m about halfway through and so excited to see what lies ahead for these characters in this completed story.

Merlin, Complete, Merthur, non-magic

Jen - I hope I never tire of reading uptight!Arthur falls for utterly his opposite Merlin. This is another spawn of the Merlin kinkmeme. Lots of UST, some angst & misunderstandings, grand gestures, and a verrrry hot romp in Arthur’s bed. 

Emmy - I adored this when it was WIP on the fantastic KinkMeMerlinMeme. But I still had to reread when it was de-anon’d. Perfect fic is perfect!!!

Harry Potter, Complete, Draco/Hermione

Chele - A reflection on war, the toll it can take on a soul, and the way it can create a place for love and hope, this post-Hogwarts era fic is gritty, a bit dark, and completely awesome. Draco is working for the Order, fighting and planning battles against death eaters, alongside various members of the Order and DA who stay in safe houses in between missions. He is amazingly in character, harsh, rigid, and powerful, which makes it all the more awesome that a deep and believable connection develops between he and Hermione. Their connection seeps into the reader like warm sunshine through a winter window, driving away the coldness and desperation. When they find eachother physically, in addition to being scorchingly hot, it perfectly illustrates their changing needs and new bonds are forged through courage under fire. This fic will make your soul ache, your heart soar, and your pants disappear.