Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Lemon Report - Fancy finding out what is on the FF bookshelves of the Pervy Girls of the PPSS? The lemon report lets you know our personal favourite updates of the week, and why you should give the fic a try.... It’s a great place to trawl for new recc’s and don’t forget to share your favourite update with us by leaving us a comment. In some cases, the Lemon Report may contain spoilers. Please read with caution.
Acronym Guide AU - Alternate Universe AH - All Human WIP - Work in Progress O/S - One Shot OOC - Out of Character WP - Wussperv Slash/Femslash - Features homosexual characters and romance.

Twilight, AH, WIP, E/B

Teal - I was quite a few chapters behind on this one and had to catch up on updates, but boy was it worth the wait! After all the hurty, I love the journey these two have taken to get back together, and the reunion sex? UNF x100000000 so good!

Corie The love and trust they have established again is amazing to see the relationship working at this angle and him being free to love her with all of himself. The reunion sex was a 10 for sure lol.

One Direction, RPF, Harry/Louis

Posy - This is a super fast read at only 423 words, but somehow sadtomatoff conveys how sweet and pure the love so many of us see between Harry and Louis, even when dirty talk in involved. 

Jen - I’m sort of frightened at how much I need Harry & Louis to be REAL. Stories like this soothe the worries of my shippin’ heart. 

Chele - I just want to nuzzle this ficlet. Adorable and filthy.

Merlin, Slash, Gwaine/Merlin

Posy - I stayed up all night long reading this very honest story. I loved Gwaine, a high school pot dealer who finds not only a new client in the new kid at school, but something he hadn’t quite bargained for. Each time I read how Gwaine described Merlin though his eyes, I swear I could see Merlin … er, Colin’s face. :) 

Jen - I looooove this story. It’s a longer one shot, and it really gave the author time to develop the characters. Gwaine is the best. He’s so hooked on Merlin, and just adorable as he figures out how to let Merlin know that he really, really likes him.

Chele - I found these characters achingly honest. There is such a strong pull between Gwain and Merlin and yet it takes quite a bit for their inhibitions to lower, and their intimate friendship to truly mature into the romance and intensity that is apparent from the start. I love the matter-of-fact portrayal of Gwaine’s job, and the small tidbits that are thrown in that make it feel real and kept me hooked. Excellent story.

Twilight, AH, Historical, WIP, Edward/Bella

Corie - I can’t say enough how much I love this story and Lord Masen just DOES IT FOR ME. This week’s update had me on my knees, watching her take a bath and her playing with him like she didn’t know he was there, lead to some off the charts fucking js.

Merlin, O/S, Merthur, Slash

Jen - King Arthur on his knees for Merlin. Who is wearing the crown. a;kjdfklasdjfasdfj 

Emmy - This fic is fabbytastic!! A beautiful fic full of smutty charm and yum. Plus what Jen said... **key smashes**

Harry Potter, O/S, Harry/Draco/Severus, PolySlash

Chele - Fairies, magical mushrooms, Severus Snape as an animagus, and a whole lot of dirty talk and sexual tension all wrapped up in a threeway. This fic was made to live under my hippie skirt. I want to make out with it in a field of daisies. I may be the last to discover the HDS Beltane Fest, but I’m making up for lost time by reading and swooning over every entry.

Merlin, O/S, Merlin/Gwaine, Slash Underage-ish

Chele -A short, super sweet fic in which Merlin has accidentally magics himself younger, and Gwaine comes home to discover his long time lover with an aura of innocence and the body of a 16 year old. By far the best “first-time that wasn’t really” fic. Tender and naughty, but so very right.

by Asher
Transformers, WIP, Knock-Out/Starscream, Slash

Chele - While I’m generally drawn to Transformer’s fic because of its treatment of sexuality in the absence of gender, I am intrigued on Asher’s take on Transformers Prime canon mentions of being “glitched” in reference to one who is drawn to other same gendered bots. The setting allows the author a unique freedom to explore the stereotypes that can take root in a militaristic culture, and the intense attraction that finds its way to the forefront despite all resistance. The wicked heat of sexual chemistry between Knock-Out and Scarscream doesn't hurt my feelings either.

by Anon
Merlin, AU, WIP, Merthur, Genderswap

Jen - I adore this fill on the kinkmeme. Arthur and Merlin have been through so much already, and they have so much further to go. They’re absolutely electric together sexually! Emmy - I keep seeing this on my kinkme alerts. But don’t normally like genderswap fics..... Hmmmm. Might have to give it a whirlie...

HP, o/s, post DH, EWE, HP/DM

Jen - Vulnerable!Draco is at odds with Malfoy-pride!Draco after he learns that Harry’s cheated. It’s a long emotional journey on the way to opening up and being honest with Harry. When the things they’ve left unsaid for so long are finally said--they’re better than they were before, in every way. Unf!

Merlin, O/S Merthur

Jen - Water sprites have enchanted Arthur and he’s neeeeeeedy for some cock. Merlin obliges, Percival watches and helps contain Arthur’s flaily body. 

Emmy - Normally I can’t do ANYTHING other than Merthur fics. BUT. BUT. BUT. BUT! Magic made them do it fics are a bit of a weak spot for me.... So. You kind of have to read it. Great POV from Percy. 

Jen - *dances* I made Emmy read not exactly Merthur !!! 

Emmy - Hahahah. I had actually already read it. But I did reread it because of you! ;)

1D, o/s, Liam/Louis, RPF
Jen - Someone slipped Liam a love potion. Needy!Liam ensues. Louis is wary, but eventually gives Liam. Just. What. he. Needs.

by Anon
Merlin, Complete, Merthur, voyeurism

Jen - Naughty, naughty high school girls spy on their teacher, and see more than they bargained for. Fortunately for them, they discover that m/m lovin is ridiculously hot!

Emmy - I was gonna shove this fic into the LR this week, but Jen pipped me to the post!! Fabby fabby fic. What happens when naughty school girls video their hot coach in the showers? Well they certainly get a surprise when Maths Teacher Mr Emrys joins him. Hottity hot!


Emmy - This is yummy hot, teasing look at what might have happened when Eoin (aka The Hair) Macken (Gwaine in Merlin) tweeted about the entire team having to have ice cream to cool down, during the heatwave in the UK a few weeks ago. So what did really happen in Wales??! Well.... ;) Jen - ooooomg. So fucking hot and kinky.

1D, o/s, Louis/Harry, RPF

Jen - And the award for best use of Eleanor in a fic goes to: sadtomatoff! Voyeurism FTW! My brain totally supports this universe.

by Author
Merlin, Canon Era, AU, O/S, SLASH, MERTHUR

Emmy - Oh my word!! Do I FLOVE this fic!!! Such a good fic. Jealous Merlin and oblivious Arthur makes for a fabby fic! Merlin can just about cope with Arthur going off with princesses, he needs a queen after all... But what happens when Merlin sees Arthur with someone he wasn’t expecting? A drunken Merlin asking why he wouldn’t be good enough sets off a brill chain reaction... Perfect fic is perfect!! Smutty with ALL THE FEELINGS!


Anonymous said...

i don't mind a few other fandom recs, but the twilight recs are getting fewer and fewer each makes me sad. I think the merlin and other recs are just speaking to a very small audience.

SweetDulcinea said...

Thanks for stopping by; we always appreciate hearing from our readers. The simplest response is that we rec what we read. Twific brought us together, and through our friends, Twitter, LJ, Facebook, and other blogs and communities, we've shared and had much shared with us. Along the way, other interests have come about. Of course these other fandom feel small in comparison, but that's because Twilight is an anomaly in the fanfiction world (Harry Potter being the only other so vast). We understand that not every Twilight fan will want to venture into other communities, but there are many who do, including our members! We will continue to rec Twific, though it will always have the company of other fandom. We also recommend our affiliates' rec blogs, Twitter, and our FFn C2 for an archive of past rec'd stories.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say thanks for these weekly rec posts. I'm not in the Twilight fandom and found my way here somewhat recently via a rec for a Merlin story, but I love the variety of fandoms and fics you rec, some of which I'd never know of if it wasn't for this blog. x.

Ella said...

Could you recommend any heterosexual Draco Malfoy/OC fanfics? I've only ever found one that has stayed true to his character and caught my interest but the author is no longer active and it is more or a teen audience.

Emmy said...

Dear Anon,
Thanks so much for letting us know you appreciate our reccs. We do love to help people find their way to quality smut!
I hope you let the author(s) know you enjoyed their work. And do remember to share any of your favourites with us.
Much love
Emmy x

Emmy said...

Dear Ella,
Unfortunately no one in the Pack has read such a pairing. It's only been Draco with Hermione in terms of het pairings.

We have sent a request out on twitter.
So fingers crossed our twitter friend have something to help. We'll let you know!
Much love
Emmy x