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Team Angst My Mate 6.19.12

Team Angst is a constantly changing teams, depending on who can handle the angst levels of the Team Angst pick. Only the bravest (or craziest) Pervs tackle the tears and pain to bring you the best angst and heartfail that fan fic has to offer. Non-canon pairings? No problem. Cheating and Break-ups? No sweat. Character death? Bring it! It’s all in a days work for Team Angst. So if you think you’re tough enough put on your big girl pants, take a seat and join us for the Team Angst Pick.

The Team Angst Pick is...
Title: My Mate
Author: PrincessRachael
Chapters: 32
Words: 108,031
Reviews: 2692
Summary:Two reluctant vampires find themselves mated, each requiring the other’s blood to survive. She will fight it. He will fight for her. AU, E/B


Vamp fic just seriously gets me going. This has to be one of the best ones I have read thus far. I mean there is intense connection between Bella and Edward, blood exchanging, and some of the most guttural sexual scenes I’ve read in fic.

I love the change of vampire lore that PrincessRachael implements. Also the twist on canon really had me intrigued, I loved how Bella was the vampire invested in the Cullen family and how that changed so much of the dynamic. Edward being 300 years old really made for an interesting layer to his character and also the fact he is still unapologetically feeding from humans really got my attention. The author really sticks to her characters and makes no excuses for them and I ADORE that. The intensity between them in the mating is what makes this story.

Edward caught up her hands in his, bringing them to his chest. "Can you feel it? That pull? My God! It's so strong. It's like nothing I've ever... " He released her hands and brought his own up to cradle her face. "I can feel the pull within you. It beats at me." 
At his touch, the pounding grew stronger. The rush of Bella's insides screamed and begged for him. Her blood felt as though it would escape out from beneath her skin. Everything in her wanted to consume him, to crawl within his body forever. And suddenly the rush and flow of his blood was loud and so incredibly appealing. She licked her lips, the push to taste him overriding any other thought. 
"Now," she choked out. "Please, now. I need this." 
Edward pulled her to him and brought them both to the ground, keeping her in his lap. "I know, beautiful girl. Me too." His hands made quick work with the buttons on his shirt. Opening the two sides, he quickly discarded it behind him. 
When he looked back at Bella she appeared to be in pain. Her eyes darted to his face, his bare chest and back to the ground. "I can't. I can't. Too much… it's too much." 
"You must," Edward whispered gently in her ear. "I can feel it pounding inside you. It will continue tearing you up until you do this." He did not mention his own internal monster and the roaring demands it was making to take its mate. 
Bella looked into the eyes of this male, seeing the understanding there, the shared pain. This was something completely beyond either of them, of both their shared strengths. He seemed just as surprised and affected by this as she was. And her body was burning, almost crushing her with its need to drink from him. 
Resigned, she leaned her forehead against his chest, just slightly above where his heart would have been. She thought of the last phrase from the book she had been reading before Carlisle had summoned them all together. How fitting it seemed now.
"The awful daring of a moment's surrender," she whispered and then she sank her teeth into Edward's skin. 
The rich blood mixed with his venom flowed into her. The moment it touched her veins she felt it seep into her bones, her dead flesh. It mixed and bonded with her tissues, modifying her genetic structure to match his. Her entire internal framework was instantly merged and reformulated so that her body would now only recognize and accept his. 
The whole process, combined with his encompassing scent and taste made her both weak and strong at the same time. She felt herself relax and melt against him. It was the purest form of bliss Bella had ever experienced and she recognized, deep down inside her, that she would never be the same again. She would always crave this. She drank and drank, never wanting this intense feeling to cease. 
"Perfect, so perfect," Edward breathed into her hair.

The blood exchange scenes are almost as intense as the sex, it really helps the readers establish that feral connection to the characters. I read this story as a WIP and I have to say it was on my short list of drop everything to read as soon as it updated. There is so much in this story love, friendship, blood, sex and family it is all crafted into a fantastic tale. Really it stands out and now that it’s complete I would say it’s the perfect time to have a taste."I have to keep telling myself to go slow," he confessed as his hands smoothed her skin. "I wanted to rip those off, but you looked so beautiful standing there in the driveway. I can't bear the thought of never seeing you like that again."
"You… you thought I looked beautiful?" she asked, suddenly shy at being so open and bare before him. 
His hands ran up and down her bare legs, his fingers spread wide between her thighs. "I always think you're beautiful, Bella." He leaned down and kissed her navel, licking his way down. "Always." 
Edward gently pushed her legs further apart, bending at the knees. He stared reverently at her pink folds, slightly tinged with moisture. His fingers curved up her calf muscles, over her hips and delved into her heat. Bella cried out and arched her body. 
He placed a chaste kiss to her clit. "I thought about this so much while I was gone. I couldn't wait to get back to you." His tongue licked her folds from top to bottom. She felt his hot breath against the wetness spreading along her skin. He groaned loudly, the sound muffled with his head buried in her flesh. "The way you taste... oh, fuck!" 
He surrendered his mouth and lost himself in Bella. He nibbled and suckled and savored, all the while keeping her thighs splayed open and steady during his exploration. At one point his animalistic tendencies seemed to take over as he leaned back on his knees, lifting Bella's hips higher to his face and fucked her with his tongue, fingering her clit with his hand. Bella's head was thrown back into the soft ground and she moaned loudly, trying to keep her fingers clenched in something solid, as her body swayed against his mouth.
"Oh… oh, Edward," she cried. "Yes… yes… I'm coming." 
"Bella… Bella," he growled as his tongue licked the moisture that was spreading quickly along his chin and down her hips. He slowly lowered her back to the ground and kissed his way up her body, stopping only to lavish his tongue on the undersides of one of her breasts. Then he met her mouth and kissed her deeply. 
"God, your taste… " He was lost for words, his face still wet. "I need that, Bella. I can't even describe it." He kissed her for a while before continuing. "It's as precious to me as your blood."

One of the things that gets me so excited to read a story is when an author can find a unique and different twist on something that I already love. PrincessRachael did just that. If you didn’t already know I love me some vamp fic, and she went and put on such a great twist that she had me hanging off the seat of my chair wanting more from the very beginning. The vampires she has created in her world “mate” in a very unique and different way. Blood exchange, intense feelings, and so much more come along for the ride. Edward is strong, independant, and not so believing in all the matting laws and beliefs. Bella, who started off with a rocky start is timid and overwhelmed by the whole process. I love how they push through it all to come together.

The Cullens are ever present as are the Volturi. Not always in the way you would think which adds more mystery and excitement to the tale. There is a rich back story for our characters that brings you in and has you even more invested in these two then you think you could be.

Oh and lets not forget about the utter panty dropping sexyness of Edward. He’s bold, strong, opinionated, not afraid to state his feelings, or what he wants and he’s been around for quite a long time to hone his skills. And did I forget to mention he has a mouth on him that you just want all for yourself.
This story pulls it all together in the end and gives a little something for everyone, so jump in you will definitely enjoy the ride. :)


Violhaine- Just when you think there isn't anything new that can come out of the fandom someone takes up the challenge and gives us a refreshing twist on canon and some hardcore smut that literally leaves you breathless. "My Mate" is that story.

Princess Rachael gives us real vampires. True predators. Edward Cullen for all his urbane sophistication is a dangerous killer. In this world when vampires find their mates they undergo a chemical transformation that makes it impossible for them to be mated to anyone else. I was impressed with this twist as it dovetailed beautifully with the idea that vampires mate for life and are unchangeable once they themselves have been transformed into immortals. Edward has lived for hundreds of years in denial of this fact about his species until he meets Bella. Lightening strikes and he's found his mate.
Bella is new vampire that was brutally changed by another vampire. I won't give away any details but suffice to say she was traumatized by the experience just like a rape victim. She meets Edward and the attraction is instantaneous but she is frightened. She doesn't understand what is happening and tries to run away but the chemical process has begun and to deny him is to sentence them both to agony and the true death. I loved this part. Mate or die. Brilliant. Succinct.

Bella finally gives in and once she does? OMG the smut factor increases exponentially. In our Princess's world our vampires need to drink each other's blood. It reinforces the bond even as it nourishes them physically and spiritually. The other factor is sex...and lots of it. They can't keep their hands off each other. It is raw. It is brutal. It is fucking. So much and so HOT! Especially Edward. There is no holding back. Canon Edward is kicked to the curb as this version takes over and treats a very willing Bella to sex drenched days and nights. He is a powerful beast who revels in his sensuality. He all but tears her apart, in the best way possible, with the force of his overwhelming lust. She craves it and often goads him to new heights. Our Princess knows her way around a lemon and your ass will be panting at the end.

I love down and dirty sex. Love to read about it too. However I need a good story for it to move me. When Edward drinks Bella's blood as he's fucking her? You will feel the heat and more because our author weaves a tale of love, lust, near madness and need. What it means to love...taken to an extreme. You will love this story. Trust.


sosueme-There are so many things about this fic that appeal to me from the get go. First off, it has science, politics and morality mixed in with a believable, inspiring, but not too easy, love story. The plot is compelling with just enough well placed clues along the way. The secondary characters are vital to the development of the story and the bad guys are nice and juicy - I mean bad. Really bad at times. Despicable even. The first few tantalizing chapters introduce Edward, Bella, the Cullen family, and the Volturi characters - along with a bit of politics, and the vampire science of bonded mating. I love a little fancy imagination mixed in with my vamps and plausible science explanations makes a story that much more alive for me.

Edward is a 300 year old, sexy yet cocky, vampire who occasionally does a little work for the Volturi. He respects them, but he doesn't necessarily trust them. Edward is rough and tough, and happily unmated. He more than enjoys playing the field and being independent. Tanya, in particular, is always a good time. Sired by Marcus, Edward's a bit of a Volturi favorite, but he is unique among them - he harbors an appreciation for human life. With his ability to read minds, he has spent 100 years perfecting a dietary method whereby he can feed on humans, just enough to satisfy his thirst but leave them alive and clueless. He feels compassion for humans, he sees their potential for change and success and feels that they deserve his optimism. Did I mention he also digs snowboarding?

Bella is a 20 year old vampire who was thrust violently into this world. She remembers much of her human life, more than most others (which may have something to do with her shield capabilities), and still clings to her humanity. After 20 years, she is still skittish, does not deal well with change, and is leery of male vamps, but has found a loving place in the Cullen family of vegetarians. Though she respects that the others are mated, she does not wish to be mated, she wants her old life back.
We see a more personal side to the Volturi's ruling three in this story. They talk, argue, scheme, and seem to care for Edward. Involved in murder, smuggling, killing, and threats, they use Edward for financial transactions, for his persuasive and mind reading abilities, and are interested in his dietary research. Aro asks Edward to visit Carlisle's coven to verify their loyalty.

When Edward meets Bella, sparks fly. The mating process 'activates' with Edward mesmerized and dazed. Bella, who is confused and fearful of Edward, takes off running. Her family is fiercely protective until alice explains that the mating process, a revered and sacred event among vampires, has begun. Edward catches Bella, and the desperation is palpable, but so is the fear on Bella's part. The whole scene is wild and chaotic and really sets the stage for the feel of this fic. It's one of my favorite scenes.

I'm fascinated by the science of Vampirism in this fic. The Mating process is explained and believable.
The code within the male reaches out to the right person. It's never wrong. His blood mixes and bonds with her tissues, modifying her genetic structure to match his. Her entire internal framework is instantly merged and reformulated so that her body will now only recognize and accept his.
So yeah, they share blood. At first thought, this could be pretty yuck, but just the way it is written erases any ick factor and makes it feel so loving and tender. It's instinctive, owing to the mating bond. It symbolizes how their love feeds one another, literally, they can't live without one another. And as they gradually get to know one another, adding in the loving, it all becomes quite intense. Quite beautiful. The bond also provides them with knowledge of sensations the other is feeling; hunger, sexual tension, emotions, whereabouts. The whole process makes them both weak and strong.

However, the mating process is forced upon them. So...what about individual choice? The premise is that the process of mating can not fail, but really? I mean what if it's just a close match? They still argue, each have free will, could hurt the other intentionally, could choose to love or hate, or walk away. It's such a fine balance, and the author does a great job of straddling it, proving that Edward and Bella are more than compatible, that they find love. Whether it's due to the bond or just straight up personality, they each show a deep need to put the other first. He makes her laugh and she fascinates him with her mind and compassion. And the lemons...mmm, yeah. Delicious lemons. With the promise of the bond and the sharing of the blood intensifying everything, it makes even a chaste kiss seem charged.
But, of course there is Bella's past, which she is worried Edward would never want her if he discovered what had been done to her, how her vampire life had been tainted from the beginning. There is wretched James, and the questionable Volturi, lurking in the shadows, ready to create havoc and conflict. There is always conflict, right? But the author does a good job of not dragging out the angst. The plot flows from one chapter to the next with anticipation and hope.

I love the language in this fic so much. While not fanciful or superfluous, it is straightforward, witty at times, and infused with an old time tone matching edward's age and bella's sorrows. The feeling is empathetic, desperate, loving. Oh, so loving! There is a good variety of quoted poetry lines through out, showing Edward and Bella's common interests and growing feelings. I found myself looking forward to more of those quotes, even looking up their sources. Location details are at times quite specific, even Volterra is plotted in this fic. It is cannon-esqe but much more AU...a perfect combination to me. I love this author's work immensely and hope that she continues writing such worthy stories.


CentauRita- This is for you, my Princess.
I was hooked from the first chappie of, My Mate. I am always looking for a story that highlights the Mating Bond. The pulling, the electricity, the intermeshing of souls. I even went back to look at my review of the first chappie:
CentauRita 4/10/12 . chapter 1 ~~winks~~ Already feeling the pull ;}
So, that was HUGE. So I continued to read. The more I read, the more I found we shared common likes. I am always in awe when an author takes their precious time to reply to my humble reviews. Such as learning our shared love of certain book titles, sports, movies, certain international abodes and singing artist:
CentauRita 4/12/12 . chapter 11 Okay, so after reading that chappie...waggling my eyebrows...I 'came' up with a title to a new book... 'Dry Humping for the Soul: is better than Chicken Soup!' 
CentauRita 4/12/12 . chapter 15 With Bella's bases...'loaded' with Edward's essence, that chappie was a 'home'run ;} 
CentauRita 4/12/12 . chapter 18 I loved Rutger Hauer, Michelle Pfeiffer, Michael Broadrick a 1985 classic. I especially had an affinity for the gorgeous Friesian stallion Goliath(Othello). Stallions, Hawks, Wolves and Captain Navarre...Oh My!
I think I'd like to rename chapter 18 as...'A bit 'Handseys' across the 'Globe'...Molta Bella!**I think that Edward would agree ;P ** 
CentauRita 4/24/12 . chapter 21 Cute. '...Unfortunately, the artery she had bitten was still open and blood sprayed out over Bella and the nearby bushes...' Bella messed up...and had a 'blood bath'...then Edward saying... "It's an excellent excuse for me to clean you up in the 'shower'." Oh, and a needy Edward...sigh Bella recognizing her mates need...then, giving him what he is needy for...double sigh 'It' all 'taly'ies in with their Italy Love Shack! (B52's, move over or move out!!!) 
CentauRita 4/26/12 . chapter 22 Bad Company's...I Can't Get Enough Of Your Love, keeps running through my mind. A ONE track...mind! (Just like mates in My Mate, Edward and his Bella) MaaawwHaHaHa!**Just like the instructions on a bottle of shampoo...Wash and Repeat...and Repeat...and Repeat~~smirks~~ I guess you get (or have) the idea ;P Might I recommend Herbal Essences as it is purported to give an orgasmic experience! Just like your story...My Mate...does!
OH, my Princess...I always looked forward to your updates and kind words. Thank you for weaving such a masterful tale.**Although, I personally ~~cough-cough~~enjoyed all the others kinds of tail, too! that's my pervy side talking now~~blushes~~**

Through your journey there was love, action, angst, pain, hope, family, support, mystery, evil, and horror. The whole gamut of emotions that would make Jasper run for the hills! Yet, you have pulled an HEA out of it all. You are truly an amazing author. Thank you, again, for giving of your time and talent in storytelling and for broadening to scope to allow Edward and Bella to live, again!

"Bella," he said slowly, "that was me." **Ye'p', he won.** Neener, Neener, Kneener...**Ouch!**
Your humble and devoted fan CentauRita ;D


McM said...

Thanks for giving us a forum to find fics, and to see them discussed.

I struggled with what felt like the second class status of the women (after mating) in this story. The men decided whether the women stayed with the Cullens; the women don't appear to be able to fight or defend themselves. And much like one of you stated, the forced blood scenes read like rape but don't seem to be treated as such within the story. (An A/N warning says violence, but no rape. I disagree!)

The biggest bother: Edward talks about Bella like he owns her. (And I didn't see the same from Bella, which would have balanced things a bit.) And the scene where Bella's in a coma and he bites her, ejaculates all over her and touches her without her consent? I went from struggling to full on horrified.

And I share this not to say the story or its fans are bad or wrong. Everyone has her own tastes. Was no one else bothered by these things? Just curious how others felt about these issues.

Obsmama said...

I have to say first thanks for sharing your thoughts on My Mate and while I totally appreciate your comments, I have to say I didn't have the same experience with this story as you seem to have. I found the relationship between Edward and Bella not only equal but beautiful. I also didn't view any of their blood exchanges as forced or as a rape either. My experience was this is fantastic look at vampire lore from a very original story line. Yes her body and heart craved him before her mind caught up is how I saw it at first but I never felt he pushed her in the slightest, if anything I admired how much pain he took while she separated herself from him, to figure out the mating process for herself. I thought it was selfless and lovely that he gave up everything in his own life to see her happy with the Cullens and near Charlie.

As for the specific scene you mentioned I had no issues with him touching her as she had consented to him and given him herself completely in trust and body before that multiple times and had even said before how much she loved his touch. I never felt he violated that trust and she was waking up to his touching and enjoying it. It really didn't blur any lines for me, but I respect that it might not have been the story for you. Thank you for giving it a try and letting us know how you felt.