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"Bittersweet Symphony" by I'mwiththevampires08

We have our first Guest Reviewer this week...GEMMABOBELLA!!!

This week's Perv Pack Recommendation is...

Title: "Bittersweet Symphony "
Author: I'mwiththevampires08
Chapters: 24
Summary:Rose and Edward make a bet. Will the school playboy be able to turn Bella into a vixen and get James to ask her out to prom? Will Edward make a good teacher and teach Bella everything she needs to know? Oh yes, there will be lemons! All human, OOC and Canon

Twilighted thread for story
Our Guest Reviewer Gemma!-First, can I say that I’m totally geeking out about being a guest reviewer?! Yes?? Good, cause I am.Okay, on to the review … I’ve been reading this story since it first posted, and I have really enjoyed the ride. And can I just say, Edward can be my Sex 101 teacher any day? Cause yeah … Where was I? Oh! Right!Like I said, I’m proud to say that I’ve been reading this story since it originally posted, and I’ve enjoyed each and every chapter. I like the slow-ish build, giving us time to get to know the characters a little bit before things get more interesting. She’s taken a potentially very cliche idea, and made it her own, and for that I give her major props. Edward is cast as a player, and the idea of a sexually gifted Edward is always okay in my book. But the great thing is that he isn’t just a jerk. He has a story, one that took me by surprise in a good way. As for the steamy stuff – I really enjoy how it’s written. I’m definitely right there with Bella as she is constantly reduced to a puddle of goo courtesy of Edward. There is a ton of Dirty Talking Edward – which is a total win for me. I’m a sucker for the dirty talking. And when I say this story has a little bit of everything – I mean EVERYTHING! It’s great.
I’m glad to see this story featured here, as it is one of my must-reads when I see that it has been updated. And nope – Edward and Bella have not had sex … yet … The angst, the uncertainty, all creates an enjoyable read, even when Edward isn’t teaching Bella how to give a good blow job. I also think she should get an award for best use of a James. I love how he is used in this story. But mostly I love the way both Edward and Bella are so obviously falling for each other and refusing to acknowledge and embrace those feelings as they continue to explore each other physically, all in the name of a bet. I’m hopelessly hooked to this story. Each chapter is worth the wait. I am confident you will be rereading several chapters just like I have and will continue to do.

Bri- I started this story a while back - and the author was already a good ways into it so I was able to get instant gratification (<--hehe) from reading the smutty tales of these two kids. I know, I know...another fic with the bet as a premise. :sigh: Well, I guarantee there aren't any out there like this. Um - Edward Cullen as a sex professor? Yes please, and thank you! Not to mention that DTE is all over the fucking place in this fic and that's HAWT. If you're looking for some sexy times just for the hell of it, this fic has them (and then some). I will say the last chapter threw me for a bit of a loop. I found the whole scenario slightly hard to believe, but what the fuck do I know? I'm an old mom and for all I know, that's what the pervy teens do now. All that aside, I do love that it's not all rainbows and puppies (can you say dick bite?) and that makes for a happy reader. Not everyone is gonna get it right on the first try and I'll be fucked (<--alright) if it's not funny as shit to read Bella's mishaps. I give this 3.5/5 panties

This is an interesting story... For some strange reason, unbeknownst to even myself, I thought I would not enjoy this story and avoided it like the plague. Gawd only knows why! When I did take the plunge a wee whiley ago I really enjoyed it. I think what I like best about this story is Edward [cue shocked gasp from the reader, I know, I know I ALWAYS like Edward! ;)]. But this Edward is great, because he is so ruddy insistent in his persona. Who he is, what his ambitions re: women are: so uncaring and cocksure. And yet.. this Bella, comes in under his radar. Slips in slowly under his skin, until she is possessing more than his time. . . Yet his denial persists. Denial of the pleasure he gets from her. Denial of the chemistry they share. Denial of his protective/possessive feelings...

From that description, it could really be canon couldn't it? Well yes. Apart from all the mad experimentation of a sexual nature..... This Edward & Bella make plenty of tart, fizzy, tasty lemonade... and that is even before they hit the main event... Dear God, its going to be intense.

And what of Bella? She is also canon. Unsure of herself, unsure of her value, unbelieving and very poor at reading the signs. This Bella shares her denial with Edward. She is insistent on her ambitions with James... But what is her soul really saying to her? Will she listen? Will Edward listen to his in time? Lots of potential angst (!!!!) to cum. I hope the awakening and unfolding of these two as lovebirds as well as (and instead of just being) fuck-bunny continues.... My only slight uncomfortable edge with this excellent tale is the family set-up... They are brothers/sisters not through blood but have no problems seeing each other naked and in flagrante but I am sure that this is of no bother to most folk - its just a wee Emmy quirk.

I am very excited every time I see an update of this. Desperate for the deed to be done... Desperate for Edward & Bella to listen up and face the reality. Four out of five Lacy knickers for this from me.

Emily- I think I started this story back when there were like 5 chapters. I have a HUGE reading list and have over 200 updates waiting to be read. Yes I suck but shit that is why I am in the PP tee-hee. Anyway when I get the email alert for this story I always drop what I am doing, (unless I have toys in my hands) and run to read. I mean who does not want sex lessons from Edward? Is there a place where I can go back and time and sign up to learn from the master? Like Bri said there is tons of DTE and I especially like when Edward gives Bella presents to help with her lessons. I won't ruin it for you if you have not induldged in this story just yet. There has been lots of sexual tension and I feel like we really know this Edward and Bella as there is a good backstory that makes you care about both of them as well as the rest of the Cullen gang. As for the smut well it is there and the foreplay is killing me waiting for the actual sex to take place. There is so much to love about this story and I am waiting to see how Edward reacts to the attention I see coming from James. Can't wait for more and this sotry has caused many ruined pairs of panties 4.5 out of 5 for me!

Hope- So I read this whole story in about 2 days. That is a lot of lessons to read in one sitting...but so damn good. I'll admit at first I was hesitant about this story, I really don't remember why now. But I am so glad that I gave it a try. This is a high school fic and all of the gang are hyper sexually active. Em & Rose and Jasper & Alice are in committed relationships with each other. Edward being the odd man out, but perfectly happy to be so. He has his army of sluts as the girls call it to keep him warm at night and his needs met. Bella, the new girl is welcomed into the gang with open arms. A bet is made and Edward ends up giving Bella "sex" lessons. I know, you're thinking WTF? Trust me I was too, but it works. It works in a really big way.The smut is really good, graphic but not overly so. Dirty words and awkward situations abound. You can feel the hesitation and nervousness on both their parts. It's funny and smokin' hot at the same time. There hasn't been any actual sex yet, but when it finally happens it will be life-altering I think for both Edward and Bella. But what I am most enjoying is the slow build of the feelings between Edward and Bella. They know and acknowledge the sexual chemistry and attraction to each other, but the lines of teacher and student are beginning to be blurred. Edward knows he is not good enough for Bella and it keeps him from admitting what he is feeling for her. It'sweet. And Bella, she got into this to get James the object of her affection. But now she craves Edwards touches and kisses just as much as she craves for James to notice her. Bella thae sex kitten/vixen is emerging and Edward is finding his heart. It's a jumble of confusing and conflicting emotions. The angst is coming and it will be so wickedly delicious when it happens. Just like it will be wickedly delicious when Edward and Bella get down to doing the deed. 4 of Bella's soaked panties out of 5.

~JO~- Oh...Of all the pervy fucktasticness....could this fic get any hotter? That would be a resounding NO! I will be the first to admit when I began reading this delicious delicacy, I thought to myself, "Seriously?" I thought the plot was a bit far-fetched and too ridiculous for this fic to be any kind of serious...boy was I ever wrong! I thought at most she could only have some lemony-fresh fun with the plot line she laid out for us, but she does so so much more! Yes, lemony fun....check. Yes, groin-twitching fantasy "sex teacher" Edward....check. More realism and believability than you could imagine possible with a plot-line such as this? CHECK....and CHECK. Even if you find the story completely unbelievable, this piece is so chock full of UST and lemontasticness that your girly bits will get a never-ending workout! WARNING: This story causes involuntary does, I swear...and I got my workout for the week with this ditty!

IWtV08's Tutorward is seductive, commanding, sexy, and royally fucked when it comes to our fair Bella. His constant denial of feelings and focus on the task at hand makes for the YUMMIEST UST. And as douchy as he portrays himself, the author reveals to us the noble-nature that this Edward hides deep down. Her Bella is just a wonderfully walking oxymoron...sweet, innocent little DEVIANT...rawr! The Cullens are the sexiest, most pseudo-incestuous group of rich kids you could ever hope for, and I must say....she's got me LUSTING over Rose BIG TIME. Yes, Rose is HOT AS HELL in this story, so if your a fan of hers, this story will be a treat for you! She deliciously fulfills all my little pervy, deviant fantasies with this fic whilst still providing an EXCELLENTLY WELL WRITTEN storyline. All my goddamned panties are RUINED! 5 out of 5 from me.

Kasey- Having started this story while it was still a baby (in it's 2nd chapter), I feel intimately acquainted with IWtV08's version of Doucheward. Actually, he's more like Cocky Prickward, if you ask me. But alas, you say toe-may-toes and and I say toh-mah-tos. Same difference, right?So we began our little journey through Bittersweet Symphony (a GREAT freaking song, by the way) by getting to know a bit about the hyper-sexified Cullen bunch of Forks High, where asshole-ish/manwhore Edward Cullen competes for the title of "King of Fuck" with none other than equally sexy James (finally, someone paints him as a sex god and not some horrible, homicidal maniac). Now, who wouldn't wanna get boned by one of these two sexy specimens, both vying for that title? Apparently, all of Forks High does (and most of them have), including one shy, inexperienced Bella Swan. But in this story, Bella isn't vying for Edward's attention (what?!)...nope, she wants James. So, with the help her eions more experienced friends, Alice and Rosalie (who by the way bump kitties in their off time), they enlist none other than E.C. himself to 'train' Bella to be the perfect little slut fror James. Ca-razy I tell ya, but oh so good! Pretty much The Joy of Sex 101, but lucky Bella gets to practice everything she learns on Edward himself!This story is one huge ball of lemony goodness (there's girlsecks in it, people, and hot, too)! But ya know what? There's actually a plot mixed in with the lemons! Who'd have thunk it? But in all seriousness, I loved that all while Edward is generously giving Bella lessons of the sexin', he realizes that he has feelings for her, and with each lesson, their awareness of one another and their mutual attraction is heightened exponentially, despite refusing to admit it to one another. And more importantly, themselves. In a nutshell, this story is a nice blend of lemony goodness, angst, UST, romance, and hilarity. This reviewer is giving it a solid 4 out of 5 sopping panties for a sexy good time.

Kathy- Bitter Sweet Symphony is a smut-filled tale of shy new girl Bella who wants to catch the eye (and let's be honest, peen) of school hottie James. From the very start, there are hints that Edward is no longer “himself,” and it has been revealed why that is, but I won't spoil it. The story arc of Edward's losing himself is an interesting one; complicated, twisted and not easily or quickly resolved. In the beginning, he seems to be an asshole loner being slowly redeemed by Bella. Once the reveal of some of the complication in his life happens, you begin to understand a little of the motivation behind the character. Since this is an in-progress story, we don't have a full picture just yet of how (or even if) this Edward might come full circle and go back to being the person he once was. The other story arc of the bet with Rose and Edward 'teaching' Bella about sex is also interesting and the source of much lemony goodness. Edward is patient and kind with Bella at each step, and seems to be emotionally distant in the beginning. Things progress between B&E and even the others call him out for perhaps getting 'too close' to Bella, knowing his recent manwhore ways. Bella begins to feel addicted to the pleasure Edward is providing her and Edward's emotional facade seems to be cracking. I admit, I have utterly no fucking clue how this fic is going to play out. Edward and Bella might ride off happily into the sunset, or Bella and James might, or, maybe Bella, Rose and Alice will. The journey has been (and I am sure will continue to be) a fun one, and that's what I'm focused on. 4 out of 5 panties.

Miya- There are no words to express how much I love this story. I began reading it towards the beginning and have reread it so many times since then. The heart breaking news of what made Edward like he is, the feelings they are developing for each other... it's all so beautifully woven together. I've gone through so many batteries while reading this story that hubby may take my toys away. The lemons are steamy, the beginnings of their feelings for one another and how they try to bury them is so delicately handled. Bella's the naive, blushing, virgin much as she was in SM's and it's so believable as she is led through her first sexual experience. I only wish that I'd had an Edward to learn blow jobs on! When the time comes that Bella is to make her move on James, I will be all twitterpated as I hope she doesn't do anything with him, despite his kick ass abs. 5 out of 5 panties, plus a towel or two.

Nina- I started reading this story because I loved the title...then I hated the title because now all I do is sing the fucking Verve song constantly every time I get the ping in my box that this glorious smutty ditty has been updated. I've said it before, High School fics aren't really my thing normally, but I like sexually confident, characters regardless of their age (no, I take that back...old people that are sexually confident are skeevy) Anyhoodle, Sex Lessons with Edward. Yeah, sign me the fuck up. Oh yeah, Carlisle knows twat the fuck is going on too. Yeah, I'll show them both a thing or three. Okay, back to the story, Jesus see how sex talk with the Cullens gets me side tracked?

Okay, so Bella wants to nail James. James wants to nail anything that has a pulse and compete in the sexual Olympics with Edward. Well not with Edward but against him. Bella is less than experienced with men (or women for that matter) but never fear her friends and Edward are there to mold her into a sex goddess to ultimately help her pork James.

My favorite thing about this story is the two of the slowly realizing that they have feelings for each other regardless of whether they want to admit it or not. Edward is doing his best to push aside any feelings in his upper brain that may be leading him down the path of loving Bella, now he just needs to talk to his lower brain about standing at attention the second he thinks of her. Bella is slightly more expressive with her burgeoning feelings for dear Eddie but still has it in her head that she wants Jimmy boy (for now at least).

The funniest thing? They haven't had sex yet. But so help me baby Jebus on Easter when they 'do it' will shift the cosmos, break some headboards, bite a few pillows (on the bed not actual boobies). Their rounding of the bases is super tasty. Not just Eddie's lessons either (wink wink), I really want to tell you my favorite chapters but I won't you just have to read it.

The thing to stress here too, is it ain't all flowers and sunshine. There is drama. But it's not superficial, typical teenage, "Like omigod, you totally jizzed in mah hair." No, there is serious fucktified tension, some angst but at the heart of it all, aside from the uber hump fest and sexy times, they can almost be canon. Well sort of, if you squint a bit and pretend that Steph Meyer's middle name isn't cockblock, they can be canon. Regardless, it's smutterifically entertaining and I am eager like a hooker in line at the free clinic on condom day for updates on this story.

4.5 out 5 since they haven't actually been netherly connected yet.

Stephie- Me and iwtv08, we go way back...drooling over Robward and NFL players (Bears and Cowboys all the way bb). I remember when BSS first started. Being an avid reviewer of STIL (also worth checking out for shizzle), iwtv08 let me know this was...coming...hahahahahaha (sorry I am drugged up from a migraine). I gotta say, that like Nina, anytime I think or hear the Verve I will automatically associate it with this Edward and Bella. I love an emotionally damaged Edward (something you learn about later in the story) and his rise and fall through "recovery." What really drew me in was the fact that somewhat shy, inexperienced Bella wasn't chasing after Edward. She's chasing after JAMES. I love iwtv08's James. He's so similar to Edward in the fact that they are both humping their way through HS to achieve title of King of Fuck. You know James has to be one sexy bastard to even be in running with Edward.

The bond that forms between Bella and Edward is great. They go from acquaintances to friends to something much stronger that may not be quite hopefully soon love (I'm pointing my finger at you my friend! I'm getting anxious for these two!). Bella learns to trust not only men but herself, get comfortable in her own skin and take charge of a situation. You go along with her through all her firsts: kiss, heavy petting, oral, even her first date (which really was so fucked up it was funny...Tyler *shakes head*), and then the actual sex. I don't think I have read a story that had so much hotness without actual penetration. Edward and his piano fingers...Edward spelling out the ABCs on Bella...*fans self*

I'm really so excited to see how things come together for these two. I anticipate some heartfail before they can have their HEA...which they better have or I'm goin down to Texas to seek revenge! I swear to god all those notes being passed back and forth between those two have got to get one or both of them in trouble...(sorry I go into smut detective mode with this fic). Not to mention whether or not Bella will be successful in her conquest and what that means for Edward's side of the bet. Drama is a-brewing since separately they seem to notice a change towards each other...whether they recognize those feelings or not. Their "relationship" is so much more than a mutual agreemant to reach their desired ends.
Oh man. I gotta know! Hurry and write iwtv08! 4 out of 5 panties.

Steph- The title of the story is what originally caught my eye. Then I read the summary and thought "Hmmm, sounds pretty interesting." It was at least 10 or 12 chapters in when I started, so I got a nice big dose right away. I have not been disappointed, at all, every time I get an update. Who wouldn't want Edward teaching them all about sex? Sign me up please! Add in some Rose and Alice help, along with a little girl action, and UNG. The UST (though can we really call it U since they do have their playtime) between Bella and Edward is incredibly intense. You can see the attraction between the two of them and you just want to yell at them to figure it out already. But alas, they're silly teenagers and why would they listen to an old fogie like me? The backstory is intense and not at all what I expected from Edward. I am dying for the ulimate consummation between them and for them to realize their feelings. I give it a full 5 out 5 wet panties, because every update leaves my girly bits wet and tingly.

In addition to our Round Table Review above, we've also asked the author to share with us a bit about themselves...

I'mwiththevampires08... Okay so something to share... I'm 28, married for 12 yrs. Got three kids and work full time (which would be why my updates are not a couple of times a week). I live in Texas. Hmm...what else? I love Twilight and actually started reading the books while I was home with my newborn baby, kickin' back and chillin' like a villain. Alot of the ideas from my story comes from personal experiences (gasp!) or from knowing people with experiences like the ones I've used. Also, my hubby is the one to thank for the crude humor...he's my biggest inspiration because he is so dirty minded (lol).


Deon said...

I found this story almost 3 weeks ago and I'm caught up as well. poor edward when bells bit him. lol

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Can I just say how chuffed I am that the supertastic author Gemma joined us this week! If you haven't please read her epic story Lost & Found:
Love ya Gems! X

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this is one of my all time FAV's! Whenever it updates it's the first thing i get all excited to click on! Will she even GET James or will Edward figure out that he wants to be more than just a teacher.. i can NOT WAIT!