Wednesday, March 11, 2009

"Muffin Man" by JustBiteMePlease

Title: Muffin Man
Author: JustBiteMePLease
Chapters: One-shot
Words: 2,620
Reviews: 47
Summary: When Bella's sexy new neighbor insists on teasing her, she bakes him muffins. And he takes a bite. AU AH Bella/Carlisle

Well, hello there lovely Pervlings!

Today's regularly scheduled One-Shot recommendation is brought to you by your friendly, neighborhood Perv Pack Lit Scholar (and self-penned Hot Bitch lover/Shoe Ho), Kasey.

My rec pick for today is a smutterific, tantalizing, and sinfully delicious, pseudo-biographical tale of lust and baked goods.What is it about hot neighbors and the lonely wives of medicine men that create a recipe for combustion? Well...this little gem of a fic will not only explain it, but it will tantalize and titillate your senses as it does. But gets better. Yup. You read right.

Better.2 words: Carlise "HOT BITCH" Cullen.

Okay, okay, 4 words. Sue me.

In JustBiteMePLease's naughty little tale of neighborly lust, we have lonely little Bella (lucky bitch) and one delectable and often bare-chested-in-the-freezing-cold Hot Bitch, playing a game of cat and mouse that turns up the unresolved sexual tension between the two of them, up a notch (or 10). Of course, what girl in her right cotton-pickin' mind can resist the lures of sexy blonde hair, piercing baby blues, sculpted abs and chest...ummm, yeah....back to the rec.

Anyway, lonely wife Bella, decides to be the neighborhood welcome wagon and bakes Hot Bitch her special buttered 'fuck me' muffins as a way to say 'hello' to the fresh, new, delectable man meat on the block.With the hubby being away on a medical conference and all, our naughty Bella puts on her sexy pole dancer's heels (oh, wait...not sure that's part of the fic...I'm thinking of someone else...maybe) and stalks Hot Bitch like a predator after her prey.

However, little does she know that he has actually been stalking her and has been waiting for the right moment to pounce. Ladies (and gents) once he does, my will need a fan because the sexin' is 'scorchio' (as my beloved Pippapear would call it), dear Pervlings!

Hawt to the 10th power, in this reader's opinion. Plus, who doesn't love some sexy Hot Bitch action every now and then? I know that I do!So, as I usually say:

Go. Run. Read.Enjoy.




Anonymous said...

grraaww! That was.. a fucktastic pic! We all have to love a lil bit of hot bitch right?!
Especially in those new pics from New Moon.. *sigh drool sigh*