Friday, March 6, 2009

Izzy's Special Brand of Interesting

Five random facts about me:

(1) I love to cook but have no time for it.

(2) Fast cars + Izzy = dangerously hot mix

(3) Baby animals make me extremely weak kneed.

(4) I spend way too much money at Victoria's Secret. I'm pretty sure the salesgirls know my first name.

(5) I haven't turned on my television more than six times since last May.

Random enough for you? Well, good. Here's a bit more about me. I'm a grad student in law, something that consumes way too much of my time and doesn't allow for more colorful activities such as the reading of smut and the writing of smut. It wasn't until last May that I really became interested in writing. One day I just sat down and started hammering out a piece of original fiction that is sitting on my computer awaiting further edits. I started reading fanfic about that time too, swearing upside and down I would always stick to canon stories with the characters as they were in the books, vampire or otherwise. But like any good proclamation set in stone, I ventured over to the All-Human fics. And the rest is history as they say.

My first foray into fic writing I thought was rather successful. I wrote a change fic. I know ... so cliched. I still go back and read it every now and then, actually preferring how I wrote it to the book version, though that's not to say I didn't like the book version. Then I started writing some naughtier stuff, beginning with Raspberries and Debris. After completing my epically long Across the Airwaves, I had some kinky little oneshots rolling around in my head. Enter upon the scene Dualism and it's sequel Permission.

I guess since then I've become known as a dom/sub writer with quirky tastes, though in reality it's not my favorite kind of fic to write. I've tried to always push the limits, play upon preconceived notions of relationships and examine the way I write while looking at the world around me as well. Writing sex into fics don't have to be graphic and it doesn't have to feel forced. Sex should always have an element of romanticism, even if you're writing the dirtiest, low down screwing you can imagine. It is about the connection of two people (or in Comfortable's case, three). I always try to put in genuine emotion into everything I write, no matter the topic. I'm currently working on finishing Skin Deep, something I started after seeing the serious lack of good Bella/Alice fics out there.


For my personal pic this week, I'd like to recommend a duo of stories that personally changed how I viewed Twilight fanfiction. A Rite of Passage and its sequel The Way Back by caracol. I personally think these stories should be required reading for any Twi fanfic reader. They are real and gritty and make you think. It starts off as the typical "hey, we're friends so let's have sex" fic, but there's so much more to them than just that. Poor choices lead to heartache and extreme hurt. Just when you think everything is going to work out for Edward and Bella, something so massive absolutely rips everything apart. It is truly heartbreaking to see the hurt both characters go through and the choices they make along the way to finding redemption. There's a bit of everything in these stories: snarky, witty, emo, humor, sexy, and simply just thought provoking amazingness. I can't say enough good things about these two stories. I truly hope you find time to read these and leave feedback for the author. Before these stories, I frequently got the impression there wasn't much depth to fanfic, but after? I've seen the light, so to speak.


Anonymous said...

I've read both those stories, and I totally agree with you. I can't believe I'd almost forgotten about them!

Pastiche Pen said...

Big sigh. I love caracol's fics. And someone told me that she's doing something original on fictionpress now, too, although I haven't yet had the chance to go check 'em out...

Emmy said...

Iz, you know you should have bigged up that you are an award winning author!

Your stuff is win.
I will try your recc, though it sounds awful angsty for a sappy like me! X

aj79k40 said...

I love your writing, especially over the airwaves. I was even really excited when you mentioned the caracol stories. They were probably two of the first dozen stories I read and I still go back to read them even now!!

MsKathy said...

Iz, thanks for the peek with the five random facts. I appreciated getting to know a little more about you and I'll have to check out your pics; I'm not sure if I've ever read them!