Wednesday, March 4, 2009

"Lick" by Mischief-Maker1

Title: Lick
Author: Mischief-Maker1
One-ShotWords: 7,651
Reviews: 63
Summary: When bartender Edward falls for stripper Bella, can he forget the rules and be with her? Will Rose help Bella out of her shell? For Jayeliwood's Sexy Eddie Contest.

Here it is Wednesday and it is my turn to recommend some quality one shot smut. To be honest one shots are not usually my thing, I like to sink my teeth and fingers -hehe into the stories I read. I like to become invested in my characters and follow along with their journey.

Yes I know I am probably missing some great smut but hey I know what I like. All that said some of my favorite authors have excellent one shot fics that I have read and enjoyed, even long after I was done reading them.

Lick was recommended to me as a one shot for the week. I have had Jamie (mischief-maker1) on my author alert list forever but have not had the time to read any of her stuff yet. This was the perfect excuse to dive in.

This one shot is an Edward and Bella story, college age and it is AH. The premise is that Edward is a bartender at the strip club where Bella works. She is trying to save money for culinary school and Edward is working to gain more experience in bar tending before he sets off on his own. As with canon Edward and Bella they are both enthralled with the other but not brave enough to approach the object of their desire. Well until the night of this story.

What I like about this story is that even though it is a one shot Jamie introduces or makes mention of Emmett, Jasper, Rose and Alice. There is enough back story that you don't feel like you walked into the room in the middle of a conversation. There are sprinklings of all things Twilight too. Such as an iron bed, a "vampire fetish", the Volvo, fast driving Edward, the name Twilight and more that I probably did not catch. Shit even Tanya and Seth are mentioned.

Now for the smut, and really that is why we are all here right - is excellent. Jamie is descriptive and her words weave a great picture of what is happening with the lucky couple. I can honestly say that I wish I was Bella during the sexin. The is romance and lovemaking and of course fucking too. What more could you ask for? I very much enjoyed Lick and then I find out that it has evolved into a full story - the story I have had on alert forever, was a pleasant surprise.

Go read and enjoy, I know I did.



Pastiche Pen said...

Lick is just, well, delicious, and this will be dumb to say, but highly lickable - like, seriously, keep your computer screen a safe distance away from your tongue. Heh. And Jamie is awesome.

Anonymous said...

yes, yes, yes!!oh sorry, i'll be needing a cold shower now. i imagine that sex with edward would be mind blowing. what a great one shot!

daedal factotem said...

Why did you not mention that 'Lick' became the first chapter to 'Miami at Twilight'? It's good on its own, but the whole story is even better-