Wednesday, March 18, 2009

"Three of a Kind" by Lindseyfair

Weekly One-Shot Recommendation brought to you by ~JO~

Title: Three of a Kind
Chapters: One-shot
Words: 10,048
Reviews: 99
Summary: B/Em/E have been friends since they were toddlers. Now all 21 and Bella hasn't seen the guys since they all left for college. Bella is convinced before summer school starts to take a week long vacation with her two favorite boys. 2 horny guys, 1 Bella?

Hello there my pretty pervlings! JO (cullenitis) here, and it's my turn this week to give you a smutty slutty sinful little one-shot to wet your Wednesday.

First, let me start off by saying that the magical Ménage à trois holds a VERY special place in my heart (and my nether-regions) and I certainly can't get enough triple-pairing fics on my faves list (thank the pervy goddesses for THAT ficdom trend!). That being said, I figured I'd share with all of you this week one of the very first threesome fics I ever had the pleasure of indulging in, and one of my still favorites to date.

'Three of a Kind' by Lindseyfair rocked my lady bits in a hardcore way when I luckily stumbled across it this past November. When I finished reading (and panting), I was immediately sent into a ferocious frenzy searching out more threesome fics with a hunger that could have rivaled Edward meeting his singer for the first time. She opened the flood gates...literally. I could NOT get enough of this deviant plot topic and I quickly found my way over to 'Pretty Women & Jagermeister' AKA 'The Arrangement' as a result. For this, I thank Lindsey from the bottom of my boobies (trust me, that's quite the compliment) and for being one of the first authors to think 'outside the box' *snort* (Thanks Nina).

The story begins with a casual, yet sexually charged, lazy-afternoon couch sandwich, Edward/Bella/Emmett stylie....YUM. The tasty trio are all college students and lifelong friends on a week's reprieve in a hotel at [insert vacation spot you desire here]. Bella is on the West Coast, while the boys attend school on the East Coast, so this vacation is a long-awaited reunion of sorts for the close-nit triad.

One of the first things that stimulated me about this story was the effortlessly erotic conversation material that passes between the three friends while nonchalantly cozying on the couch. I felt an instant connection to the characters as they tease and taunt each other about sex lives and shaft sizes while conveniently dressed in nothing but swimsuits (wait....of COURSE I did, I AM a perv after all). True to respectable one-shot form, the kid's carnal conversation quickly intensifies and morphs into the ingenious idea of the two boys 'helping Bella out' with her little problem.

The wanton lust the boys experience is palpable and Bella's reaction to their suggestion is believable and HOTT! The lemons in this fic hold my standard easily and the dirty talk sent me into a groin-twitching seizure. In addition to the hot threesome action Linsey gives us, she takes this fic one step further, providing us with a serious emotional connection between our favorite Edward & Bella, which makes for a at the end! Yes, there is certainly enough straight-up heat in this fic to satisfy even the perviest of us and Lindsey takes it up a notch by providing a well written storyline on top of it.

So, take a break from your daily monotony, and get lost in this sweet and sassy little fic --- just be sure to give yourself some recovery time afterward! I hope you all enjoy my recommendation this week and be sure to leave the author some nice reviews and let her know that The Perv Pack sent you!

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Lindsey said...

I was wondering why I was getting like a billion story alerts in one day. I should have know it was because of my friends of the perv pack. When I read Jo's take on my little story, I jumpped up and down, literally. It was my first attempt into threesome goodness and I'm so proud how it turned out. So, thanks Jo and all my friends here at the perv pack for your overwhelming support of ToaK. Look forward to seeing a little more of these characters in a followup entitled "Breakfast" if you want to see what happens when Rose gets thrown in the mix. Yummy, I promise.


~JO~ Cullenitis said...

FOR SERIOUS?!?!? Fuck I can't WAIT for that to happen! SQUEEE!!!

And it was all MY pleasure, TRUST ME Lindsey!

Anonymous said...

"Breakfast" is up on and is awaiting everyones delicious approval. Enjoy! I also have another little dirty tale called "Pretending" that is luscious in it's own right if you want to check it out.