Wednesday, March 25, 2009

"Trapped" in a closet with Edward? Sign me the fuck up!

Title: "Trapped", "Freed" & "Harem"
Author: CallistoLexx
Chapters: Trilogy of one-shots
Words: 6,010/6,760/7,433
Reviews: 75/49/30
Summaries: "Trapped" All Human AU, BPOV. A drunken game of Truth or Dare with Alice leads to Bella spending her Saturday night somewhere she never expected. E/B, Em/R. ADULT CONTENT! "Freed" All Human AU, BPOV, sequel to Trapped. Bella surprises Edward at home.
"Harem" It's Halloween and Alice is throwing a party, where Edward and Bella want nothing more than to get away. Edward/Bella, AU/AH, sequel to Trapped & Freed.

Yeah so technically this is supposed to be one-shot Wednesday but I sort of/kinda cheated just a bit. Today my smutterific pervlings I bring you, a trilogy of smut from Tif aka CallistoLexx author extraordinaire of "Blame it on the Cuervo".

Let's start with "Trapped". I don't suggest playing that ridiculous R. Kelly song "Trapped in the Closet" (blech) while reading it.---- >

Seriously though back on topic. Bella and Alice are smashed, they play truth or dare. Alice dares Bella to pilfer Rose's panties on the sly. Bella gets 'caught' and hides in the closet. Meanwhile, Eddie shows up at his brother Emmett's apartment to collect his laptop. He gets 'caught' and hides in the closet with Bella. Now we're gifted with two hot pieces of ass, in a closet and in walks a uber horny Emmett (I believe he's perpetually horny in every fanfic ever) and Rose.

So, now we have two hot pieces of ass in a closet, panting, sweating, moaning all while watching the live action porn show. One thing leads to another, and B&E share a little closet-time loving. Hot closet-time loving. Yeah, closet blowjob. Closet fucking. Tasty.

Now let's move on to "Freed". At the end of "Trapped", our lovebirds are ready to take their loving elsewhere when they're met with Alice the mini cockblock nightmare who quickly separates them much to their mutual chagrin.

After the hangovers subside, Bella decides to pay big and little Eddie a visit wearing every man's fantasy gear. Fuck-me pumps, slutty panty-hose, fancy sexy lingerie and a coat. Fuck it, who needs clothes when visiting Edward?

Round two ensues. Eddie in a wife beater strips dear Bella nekkid (well he keeps the hose and the pumps) and proceeds to plow her senseless while they get to watch themselves in flagrante thanks to Eddie's perfectly placed mirror. Seriously, all fics need mirror sex. They just do.

Last but certainly not least is "Harem". A Halloween themed story that reunites our favorite couple, with Bella in whispy chiffon tempting dear Edward who is rocking the Sultan look with his chest bare and draped in a loose tunic. Fuck I love Halloween. Yeah, I'd be a chick in his harem, who wouldn't?

Nothing beats a little role play/dress up/fuck fest. Eddie as her commanding Sultan. Bella as his obedient harem girl and it's a yummy, delicious smut filled ditty that gets your hump day started with a bang. Literally.

So, in closing, read the smutty trio, enjoy it, review it and tell Tif that Nina the Porn Peddler said hi!


Emmy said...

I had forgotten how bloody good these are - Harem is my fave, yummy yummy.