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"Bonne Foi" by Amethyst Jackson

Our Guest Blogger for the week is Tiffany a.k.a. Vixen1836

This week's Perv Pack Recommendation is...

Title: "Bonne Foi "
Author: Amethyst Jackson
Chapters: 7
Words: 31,163
Reviews: 1,059
AU. Edward Masen was changed in 1918 and abandoned by his sire. He feeds on human blood, unaware of any other way…until he stumbles across college freshman Bella Swan for a night that will change everything.

Guest Reviewer Tiffany!- This story can be summarized for me in two words: fucking delicious. Every update is a gem and with only seven chapters, I've found myself re-reading Bonne Foi frequently. I never do that. Jackson's style is delectable and full of colorful descriptions, eloquent language and emotional intensity, which is shocking considering that she's essentially painting a fascinating picture of a sinister, disassociated vampire Edward.Given the title and introduction of philosophical themes in the first chapter, Jackson is setting up the reader for the inevitable struggle within the heart and soul of this unique Edward. That's great, truly. But in the meantime, until he figures out that he can drink animal blood and redeem himself, his quintessentially psychotic and shockingly titillating internal monologue in incredibly appealing. This Edward leaves me feeling all hot and depraved, particularly during the scenes involving his pursuit of aggressive sexual satisfaction.From Chapter One onward, the reader follows the dark thoughts of this cynical anti-hero as he uses his charms to lure and seduce the unsuspecting (but oh-so willing) Bella Swan to a secluded spot with designs on killing her. And then, where most authors dangle the fruit of consummation throughout a woven storyline, Jackson jumps headfirst into intense and very gratifying instinctive sex. That first scene between the two lovers is rich in vulgar and yet...poetic wording. This is Vampward's first time with a human, and Bella's first time, period.After incredibly intense sex, the struggle begins as Edward battles with dual wills. Much like her canon self, Bella’s mind is silent to him. Although he wants her blood, he concludes that she could useful for future sexual encounters given that he can actually concentrate on sensation and not the chatter of her thoughts: "Alluring little thing…I wanted to have her again and again until her innocence was completely corrupted…and I could, couldn’t I? If I could take my pleasure and leave her undamaged, I could have her again…"As the story progresses, intense sexual encounters continue to make an appearance as character development unfolds. For the jaded Edward, selfish curiosity morphs into selfish possessiveness and by Chapter Three, Edward is fully entrenched in the charms of this innocent girl. He's slowly forming an attachment, unable to hunt and kill without seeing her face and unable to think of anything but their exquisite sex. Completely enamored but not yet fully grasping his feelings for Bella, he tracks her down and by all definitions, begins a very creepy, stalker version of "human" courtship.Of all the scenes, the slow seduction in Chapter Six is by far my favorite. Edward plays human, brings Bella back to his home and alleviates her insecurities about her perceived physical imperfections by performing a tantalizingly sensual strip-tease in front of a mirror, accentuating with words and actions all of the lovely spots he adores. In this moment, we see Jackson's mastery of her dark character.By forcing himself to succumb to his desire to console and comfort this human, Edward becomes gradually concerned with her needs and wants on a level that is unprecedented. Instead of callous grasping and swift removal of clothing, tender touches and caresses are bestowed on Bella during her erotic, mirror-facing strip-tease. Their evening transitions to fade-to-black sex, but there are subtle hints providing the reader with clues that a change is taking place. Despite the ferocity of Edward's passion for Bella, there is more brushing than thrusting, leaving the reader to assume this sex is more tender than their previous encounters.This excellent build-up is a slow seduction in itself. By lulling the reader into captivity with the use of colorful expressions and soft tone in the previous three chapters, Chapter Seven reminds us all of the impending conflict. After a shy conversation about fantasies, Edward convinces Bella to try her hand on top and although he is captivated by the delights of her body, for the first time since that first chapter, he truly, honestly stares down the enticing temptation of her bared throat with utter determination, beating back the urge to taste her blood only with the distraction of their mutually forceful orgasms. Later, as Bella nestles into his side, he continues to subjugate his darker impulses for her through the recitation of Byron.Despite Edward’s growing affection for Bella, Jackson uses sexual demonstration to remind us that the darker part of him is still a threat. Edward's sexual intensity and the carnality of his Vampiric instincts are all carefully intertwined to create the very soul of this unique story, but the precarious balance of his dark nature is something that he will eventually have to reconcile. As Edward finds himself increasingly captivated by innocent human Bella, his attachment is transforming into something deeper and more sensual. With peppered growls of satisfaction and properly timed thoughts of erotically fierce need, the reader and Edward find a new obsession in the intensity of this unlikely couple’s sexual compatibility.

Bri- Wow. Why oh why did it take me so long to read this fic? I am SOOO thankful this was on our list for recs cause I LOVE it. I immediately got wrapped up in the story. It's extremely well written and the author is able to pull off EPOV effortlessly. The characters she's created - Edward especially - are so utterly intriguing. I found myself growing more and more attached to Edward, just as he seemed to grow more and more attached to Bella - although he doesn't necessarily realize that. His reactions and precautions he takes are interesting to read and well thought out. I am honestly just smitten over this fic. And, oh yeah - I suppose I should talk about the sex, huh? To be honest, I was skeptical at the sex in the first chapter (it was fuckhot, don't get me wrong) - how that would work its way into the rest of the fic, but the author has done so flawlessly and realistically. I found myself reading with equal parts excitement and irritation. Excitement at the chapters and the characters and the read itself....irritation at how few chapters were left for me to read. I am so anxious for the next one to come out. I'm looking forward to seeing how Edward continues to battle his blood lust and balance that with his coochie lust. All in all, this story is so much more than just smut - it is extremely well written with very few errors and actually follows a plot. I can't wait to see where she takes these characters. 4.5 out of 5 panties from me.

Emmy- This was one of those fics I stumbled upon bored at work, until the cock-blockers blocked all the fun websites [FF & TWILIGHTED!:'( ], & I thought oh lets give it a whirlie... & I was transfixed by ColdRuthlessHeartlessHungrySelfishRandyWard... Yumma yumma. I love how his hunger for their hot sex overpowers his hunger for her blood (most of the time). I love how he is pretty clueless about the extent of his true feelings for her. How those feelings are intensifying & deepening all the time. I love how primal he is. How one-tracked he can be. & I like how Bella is also randy. How she lusts his body & touch just like he lusts hers.

I like how detached from the world Edward is. Yet how Bella makes him reconnect without him even realising it... How she is transforming his world... As this is happening, their physical union is not getting any fluffier oh no no. Instead they open up to each other even more on a physical level.. Edward is insatiable for Bella, believing it to be at first the fact that he cannot hear her thoughts.. But then relishing in her naughty side, her fantasies and her base physical and sexual reactions to him, his body and their deeds.

Besides the hot sex with a dark selfish edge. It is the transformation of Edward that I adore. He is clueless to it, almost. He has a slight awareness on his periphery that he is changing, but he cannot understand it & consequently makes no attempts to.. He brushes off strange tightening & twinges related to Bella or his actions to her. He performs what he thinks are merely acts, the charade of a human boyfriend to keep his access to her body & fruits, but he seems to do more and more of them without conscious consideration. Additionally he starts gaining pleasure from doing the acts correctly, outside of the sexual rewards. We the reader can see his deepening reliance and the changes he has made when he cannot. Bonne Foi is extremely well-written... I love how Bella, without either of them realising it, is showing Edward how he can improve his life, how he can be happy, content, at peace and fulfilled - instead of lonely and empty, fulfilling only base needs as necessary...

ColdRuthlessHeartlessHungrySelfishRandyWard is completely believable. I mean if it wasn't for Hot Damn! Hot Bitch how would a 17 year old who is transformed into a blood sucking creature & then abandoned, cope? Their existence, their hopes, their dreams, their family, their memories all gone.... Replaced by a hunger and no one to show you how to live, cope, be and love? Wouldn't you turn to the dark side... & Bella. Well Bella is canon with an interesting edge. She doesn't get why Edward is with her, but she is making the most of it & his insatiable desire for her. She has her own alienation from society that makes them even more ideally suited, in addition to this chemistry & shared, bottomless desire that neither can fight or explain. I enjoy the subtleties of their relationship, the subtleties of Edward's development & how well this contrasts with the intensity of their need and passion. Amethyst needs to be commended for this (& the hot dark sex!).

This is my favourite DarkWard. I am overjoyed when there is a new update for this tale, eagerly drinking down Edward's slick, selfish moves that repeatedly bring both him & Bella sexual pleasure and a wee bit more. A 5 pushed to the side as they only interfere with InsatiableWard out of 5 knickers from me...

Hope- So can I just say that I love this fucking story. I really fucking do. This is such a new and delicious twist on the old what if Edward feed on humans story. And it's in Epov. Really what could better than DarkSnarkySelfishHornyward? Nothing I tell you, nothing. So Edward was changed and abandoned by his sire. He has no conscience, no moral compass. He feeds on the tastiest morsels he can find, usually cute co-eds. But sex, meh. He doesn't do sex, not with that whole pesky hearing peoples thought thing. One night on the prowl for his next snack he sees Bella coming out of the library. She smells Divine to him, more desirable than any human he has ever smelled before. You guys know all about this already though. So he lures her away to a secluded spot to partake in her delicious blood. But he is intrigued and aroused by her. And he never gets aroused, ever. So with very little persuasion our Dark Eddie has his way with the timid Bella. Edward then decides that the sex is way better than her blood could ever be. So begins the charade of him trying to pretend to be human for Bella to the point of them being in a relationship so he can have his wicked way with her when ever he wants. And our dear Bella is more than willing to give Edward whatever he wants. This story is so well written and Edward in this is hilarious for his inner thoughts alone and for all the darkness more than a little endearing. He is perplexed by Bella and his need to know her. She should just be for sex and food. But there is something about her that calls to him. That keeps him from feeding on humans. To the point that he feeds off of deer instead of humans. She is in his head becoming his Jiminy Cricket of sorts. So the smut. Holy. Hot. Damn. Amethyst knows how to write her some smut. Trust me, this is some of the best smut I have ever read. And I have read a whole hellova lot. It's graphic, but not too graphic, kwim? You feel it, you're there. It's so lush and detailed it plays like a movie in your head. This is a defs must read for any Darkward lover. And anyone that is a fan of Vampward. Now go read! 5 "omg I need to do laundry because of all the panties I soaked through" out of 5.

Jo- Right, so seeing as how I love all things Darkward....yeah, this fic touches a VERY special 'nerve' for me. And a good Darkward, IMHO, is one who battles between both bloodlust & bodylust. Yeah, c'mon, vamps are sexy fucking creatures and we want them. Since we can't have them, we want to watch them have sex......what? Okay, so I have some voyeuristic tendencies, leave me alone. But this fic, is by far, one of the SEXIEST Darkwards I have ever had the pleasure of reading. Oh Miss Amethyst.......this woman can WRITE! The plotline of this story is ingenious in it's simplicity really. Take 1 part Sexy-Vamp-Humanhunting Edward, mix in 2 parts Innocent-MindReadingVampBlocking & Inexperienced-SexKitten Bella, gently stir in equal parts Detached/Ulterior Motives, New-Found-Vamp-Lust & a sudden case of Vamp-Conscience and you've got yourself a romance fit for a sadism me! Bella's sexual awakening in the VERY FIRST CHAPTER was...... unexpected (but brilliantly done). Edward's sexual awakening was POWERFUL and GRATUITOUS! (I mean gratuitous in the most loving and fangirling way). Seriously, these two need some ICE thrown on them....but wait....I take that back. Please don't stop. *pants*

One of my fave parts is the sudden inability to drink from humans, leaving Edward frustrated and hungry, and I do so love me a HUNGRY Edward. How she spins the change in his eating habits is really ingenuous as well. Like I said, simple yet brilliant. The plot turns and developments have been really well done and the only complaint I will EVER have with this fic is being left on the edge of my seat for too long! I do so hope that the next update comes VERY shortly for all of you readers.....God knows it's gonna be fuckgood. 5 out of 5 gratuitously wet panties from me!

Kasey- Oh this one was recommended to me by my fellow Perv Packers a while back, and am I ever glad that I gave it a read!One word: DARKward. Actually, insatiable, sexy as fuck Darkward.Here we have an alternate universe vamp Edward who is very much a predator. But not just a predator, he has distinctive tastes: young, attractive college girls who are easy prey under the spell of said gorgeous, charming, vampire. He makes no excuses for what he is and as the story begins, he is set on feeding off one unsuspecting Isabella Swan. Throw in some unexpected (on Edward's part), yet high octane UST in the mix and BAM! Powerful recipe for serious schmexin (with an interesting and captivating plot)! Amethyst Jackson brought her A-game on this one, dear pervlings, and you best not miss it! This version of vamp Eddie is indeed the one we all lust know, the one we wished would ravage Bella (sexually) over and over again in the Cockblockalypse (aka Breaking Dawn). Well, it's HERE, in Bonne Foi! Yay! Go. Run. Read! 5 out of 5 panty-droppers from this reviewer.

Kathy- I am not typically a Darkward fan; I can freely admit that... but this Darkward is different. I really love his internal thoughts and struggle. From Bella and Edward's first interactions, I was hooked. Edward has an internal thought in the beginning, after a discussion of existentialism, of, "I almost reconsidered killing her. The world could use a mind like hers." By the end of chapter 1, you realize that Bella really makes him feel. Somehow, even if it was just the great sex, he feels something more than bloodlust for her, a new thing for Edward. I love the little nuggets of information sprinkled into this story and Edward's constant thoughts about finding what he thinks is the right thing to say or do. Seriously, with lines like this, "I covered her cheeky mouth with my own. I’d make sure she was speechless before the night was done." how can you not love this fic? As the chapers progress, you see Edward grow and change in interesting ways. This Bella isn't high school Bella; she's been through that and better for it. I'm particularly fond of the shower scene in Chapter 5. There's something interesting as well as hot that goes on between them, after a morning of some important firsts for Bella and some firsts for Edward from Chapter 4. I think what I like the most, though (yes, maybe even more than the sex, although let's be clear - the sex here is ... sexcellent), are Edward's thoughts. After the hot shower scene, he totally cracks a joke about where he's been and his need to get clean. It isn't often that you transition from a super hot lovin' scene into laughter that isn't related to the cheese factor of said sex scene. This is such a well rounded and extremely well written story, even if you aren't a typical Darkward fan, give it a try. There's nothing gratuitous or violent here, it's mostly dark thoughts and smexy story telling. This is in my top 10 fics of all time and I always drop everything I'm doing to read updates. I can't wait to see where this goes, 4.5 out of 5 panties

Miya- If I'm going to read ExB, it has to be either dark or really fucking well written. This falls into both. Naughty, sexually-experienced, predator Edward and virginal, naive, closed-mind to him Bella make a wonderful read that will wear out your vibe's batteries long before you've finished the current chapter. Only Human was fanfuckingtastic and Amethyst does not disappoint in this and may even trump OH with this darkward tale. The Edward evolution as he realizes the benefits of sex with someone who can't provide a running commentary as well as his other problem that arrises with his diet, leads to a journey of his self (wrote sex and had to change it- you know where my mind is with this) exploration and you can already see the food meter switching towards vegetarian. Rereading this for the review was a treat. I have it printed out in my masterbilia binder under the bed so I was sitting and reading for a few nights. Hubby asked me what I was doing and I replied "I'm just doing my Perv Pack homework." He smiled and replied "I like your homework." My husband praises this story for getting me in the mood when he was in the doghouse so he could make it up to me a little more easily. Real life intervenes at times for the author but with her story you never have to go back and reread to know where you were, it's constantly on your mind and in your pussy, wait that's my vibe. The quality of this story is worth the wait. 4.5 out of 5 panties with the promise of 5 as the story progresses. Now, get off your twat and go read it, please. :)

Nina- After reading "Only Human" last year I swore to read a story written in fucking pig latin describing how much Edward loves chocolate chip muffins if Amethyst wrote it. Luckily she didn't write igpay atinlay uffinmay or however the fuck that works, instead she chose to grace us with the dark AU treat known as Bonne Foi. Talk about a journey of self discovery and not the typical path either of Bella growing into her own, finding herself, twatever. No. This is a detailed, haunting and fascinating account of Edward (all in his POV) transforming himself from a predator in its purest form to, well, a predator that's at least acknowledging (thank you deer) that he can sustain his life without feasting at the collegiate co-ed buffet.

Bella is very close to canon, the constant questioning wondering why he's with her but not in that sickening, sappy way. She's staggeringly intelligent which helps her cause of not getting slaughtered in the car because 'the world can use a brain like hers'. Intellectually she's stimulating enough to Edward to draw out her fate a bit longer, which lucky for us all leads to him needing to taste what other offerings young Bella possesses. Edward isn't the 108 yr. old virgin like he is in Twilight but he does make it a point to abstain from sex because of the vapid, idiotic thoughts of the few female partners he was with. Of course Bella's mind being a complete mystery to him only fuels his passion for her more but it backfires (thankfully) when he thinks he can just have her once and be done with her. I think his 'humanity' shows in the first chapter when he expresses concern for her after they sex it up because he took her virginity, he was apologetic for her discomfort instead of unleashing his previous typical behavior.

Of course, thanks to Edward, Bella starts channeling her inner wanton sex goddess when they're enjoying spending horizontal time together. Really though, snarkyhornydarkward can charm the panties off an entire convent. The difference though is them both slowly realizing that even though they've only known each other for such a short time, that their connection is powerful, unyielding and let's face it, fucking hot. I find her attention to detail exceptional with her lemons, the stark contrasts between her warmth and his cold. I especially like the attention in describing his sexual lust drowning out his blood lust for her.

I'm eager for these updates. Fuck! I say that with every story we review here! I know Amethyst is terribly busy with her existentialism learning (I prefer Marcel to Camus, just saying) and shit but when she updates I drop everything (seriously ask my kid) and park my ass in front of the laptop to read it. It's almost embarrassing. (almost). Regardless of the update time frame, the story is terribly addicting, with an storyline that has a ton of avenues to follow and I can't wait to see where she takes it. 4.5/5

Beks - The thing I like the most about this story is that its so NORMAL. Even all of the All-human fics I've read lately have placed Bella and Edward in very interesting, dare I say, extreme circumstances, but with Bonne Foi we get a very simple very straight forward fic with a sexy ass Vampward falling for a normal college co-ed. I didn't get a headache trying to keep up with plot twists and complicated set ups and was instead am left to enjoy Edward's determination not to suck Bella dry. The lemons are hot as hell and the story itself flows very nicely. 4 out of 5.



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