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My Brother's Best Friend by jennlynnfs

My Brother's Best Friend





AU/AH: Seven years have passed since Edward and Bella last saw each other. Now, with Edward's return to Seattle, Bella wonders what drove away her brother's best friend all those years ago.


I’ll be the first to admit that when it comes to My Brother’s Best Friend, I’m totally biased. MBBF popped my fanfiction cherry, introduced me to a world of UST, HEAs, but more importantly…those oh so lovely, citrusy lemons. Towards the end of the story, jennlynnfs granted me the honor of having a sneak peak at the chapters and even to help beta her work. So when asked to write this guest review, I jumped at the chance to fangirl my ass all over this great story and its lovely, talented author.

After reading how easily Bella forgave Edward for leaving in New Moon, I’ll admit, I lost a bit of respect for her. Yes, there are things even I might have been willing to overlook for the man I love, but at the same time, you bet your ass there would have been consequences.

And that’s what I love about MBBF. Jennlynnfs writes about an older, edgier Bella, who is swirled back into a mixture of feelings she thought long gone. After painfully longing for her brother, Emmett’s, best friend all through high school, Bella suddenly comes face to face with him seven years later. Edward learns he must not only make amends, but explain his absence from her life. MBBF brings UST to a different light, exploring the messiness involved when we make those painful, regretful decisions that hurt the ones we love and the consequences we must face in the aftermath.

The characters in this story are such great paradoxes of themselves. Bella can be awkward one minute but aggressive the next. She blushes at the mention of a blow job but can cause Edward to come out of a room with his hair curiously in disarray and scurrying home to take a shower. Edward can be the dumbest smart guy. He’s a scientist on the verge of finding a cure for cancer but can’t figure out that the girl of his dreams is in love with him also. Their contradictions make for some hilarious scenarios, some good ol’ UST, and yes, when they finally get it together and…get together…the lemons are absolutely ridonkulous.

Ah hem…paging Mr. Dazzling. Mr. Dazzling to my laboratory please.

Sorry. What was I saying? Oh yeah…their journey is so wonderfully written that it’s impossible not to become emotionally invested in these characters. It’s sweet at times, funny as hell in others, and even sad in some parts. Jennlynnfs is upfront with letting her readers know that she’s all about giving these characters their HEA, but how they get there and the obstacles they have to face are what made me love this story so much.

A couple things grabbed me right from the start as dove into MBBF however long ago. One, there is strong Bella. I love a strong Bella. This one is not only sure of herself, but she has some aggression too (see her hot kickboxing sessions!). She is a good friend and a devoted sister and daughter.

I think this was the first AH fic I read where Emmett and Bella were Swan siblings, and it has come to be one of my favorite non-canon to speak. These two work great together, especially in this fic, because Emmett gets to be the brother bear we all know in love, but with Bella's feist in this one, he is kept from going over the top. He is protective while letting her be her own woman. I just worked all the way around. This Charlie was like canon, but he seemed to be written a little softer, maybe because he had a son, and Bella's well being was not his dominion alone.

My other favorite character in this story, written out of the box, was Jacob. He is just a friend. Really, just a friend, and he has his own requited love. Jake always gets the shaft, so I enjoyed seeing him happy in his own life that didn't revolve or pine over Bella.

The love story is one we have seen, where people were pining for each other, and never said anything. Luckily, a wedding throws Edward and Bella back into each others lives. Their paths to each other are awkward and winding, but they get there, and when they do, hold onto your ladywear (you're welcome, Nina), because stuff gets hot. All I have to say is Chapter 19, up against a dresser sex.

She bent her elbows which caused her breasts to touch the top of the dresser. "I can feel so much more of you."

*fans self* Really, though, jennlynnfs masterfully crafts her lemons that leave you panting along with the characters and desirous of more.

I really enjoyed this story start to finish. Sometimes life and silence can throw more road blocks before our happiness than anything else. I was happy to see these two over-come those obstacles and arrive in each others arms in the end.

4 out of 5 Dexter's Laboratory panties.

I have been with MBBF since almost the beginning. It was one of the very first fanfics I started to read and I fell in love with it immediately. And, really, what's not to love?

Jenn gives us great characterizations... This Bella is strong and tough (hello, kickboxing??). Edward is...well, he's a little clueless and his good intentions are slightly misplaced, but that's totally Canon, right??

Jenn and I also share a love for all things Emmett and including him as the big brother role. I think he's such a great character to explore and she does it beautifully, making sure to focus on his relationship with Bella, as well as the friendship with Edward.

I also really love how much sweetness is in this fic. You can tell from the very beginning how much they care for each other and it's shown to us in little ways that totally make your heart melt (can you say "Beautiful playlist" anyone?? *swooooon*).

Now...can you say UST? This fic...I swear, I thought I was gonna explode from it. So many "oh, so close!" moments until we finally get our way and they have their first sexual encounter. It. Was. Hot. But, it didn't stop from the first encounter, either. We get quite a few sexy moments sprinkled throughout and Jenn knows how to write her smut. Two words: Dresser sex. Unf.

Jenn's writing in third person allowed us to see many different viewpoints, without having the jarring POV switches a million times in the chapters.

I love, love, love this fic and will always consider it one of my faves.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 Beautiful playlists

Jesus fuckity. How had I not read this fic before now? Maybe its erm impressive size had put me off? Who knows, but if like me you haven't read this yet - rectify that pronto!!!!

This story is chock-a-block with UuuuuungST. Wowsers. We've all had stuff going on with our brothers best friends, but nothing as hot or as building as this. These two have had seven years of denial, hurt, love, repression and fantasy building up to this story. It all comes across as believable and, well quite honestly, sexy.

I actually like this Bella which doesn't happen that often. She has a bit more going on with her. She found her own way forward when Edward cut her out and adrift before either of them admitted their feelings for one another. She survived, and did well, even if she didn't exactly flourish without Edward in her life.

Edward is off course delish. I love the innnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnntense foreplay and deep sexing these two get up to. He's got that intensity that to me makes a good Edward. That kind of description where you lose yourself in their character and particularly in their sexing, when he makes her feel so hard - be it emotionally or sexually you can feel the tingle in your own girlie bits...

Additionally though the surrounding story is a good one. The supporting cast are not just 2D stereotypes. Emmett and Rosalie are particularly well rounded and this is a sensitive portrayal of Jake. (my packperv Jeanne is making me more aware of poor Jake's needs :D) But WP's there is NO need to fear - although this has some angst its of the WP friendly kind.

Sex? Yes please. As I said above. I.N.T.E.N.S.E. You know that Edward means every thrust & touch. That every lick and kiss is delivered to satisfy and convey seven years of waiting and denial. Dear god can we feel it too. Just scrummy yummy rumptious! Don't let the fact that this story is fuck long stop you reading it. Its just fuck long with foreplay, UST, build-up, LEMONS and a good story of love and finding your way home.

4.5 sex-mad scientists out of 5 from Emmy...

I read MBBF so long ago that I have no idea how I even came upon the rec. It was before my Perv Pack time, and before I was a writer, of those two things I am certain.

One of the unique qualities that drew me to this story was the setup of Emmett as Bella's older brother; I really love that.

The ending of chapter 1 is sort of heart stabby. I don't want to spoil much, but just as I was giggling right before the end, I was then in need of a good cuddle at the end. Thankfully, we can press forward and the angst is short-lived.

Sometimes, mostly in stories that begin as one-shots (which this didn't), details are sort of pelted at you rather quickly. Not so with MBBF; the details of Edward and Bella, their pasts, their time apart, it all unfolds at a nice pace. We aren't given all of the information and answers about everything in the first chapter, it takes a bit to get there, and I appreciate that. Consequently, however, this means that the lemons aren't a part of chapter 2. Or 3. Or 4. Well, you get my point. Trust me, they're worth waiting for, because the UST is built in a really great way. Prime example, Bella gets drunk and starts to show a little affection for Edward. He doesn't want to take advantage of her impaired judgement, so he whispers something to her, in order to get her to go to bed. Emmett asks what he said.

Over his shoulder, Edward said, "I told her I'd tuck her in."

Lucky bitch.

I'm reminded as I re-read of one of the best qualifies of MBBF: the love story. I know, you're saying, “But MsKathy, aren't they all?” Well, even all of them that masquerade as love stories aren't great. This is a great love story. It's a great characterization of these fictional people and their lives, their challenges, and their coming together (not in that way, pervs, we'll get to that topic next).

I really loved this line, for its genuine sincerity and reality.

Sometimes, or maybe most times, Emmett didn't know that his words would smart for days.
I really liked that their relationship as brother/sister isn't ideal.

Now, let's move on to the lemony goodness that is MBBF. I know my fellow Pervs have probably already commented on their fave parts of deliciousness, but it's my turn.

I'm not going to lie to you: I've read a lot of lemons. Even though this is an “Old Skool” rec, I still think these are some of the best, sweetest, hottest lemons I've ever read. Case in point?

She managed to breathe and say, "But why's the light on?"

He breathed a kiss on her collarbone. "This time I want to see everything."
KILLING ME. They've just done it for the first time, and he's already eager and ready for the second – with the lights on.

The angst smacks you in the gut, and then lines like this are just brutal, in the best possible way:

A small smile pulled at the corner of his mouth. "You know, once I waited seven years for a girl. . ." He brushed away a strand of hair from her forehead. "She was worth the wait."
The relationships between all of the girls and all of the guys are like the sweet icing on this tasty cake. Each time Bella talks to Alice, Angela, or Rose, I just smile and wish I had a friend like that.

Yeah, so, chapter 19. I really, really liked chapter 19, as all of my co-whore-ts did, too.

Chapter 20 made me cry. Good tears, but still. 21 was another tear jerker for me. The whole end portion, the epilogues, etc. it's just all so good, I gave up and kept a Kleenex handy (for my eyes, Pervs, for my eyes). The lemons were juicy delicious, too, but I was just so happy that they were so in love and finally together, and just... *sigh* LOVE.

5/5 Dexter's Laboratory Panties

My Brother's Best Friend is a great AH story with something for everyone: Canon couples, some heartfail and angst, and a really lovely HEA. Oh, and did I fail to mention that Edward Cullen is a scientist? As in, he works in a lab. As you all know by now, anything scientific or geeky is enough to cause epic Kimpy flails, so yes, I was flailing all over this story from the moment I started to read it.

When I started reading MBBF, I hadn't ventured into many AH fics, so the idea of Emmett being Bella's big brother was really enticing for me. His temperament has "big brother" written all over it, and he definitely goes out of his way to protect his baby sister. Even if it means that he has to protect her from his best friend, Edward Cullen.

At first, this story seems like it is going to be all sturm und drang--Bella has been secretly pining for Edward ever since she was an adolescent. Edward moved away seven years ago to study at Berkeley, where he now works in a lab with one of his professors. He essentially cut himself off from Bella, and she has been working hard to forget about him. As we all know, Edward Cullen is not a man who is easily forgotten, and Bella has a huge case of unrequited love.

When Edward shows up in town for baby sister Alice's wedding to Jasper, he reconnects with Bella, albeit V-E-R-Y slowly. This slow pace makes for some epic levels of UST, to the point where you almost want to name the story, He Said, She Said because of all the misunderstandings. The UST is so thick, you could slice it with a chain saw. In fact, it takes nearly half the story for the two of them to finally work out their differences and finally hook up. As they do, the reader learns that Bella has been lusting after Edward as long as he has been lusting after her, but they've both been too shy to be honest about their feelings. The sparks between them are undeniable, however, and they eventually figure this out. It is a huge relief when they do finally get around to sexing, only to have it erupt into a whole new round of He Said, She Said. It gets to the point where you want to slap these two silly, so they can simply say what they mean and be happily in love.

Edward and Bella first hook up when they are at the Cullen family cabin with the other canon couples. Neither one can sleep, because they are listening to Emmett and Rosalie's enthusiastically loud coupling. Bella makes a comment to Edward that,

I... When you make love with someone you care a lot about, it should be private.

Bella's belief is tested shortly afterwards when they have the chance to sex it up together. It is then that she realizes when sex is done right, it can be an out-of-body experience, and she basically takes her words back. Suffice it to say, Edward Cullen makes a habit of turning Bella's brain into mush every time they get together. And oh, do they ever get together. Bed, wall, dresser, anything that is convenient. *fans self* Make up and long-separation sex is hot in general--jennylynnfs knows how to write her lemons. It would be a huge disservice for me to detail or outline them here, because you need to experience these gems all for yourself.

I honestly loved this story and shared Bella's angst and joy alongside her. When she finally wins her man--and yes, she does finally win him over--it is the most satisfying resolution of UST around. Did I fail to mention these two do an incredible job with make up sex? UNF.

So what are you waiting for? You have the dramz, the loving, Mr. Fuckhot Cullen, and epic UST--the whole package. Do yourself a favor and get started on it at once. It is a long read, but well worth every page.

4.5/5 Dexter's Laboratory panties FTW!!

I love that this is considered an "Old School" rec. This was one of the first AH stories I found for FF and I loved it from the beginning. A big whopping 2 years ago!

Not only was it one of the first AH stories, but it was one of the first that spun canon in a believable and welcoming way! Emmett as the big, wonderful, over-protective brother. A Jake that we didn't want to beat senseless for being a love interest. Sorry Jeanne.

The story not only has one of the best Bella/Emmett relationships, but singularly they're just as strong. He's looking out for his baby sis, while maintaining his best friend status with Edward. I also love the introduction of Rose into the Em/B fold and it not being just assumed but them having to work on that coupling as well. Rose and Alice being confidants for her is also a plus. It's nice not having that extra layer of strife from a tough R/B relationship to deal with. Bella and her no shit attitude is H-O-T except of course when it comes to Edward.


SEVEN YEARS is a long ass time to tell someone you're in love with them and always have been. Their individual stories of longing break my heart but it's in the best way possible. The love that they have for each other is just extraordinary and so very moving that you can't help but pull for them to get together every single step of the way. Their separation did little to stifle their want and yearning for the other. When they finally take the step and admit what they've both been feeling it's just wonderful. Jenn's characterizations are so detailed and original that you really get sucked into the world she has created.

The story is long but it's complete and OH SO WORTH READING. Honestly, the UST is off the charts but not in a 'jfc get over it already'. It's realistic and believable. These are two people who are strongly independent and have been separated for years while secretly pining for the other. It's not just a 'fuck and get over it' yearning, it's love. Complete, powerful and all consuming love and that's why they can't just bone and get done with it.

He's ready to jump in both feet first but thankfully, she puts the kibosh to that and makes him work for it. Ugh, the playlists. So fucking sweet! It's almost too much to explain without giving it away.

Just know that it's a wonderful story, well written, H-O-T and complete! Seriously, what's better than that!

Her other story, a nice short novella is PERFECT to dive into Jenn's writing before tackling the wonderful MBBF.

5/6 Dexter's Laboratory Panties <---- Jenn, I typed it myself just for you and this great story

I spent most of the past week reading MBBF. Sad to admit, I had not heard of this fic until it came up for recommendation and review by the Shack. If you love UST, this fic is for you. It is the very definition of UST! Chapters and chapters go by that are chock full of story plot, detailing the budding romance of Bella and Edward. Having known each other for years, they never let their feelings for one another to be said out loud. They can be a little oblivious to one another's true emotions, and I found I wanted to reach into this story and smack them into reality. But holy smokes, when the first lemon pops up during a weekend trip to the Cullen family cabin, let it be known they shake that mountain! I found that I had to stop reading after that chapter and give myself a short break to recover. Phew! Continue reading, and you will see what fun activities awaits girl sporting silly panties and how the dresser can become your favorite piece of bedroom furniture. Who said dressers were only for storing clothes and gathering dust?

I enjoyed that Bella is a strong character in this fic. While a tad big inexperienced, she is still not afraid to stand up for herself and her emotions. Edward is in a rush to make up for lost time, but learns he needs to permit Bella to mature and reach the same mental spot as him. Emmett is Bella's overprotective older brother and Edward's best friend. I have recently become more and more of an Emmett girl, so it was nice to see a fic that made him a primary character.

I was most impressed with how jennlynnfs weaved canon themes and elements into this AH story. Sometimes authors tend to be super obvious in their nods to the Twi series, but she uses them with humor and in a clever manner.

I rate this story 4 out of 5 Dexter panties.

I was very glad to see this story being mentioned on this blog. Knowing how much some members of this group love the UST, I knew they would love this story. The UST is off the charts for a large bulk of this story, and then when the finally do get it on ... whew! I have followed this story from the very beginning, and I was very glad to have the excuse to go through it again to refresh my memory for this review.

In this story, both Bella and Edward are painfully oblivious, but they are written in a way that it doesn't come off as too contrived, and you can actually see how events in their lives influenced their current behavior. I love the past that is constructed and shown throughout in memories and flashbacks. This is also one of the stories that had me falling ever deeper in love with Emmett. Here, he is the older brother, and utterly adorable.

Overall, there are a few words that sum up this story perfectly in my mind; sweet, adorable, cute, sexy and hot. One of my favorite moments comes fairly early on in the story, and serves as a perfect example of the adorable UST. Here, Bella and Edward share an almost kiss, and of course, neither of them are quite willing to admit their feelings yet.

"I was actually trying to step back, but I guess. . ." She started to lie.

He couldn't help smiling. "Really? Because it seemed like you did the opposite."

"It was an accident." She stepped back, but was already up against the door. She cursed to herself. How is it that Edward always manages to pin me against a door? She thought.

"An accident?" He said in a wary tone.

"Yeah, like bumping elbows or something. I actually meant to step back, but I lost my balance.

He gave her a look of disbelief.

"Yeah, kissing accidents. They're pretty common. You can google it."
I stand by my fellow pervs, and share their love of this story. A kick-boxing Bella, a cancer-curing Edward, and seven years worth of unexplored lust make for a great, Dexter-panty-melting story.

I give it a 4 out of 5.


Miztrezboo said...

I LOVED this fic! One of the first few I read and so, SO good. Loved Em and Bella's relationship. Loved the Cullens and the scene with Edward and Bella in her childhood room.. hilarious!

Lindsay Rae said...

Aaaaaaand I know what I'm going to do with my rainy Friday afternoon. I'm still newish to the fanfic, so pretty much everything is a rec for me. Bring.It.ON. My blackberry's clit is begging for a good workout.

jennlynnfs said...

OMG. You guise. I can't believe you all did this. This story took so long to finish and I'm so very grateful that you all stuck by it until the end.

sherylaf~I know you've been pushing me to do some original fic work. I'm working on it, but in the meantime I'm so grateful that you've been putting up with my Twific obsession by taking over beta duties. Thank you.

Bethie~Thank you so much. Emmett is a great favorite of mine. Jake is too, but I really hated how he got shafted in the series, so I tried to make up for it in my story. :) I'm glad you enjoyed chapter 19. :)

Bri~My loverly corrupter of all things pervy, thank you so much. You and I love Emmett, but I'm willing to share. Thank you for sticking with the story. I'm so pleased that you consider it one of your faves.

Emmy~Thank you for giving my story a chance and I'm so glad you enjoyed it. I love your description that Edward means every thrust and touch. Hee hee. I really wanted to convey how deeply he felt for Bella, and I think it came across. :)

Kathy~I would worry so much about the details and the unfurling of their story, the pacing. There so much instant gratification in ff and it was difficult staying the course at times b/c so many people wanted them to just do it already. It's gratifying to hear when the description and the time to develop these characters feelings are enjoyed. Thank you so much. And I'm glad you enjoyed chapter 19. :)

Kim~My fellow JA fan when we're not fangirling about E/B. :) And apparently, we also have a soft spot for scientific Edwards. Thank you so much for giving my story a chance. I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

Nina~I swear I wet my pants when I saw your review. I love your stories and I admire how much you bring this fandom together. Thank you so much and the fact that you typed out your review for me thrills me to no end. :)

FloridaChickie~Thank you for giving my story a chance. I'm so glad you enjoyed it. I loved including details from the series. I'm glad it didn't come off too cheesy. Thank you. :)

Gemmabobella~Thank you so much for staying with the story. I know it took a long time, but I'm glad you enjoyed the journey. Thank you for the lovely review.

Thank you ladies so much. I cant' tell you how much I appreciate your kind words.