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Art School Confidential by farkle

Art School Confidential





Bella finds her artistic muse and total embarrassment in person of life model Edward. How can she get him to model for her when he thinks she is a sex-crazed flake? AU-AH, M for nudity, language, lemons. Canon pairings.


OMG- I am so excited to be reviewing Art School Confidential by farkle, one of my all-time favorite fanfics, which, it just so happens, I also beta. Although I use the term “beta” loosely- as I’m sure Irritable Grizzzly (who also betas this story) would agree, farkle is such a fantastic writer, my beta services are barely needed.

Art School Confidential is based loosely on farkle’s own art school experience. Bella is an art school student. Edward, due to a lost bet, is her class’ nude model. Mmmmm. Nude Edward. In the very first chapter. And many thereafter. Awesomeness. Turns out that Edward is also friends with Jasper and Emmett, who are in art school with Bella. Edward agrees to model one-on-one for Bella in exchange for a painting. They start off as friends with sexual tension, which of course, turns into friends with benefits.

And oh, the benefits. You have to read the story to truly enjoy them but talk about being all hot and bothered. My God! Each lemon leaves me panting and wanting a brooding nude model Edward of my very own. Imagine Bella, topless in her studio space at the art school, painting a nude Edward.

It was the work of a lover, not an artist. Even though we hadn't touched… since waking this morning, I felt that every brush stroke had been a caress, every glance had been like his hands on me.

But there’s so much more to this story than naked Edward. farkle has developed complex, multi-faceted characters, relationships, and situations. The way she writes makes you feel as if you are a part of the story. Her writing is smart, mature, and real. The story is entirely Bella’s point of view. Bella is cool, snarky, awkward, passionate, and has a habit of putting her foot in her mouth. Edward is smart, mysterious, and intriguing. I love that we never quite know what he’s thinking. And he wears a leather jacket and rides a motorcycle. And rolls his own cigarettes. It doesn’t get much better than this, folks.

And hard as it is to believe, the best is yet to come. So run, don’t walk, your horny butt to read farkle’s Art School Confidential. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to tell farkle how great she is :o)

Irritable Grizzzly

I have recc'd this story to anyone who will listen.

farkle has taken the time to develop her characters and make them come to life. She's given Edward and Bella, and even the supporting cast, so much dimension. Bella, who is so often relegated to "damsel in distress," here is an amazing woman. She has a life and a real career outside of Edward.

Edward is not your "Perfect Edward" but not "Douchebag Edward" either. Like all people, he's had events in his life that have shaped who he is and thus has a programmed way of dealing with things.

The slow build of Edward and Bella's relationship is awesome. Two people who are obviously drawn to each other, but due to so many misguided notions, completely deny their real feelings. So the angst is not based on what I like to call "manufactured drama" (or angst based on misunderstandings, etc.). If you pay close attention, you'll know what's coming and just like in a horror movie where you wanna yell "NO! Don't look in the closet!" you'll have the urge to scream at your monitor, "don't say it!" but they wouldn't be the character if they didn't, and thus you have some amazingly beautiful heartbreaking moments.

The lemons? They aren't "paint-by-numbers" or "let's stop the action so they can have sex again". Not only are they beautifully written, but also integral to the plot. You feel the lovemaking on an emotional level. To me, that's the sign of an author truly connected to her characters.

I could go on all day gushing about Nudeward and Paintella. I want her Bella to be my best friend and I wanna climb her Edward like a jungle gym. I also kinda have a girl-crush on the author. Shhhh...don't tell her.

Every once in a while a story comes along that tests our ability to accept unconventional ideals of what constitutes a happy relationship. When characters don't fit the mold. Where they don't desire the house and kids. This story is one of those. Both Bella and Edward are free spirits. Bella is an ambitious art student who is striving for greatness in her craft. Is almost married to it. Edward is a man who has lived in a small enclave and is looking for his great adventure.

Their paths cross when Edward comes in to model for one of Bella's art class. Though it is not traditional sexual desire for him that eventually causes Bella to pursue Edward. It is the inspiration that he pulls from her and into her brush. Bella has found her muse, and doesn't want to lose sight of the magic his is eliciting from her work. A deal for private modeling leads these two to realize that they are kindred spirits in their need to explore and be free. Edward physically, Bella creatively.

All the time together brings them together for a friends-with-benefits arrangement. Painting by day and entwined bodies at night. Bella realizes that she has come to love Edward. Not only as her friend, but as a lover. She is not looking to tie him down. She wants to love him as he is. Past experience has Edward confused and limited in his interpretation of what love means.

Will he realize there is more than one way to love? Will these lovers find their own definition of happiness? Only chapters will tell.

4 out of 5 Big & Pretties

So...Stephie put this on our "potential recs" list a while ago and one day a couple of months ago, I dove in and checked it out. And...I didn't come up again until I had finished it. I inhaled this sucker. I love this fic so much it's in my top ten right now. TOP TEN, PPL. So, I owe Stephie an epic bewbie grope for that.

From the beginning, farkle had me intrigued with the set-up in the fic. A naked Edward right off the bat? Yes, please, and thank you! I also love all of the characters - from a snarky and strong-willed Bella to a brooding, mysterious Edward, I was smitten from the get-go.

I've said it before, but I'll say it again - if there's one thing I love more than fucking in a fic, it's good, solid, well-written UST. And...this fic is overflowing with it. Seriously. It's coming out of its ears. And, honestly, how could it not be? Bella paints Edward....NAKED... Have I mentioned that already? bad.

Another huge plus for me in this is that it is strictly from Bella's perspective. While I absolutely adore hearing Edward's thoughts, I also love not knowing part of the story - it adds to the intrigue and interest in my book and makes me salivate all the more for any morsel of information she gives out. It also leaves several unanswered questions looming above us and I love trying to figure all that out.

Now...don't let me mislead you into thinking this fic doesn't have any smut with all the talk of plot and UST...because, well, it SO TOTALLY does.

His hands were spreading my thighs, opening me like a book on the dark purple comforter. He was moving over me, working his way slowly up from my groin to my neck. He bit gently at my neck, breathed heavily behind my ear, and then kissed his way up to my lips, capturing me in a kiss that turned me completely to rubber.

While his lips and mine moved together, his hand was exploring my lower half. He didn't go straight for the goods, but neither did he seem to be avoiding touching me there.

Rather, it was as if he was connecting the dots of some strange and private treasure hunt, so that with each movement of his fingers and thumb, another switch was tripped, another connection made, until I was lit up like a fucking Christmas tree. From my waist to my ass, around to my inner thigh, fingertips moving from the tender join between hip and groin, and then up to my belly. It was like he was laying claim to every naked inch of me.

That was their FIRST encounter. You can tell a lot about the characters in well-written smut - if the author lets you - and I think the sexual situations in this fic speak volumes about who they really are with each other.

So, we've got good plot, good characters and good smut...what more could you ask for?

4.5 out of 5 nude models

Jesus fucking christ. Dear pervlings, this week I became obsessed. Obsessed with a fic I hadn't read before. A fic that my dear Button (Stephie, aka 4theluvofmary) had been raving about forever! I stupidly had put off reading it. Fearing I would be to angsted by it. I have to say, I read every chapter in fear of pending HF. It is pretty clear from the beginning that these two are destined for a bumpy ride (along with hot flipping riding of the sexy kind!). So wusspervs I will say - the last chapter hurt my heart. The next chapter will probably shatter it completely, but you still HAVE TO READ this fic - as its so flipping good it has consumed me.

I don't think it is just me that has been consumed by it btw! I don't think we have had so many discussion emails about a fic since The Submissive (& before we all hit twitter and discuss fics all the time with one another and our chums). There have been so many emails pinging back and forth regarding ASC, what's going to happen next, what is the hottest scene etc etc!

(Chapter 16 btw, jic you are wondering... ;) )
(though chapters 15 & 14 come close!)

This Edward? Holy fecking shite! He is gorgeous! Hot, stunning, sexy, broody, wild, tortured, intelligent, sexy, primal, rides a bike, has a HUGE cock.... Need I go on? And on and on and on... *sigh* he is divine. But actually Bella in this fic makes it. She is a truly likeable and enjoyable main character. Her pov's are so interesting to read. Her journey through this fic is important, as of course is Edward's. I don't want to reveal too much about their journey, as to read it & experience it is key to the pleasure and mind, heart and soul gripping that reading this fic does to you!

So I will tease you with this wee jem to tempt and tease you:

"You're beautiful, Bella. Let me see you."

Slowly I peeled off my t-shirt, and stood there in my plain black bra. Demurely, he put his hand on his thickening penis. I could see the lust in his clear green-glass eyes. Eyes that seemed to look into and through me. Somehow, with that look, my self-consciousness vanished. I raised my brush and painted, even as my groin ached."

See what I mean? Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Emmy is dead. Seriously Farkle has my heart at the moment. This story is beautifully written, BRILLIANT characterisation and characters and it has an emotional clarity and intensity that is barely seen in fics. Read this or seriously miss out. Don't be a fecking dipshit! READ IT!

5 Big & Pretties out of 5! (it will get brucey bonus points if I get a HEA!) <3

First off, this was probably the hardest review for me write...ever. I'm a huge believer in letting our readers discover the beauty and mystery of a story for themselves without us spilling the beans so to speak. That's a big part of reading for me, discovering the characters for myself, the twist and turns of the plot, the slow build towards finally being together. Why would we want to ruin it for you? That's no fun.

So, what do I do here? Because I could seriously go on and on and on about this story; the plot, the setting, the narrative, the depth of the characters, etc... It's quite a predicament. sigh. I[m gonna be vague, deal.

I guess I'll start with the characters. Farkle writes her characters with a depth that is rarely seen in fanficion. Even though we might not see it all, there is a reason behind their actions, mannerisms, behavior and personalities. These characters are fully realized. It's a testament to farkle's talent really. Edward and Bella both have pasts with hurt and pain and longing to simply be understood for who they are. They find it in each other, though they don't realize it at first and maybe still don't. sigh. It's not contrived or cliched misunderstandings that keep form seeing, it's themselves and their preconceived notions of each other.

Bella lives for her art. Not being an artist or creating is not even a possibility for her. She must be what she is, an artist. One day in class a nude model changes things for her. Through a series of events he becomes her model. She becomes obsessed with him, but not in a stalker type way. He is her muse, her artistic passion. She sees him as a fiery angel sent to inspire her art and her long dead sexual side.

Now Edward, Edward in a way is trying to escape the life that others want for him. Trying to find and define himself as a writer, a man, an individual. He thinks he knows what he needs to do, what his journey is. But this girl, this beautiful, crazy, enchanting, talented girl makes him question himself and the journey he thinks he needs to take.

Wow, that sounded really heavy. And yes the story is heavy, but the lightness of the characters personalities and their humor balance out the berevity. Creating a wonderful mix of light and deep and funny and passionate and simple loveliness. sigh. I really do love it.

These kids have a ton of adventures; Disneyland, Rocky Horror, a surprise trip to Vegas and there is a future trip to the Gay Pride Parade planned. hehe. Jasper in Assless Chaps, that's all I'm saying.

Now the smut. This is a very slow building story. It takes several chapters for these two to even admit that they like each other, let alone flirt or touch or anything. But it's so worth the wait. The build to it is natural and realistic and makes it kinda perfect. And when they do finally get down to the business of doing it, nothing is held back. They go full force and don't stop. Here's a little taste:

"I let him guide me back to my room and under the comforter. He crawled up my body like a wild animal. In the dim dawn light we touched almost lazily, but soon that laziness, fell away and we grappled with each other frantically.

His strong hands were everywhere, and with each touch on sensitive skin, I felt my control spiral away until I was nearly growling as his lips locked onto my nipple and his hands gripped me. My nails scratched his scalp and he made guttural noises in response to my own. We were feral creatures, beyond any words or affectionate gestures.

And that's just a snippet! Oh and Edward has a HUGE dick!

5 out of 5 Big & Pretties from moi!

One of the things that I remember learning in Art Studio 101, my freshman year in college, was that I am not an artist. I could draw, and even paint well enough, but my art I lacked what my teacher called an “artistic voice.” A painting or drawing isn’t a photograph. It is the artist showing you’re their vision, letting you into their mind. Art should resonate with people on emotional level.

This is accomplished masterfully by farkle. In Art School Confidential, we see an artist, Bella, on the verge of finding her artistic voice. This is part of the genius of her choice in writing this story only from Bella’s point of view. We see the world, and more importantly Edward through her eyes, and through her art.

I love this story on so many levels I hardly know where to start the list. Farkle does an amazing job of portraying the detailed process of painting and sketching, without slowing down the story or loosing the reader. In fact, you could learn quite a bit about painting from this story. I love how Bella’s work shows us so much about here she is emotionally through out the story, without actually saying it. Each painting and sketched is described so well that I have no problem seeing them in my mind, and those images never fail to move me in indescribable ways.

The relationship between Bella and Edward is different than most conventional romantic stories, but that is one of the things I love the most about this story. Love isn’t always straightforward, and the road to happiness isn’t always easy. This is especially so for these two. Bella and Edward meet each other at very transitional point in both their lives, this does not, however, diminish the strength of their attraction for each other. While Bella often doesn’t allow herself to see it, there is a strong pull between them that is undeniable.

This story will capture you from the beginning of the first chapter. It will charm you with it’s humor and cut open your chest with it’s unflinching portrayal of a an intense relationship. The sexual tension in this story is scorching, there were times that I would find myself blushing while reading parts that didn’t even involve sex. When the sex actually happens I couldn’t even been in the same room with other people while I read it.

Art School Confidential has quickly climbed to the top of my fav fan fic list. I promise you, if you give it a chance it will probably be at the top of your list too.

I give it 5 out of 5 bananas. ;)

I was hesitant to read this story; while I am crafty, I'm not artsy. Artsy people intimidate me. They all seem so smart, and so talented, and I wondered if I would really even be able to get into the story. I should also confess, though, I love art. I pretend to be a collector, and I especially love to support new artists. I have oil triptychs from Etsy, acrylics I've bought from people on the street in Seattle, framed giclée gallery pieces (and more!) all hanging around my house.

Having said that, Farkle shakes things up, and I was in love by the end of chapter 1. You don't have to know a damn thing about art or art school to fall in love with this story.

Hands down, some of the best things farkle does in Art School Confidential are her characterization and the slow build of the relationship between Edward and Bella. There are a lot of things she does right, though, and I feel confident saying this is one of the best-written, smartest, and engrossing stories I've read in a very long time.

Bella and Edward spend time getting to know each other, and their friendship is not instantaneous or Earth-shattering, blinding lust from the very beginning. Don't get me wrong – Bella lusts for Edward, but she's very stuck in this mindset that she has no time/energy/inclination for love. She's had men, as she says in chapter 6:

Lust was no stranger to me and I wasn't beyond satisfying that lust, by myself or with someone else. There were a few guys I had dated or slept with. Sometimes even both. I shied away from anything serious.

Chapter 5 reveals:

I'd never fallen for anyone. Even the guys I had gotten into bed with had never really been more than fuck buddies.

I really liked this setup, because I think Bella falls for him without ever consciously realizing it, something so new for this fandom. Usually she's head over heels and ready to spawn 2.5 seconds after meeting him.

Also, one of the great things about this story is that the author isn't simply writing to hear herself type, as is often the case. There are no unnecessary details or chapters here, everything feels really needed. Everything adds to the story.

Another thing I really love about Art School Confidential is that it's very smartly written, but I never feel like the author is shoving her smartness down my throat. Sometimes, a story is so fucking pretentious,and while I get the clear feeling the author is extremely intelligent, she's not trying to impress me with it – it's simply a facet of her writing. And God, do I love smart writing.

The first kiss was so worth the wait, even though it was brief and mostly friendly. It was perfect. It fit these two, and the timing was right.

The lemons were the same: perfect, well-timed, and just … perfect. I don't even want to write a ton about them, because I can never do them justice. Just read them.

These crazy kids go to Vegas and have fun, which was delightful to read. The smutty times AND the non-smutty times were fun.

NGL, the most recent chapter is pure heartfail, but if you're like me, read it, get a good cry in, and wait anxiously for the next update. I trust farkle. I trust farkle. I trust farkle.

5 out of 5 Big & Pretty Nude Models

I'm going to make my feelings for Art School Confidential known, as loud and proud as Jasper wearing assless chaps in the gay pride parade, in the very first sentence of my rec: I fucking love this story. As my fellow Pervs know, I don't often fall in love with a story so hard, but ASC is one of the rare ones that captured my attention so fully, I just sat back and soaked it all in. It's beautifully, cleanly written, with deep, complex characters. You can imagine knowing these people--they're very real, and make very human mistakes as they attempt to figure out life.

Art School Confidential features Bella as a painter/art student, and Edward as a beautiful, incredibly well-endowed (naturally!) nude model. It turns out that Edward, Jasper, and Emmett have a history of making bets with each other, which is the reason Edward becomes a nude model at Bella's art school--he lost a bet. As the story unfolds, Edward starts modeling privately for Bella, and he becomes her muse of sorts. Her artwork improves substantially once she starts painting him.

They become good friends, and slowly slip into a sexual relationship, one they categorize as friends with benefits. *kimpy shakes her head at Bella's naievete* Bella, Bella, Bella--the cardinal rule is that, if you start having sex with Edward, you're going to fall in love with him. Just saying. You know, so you've been properly warned and all... It's like the conversation in When Harry Met Sally:

... men and women can't be friends because the sex part always gets in the way... Because no man can be friends with a woman that he finds attractive. He always wants to have sex with her.

ASC can be categorized as a lovely, slow burn. It's UST, but it is such a gradual, building UST that you don't realize how desperate it has become until you reach the day that Edward kidnaps Bella, she plays hooky, and they go to Disneyland. (An aside here, for Farkle: I love Disneyland. It is complete and utter win. The Matterhorn? LOVE it. However, from now on, whenever I am at Disneyland riding the Matterhorn, it will forever remind me of your Edward and Bella).

There is a moment when Bella climbs into the Matterhorn coaster, and Edward puts his arms around her, pulling her in close. I didn't realize how bad the UST had become, until I read this passage:

Edward slid his hands around my waist and pulled me tightly against his body. From shoulder to knee I was joined to him. It was like on the motorcycle, but in reverse, and his wide shoulders curled around me. I could feel the sharp bones of his pelvis against mine and the lump of his firm package pressing into my ass. A tremor of lust ran through me. My knuckles turned white as I gripped the steel hand rails of the bobsled.

NGL, I caught myself clenching my thighs together while I read, nearly dying that they actually had such close physical contact. That's what I mean about slow burn--it isn't until some action takes place that you realize it has been just as intense as Edward's gaze when he looks at Bella. It's clear as daylight these two are in love with each other. Well, at least it is clear to anyone except Edward and Bella.

When the lemons finally arrive, it's like they're raining down from the heavens. Farkle does an incredible job writing lemons that are fresh and well-written. Her phrasing is divine. Despite the fact that the lemons are uber hot, they are also unique and different. In a sea made of lemonade, it is hard to differentiate oneself, but Farkle manages to do so with aplomb.

Another thing I loved about this story was that I got to gain access to a world about which I truly know very little. It was fascinating the way Farkle described so many different processes involved in creating art, like making a canvas. I loved how she described the difference between nude and naked. Nudes are simply another form to recreate via the artist's medium. Naked is what you feel when you have no clothing on. The way in which Edward makes Bella feel naked is beautifully characterized. To read a story that is interesting, hot, and enjoyable is one thing, but to be able to completely dive into a whole new world via a fic? That's like the whipped cream topping on a yummy dessert. Doesn't get any better than that!

The only semi negative thing I will admit to regarding this story is that I'm completely hanging after the last chapter, because it did not end happily. Now I'm going to be all sturm und drang until the next chappie arrives. Please Farkle, for the love of all that's holy, update soon!!

5 out of 5 Big and Pretty nude models

I wasn't sure about reading this story. I can't even really say why other than it scared me with the potential for heart fail. Hell, any story with the categories romance/angst means I'm going to be rocking fetal with beer in hand.

But yet everything about it, made me want to read it, even with the warnings that it wasn't WP safe. Seriously though, for as much as I fought tooth and nail to not read it I caved. It was honestly one of the best decisions of self-inflicted torture ever.

Obviously, I'm just busting balls for jokes but if I may be serious for a second, this story has literally taken over my brain in ways that I'm even embarrassed to admit. Farkle has written some of the strongest characterizations I've read in fic or otherwise. You feel everything, you imagine everything and it's staggering.

Immediately, though knowing literally jack shit about the art world, I was hooked. Not just because of a nekkid Eddie model but because of how vividly she writes the experiences and the classes. It's amazing how in depth she takes it all. Bella is just wonderful, truly one of my all time favorite characterizations of her. She's sharp and witty, determined and passionate, everything that draws dear Eddie boy in.

They're interactions are heavy on the UST and it's damn near stifling and when they finally do come together it does not disappoint. They insist on being friends but honestly, even in that first lemon you can tell it's not just friendly. The tenderness is just so beautifully written I feel like reading it again.

Okay, I'm back. :) Now, to be fair, I haven't read the last chapter per the WP warnings, but I really want to. It's been a fucking long ass time since I wanted to read something that wasn't WP sanctioned! sigh.

Farkle, if you read this, you've hit a nerve for me with this story and I thank you for sharing it.

5/5 Big & Pretty Nude Models

I’m having a hard time articulating my love of this story. I think I’ve typed, erased, retyped, erased again, typed some more, etc too many times to count. I feel like anything I have to say can’t accurately depict my love for this story (sorry, I’m going into fangirl overload). So…

I rarely find the time to just go diving for fics anymore. However, one day while randomly searching through updates, I happened upon Art School Confidential. I immediately fell in love with Bella. She is the perfect combination of snark, talent, insecurity, humor and sex appeal. She is so enthralled in doing what she loves, painting, that you get a feel of what it is like to be at an art school. I love art, in all its forms, but have little to no real talent. I find myself vicariously living through this Bella, as she pours out emotions on canvas through brush strokes and other mediums.

OMG I’m fawning and I can’t stop.

First seeing Edward nude, lounging…nude, on a chaise…nude, well it does things to me. Being described through Bella’s artistic eyes only seems to enhance Mr. Big and Pretty. And the way in which he first comes in contact with Bella is so fucking funny and embarrassing I can’t even begin to imagine what I would do. Discussing how well hung the model is with another student, Bella blurts this gem out:

"Ever since Emmett I haven't found a man with a big enough dong! I've moved on to donkeys! Get a life Lauren. Who cares about a life model with a big dick?"

Despite her alleged donkey fucking, Edward becomes her personal model. Can you even begin to imagine? Having nude Edward all to yourself? Guh. Every time she paints him, a shot of lust goes through her (and me). And you can practically feel the UST surrounding them. You mainly feel it through Bella, since it is all her POV.

"How do you want me?" he asked. I froze, slowly turning red as I stared blatantly at his nipples. How do I want you? Edward with a dollop of whipped cream, I thought manically.

But as the story progresses and they spend more time together outside actual modeling, the feelings show through Edward’s actions and words. I can’t say it better than Kimpy, with her appropriate “slow burn” comments. You just feel it kind of creep up from Edward’s side of things, until that moment of lust is realized and BAM. Wow.

The way in which farkle uses lemons to enhance the story is both hot and refreshing. Because, it’s just that, an enhancement. When Bella finally gets down and dirty with the Big and Pretty, it’s powerful and passionate. Live passionately, love (or at least for now, fuck) passionately. So hot. So sexy. So RAWR.

Now, unfortunately, throughout the entire story, there is this sense of hurt…angst just roiling in the background. You see it in Jasper’s comments to Bella about staying away from Edward. Or in the way Edward hedges around certain aspects of his life. And in this latest chapter, well, things come to a head. Angst, it’s here. But, it’s all so well done. It’s not forced or trite. Bella’s feelings are all very valid and believable. As are Edward’s. even if it makes my chest ache and my eyes get all leaky and shit.

Don’t be scared off by this though. ASC is an amazing fic, farkle is an amazing author, and if you don’t read you will surely regret missing out on this work of art (see what I did there?)

5 out of 5 Big and Pretties.

Farkle is very upfront in saying this fic is not an autobiography of sorts, rather fiction with a mix of personal stories and experiences of her friends. Hell, if this was an autobiography, I would be DAMN jealous of her! But to be serious, I love when you read a fic and you can tell the author knows her shit. When she describes Bella's life as an art student, and the preparation both physically and mentally that goes into creating a piece of art, you know Farkle understands what the hell she is writing about. That sense of realism is very appreciated and makes the story so much richer.

There is another huge reason why I really like this fic, and it's kinda selfish. It is an ode to Los Angeles, my old homeland. I love that she reminds me of all my former stomping grounds, and they aren't the obvious ones too! Circus Liquors, Versailles restaurant, and Rocky Horror at the Nuart. (I lost my Rocky virginity there!) Bella and Edward go to Disneyland, so those who know me, understand that is huge for me! Also, how can I hate a story where Edward is from Santa Barbara and his ex-gf happens to go to my old university? Go Gauchos. I digress...

So we first meet Edward as a nude model posing for undergrad art courses. It's here we learn about his oh-so-special bodily trait...

"It was an amazing sight actually, since in the chill of the art studio under the scrutiny of twenty pairs of student's eyes, most models parts shrank to the size of a mini marshmallow. Not this guy. If that was shrunken, well, damn.

Yes, damn. Edward does NOT disappoint! Yet, soon, he becomes more to Bella than just a hot guy with a huge love muscle. The build up of their friendship and flirtation leads to ultimate UST reader mindfucking. I love UST especially when the pay-off is worth it. It takes awhile to get there, but surely won't let you down. I really don't want to give away too much here about the overall plot (cuz I personally hate spoilers), but I think their relationship is quite different than what you usually see in fic-land. Again, it points back to that sense of realism Farkle brings to this story. No one is trying to be too suffocating, no one is head over heels in love from day one, and there is a real 'take it day by day' attitude. It doesn't look like we are rushing to the altar anytime soon. I am eager to see where Farkle takes this story. Something tells me there are some surprising twists ahead, and I am ready for the motorcycle ride (as long as *I* get to ride behind Edward.)

4.5 out of 5 Rocky Horror virgins

Can I just say how much I love this blog? I love these fics that you guys find! I am absolutely horrible at discovering new fics. I rely heavily upon recommendation from friends and blogs like this. Thank you, ladies, for introducing me to Art School Confidential! Because, really ... naked model Edward? Yes, please! Although, I will say that this fic dabbles in some angsty territory - but I love it! But then again, I'm like the antithesis of a Wussperv.

What could be cliche, isn't in this fic. The UST is off the charts. And Edward? He is deliciously unattainable and perfect. The supporting cast is also delightfully fresh and still familiar. And did I mention that Edward does a lot of modeling ... naked? Yes? Good. Oh, and he is dressed primarily in jeans, boots, t-shirt and leather jacket when he's not posing nude? And, yeah, he rides a motorcycle. Still need convincing?

The main tension comes from the fact that Bella has convinced herself that she's just not cut out for love, marriage, and the whole happily-ever-after thing. She's committed herself to her art and becoming a successful artist, one that will be remembered long after she is gone. Pair her up with an Edward who is just coming out of a long term relationship where he felt trapped and has decided that he wants to set out on his own and see the world, no set plans, just going where ever the road takes him and his motorcylce - you can see where this is going, right? Because, of course, Edward is amazingly brilliant, beautiful, sweet and sexy. And Bella is adorable, snarky, and fairly clueless. So naturally, Bella falls for the unattainable Edward.

This is definitely one of those fics where you can see the characters mistakes as they are making them, and you want to just set them straight and make them happy, but you can't. So, instead, you have to sit back and watch them make these mistakes and trust the author to set everything right in the end. I really love when that happens. And I definitely trust Farkle with this story and these characters.

Honestly, I started reading and didn't want to stop. The flirting, the modeling, the painting ... I just wanted them to get it on!! Thankfully, they do, but not for several chapters - but the payoff is worth it. I promise.

The only downside I can see to this fic is that it is not complete yet. I need to know how it ends!!!

4.5 out of 5 from me.