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Come play on the Edge with Hopey & Edgeplay





Wikipedia defines edgeplay as types of sexual play considered to be pushing on the edge of the safe,sane&consensual creed in BDSM.Edward&Bella are committed,experienced players.This is a snapshot into 1 night of their edgeplay. AU-H,lemons, ADULT.

So, I decided to go a little, okay a lot, hardcore from my One-Shot Weds. This story is NOT for the faint of heart or for those that don't dig on BDSM. This isn't light spankings and romantic cuddles. Not to say that Edgeplay isn't romantic, because in a way it is.

This is an experienced Dom/sub. They've had this relationship for awhile and know each other well, very well. They both want this from each other, they both get something from it. There is no shame for being kinky, there is no hiding the need, there is no deep dark neurosis or trauma that explains their desire for a D/s relationship. They enjoy it plain & simple; the dynamic and what happens when they are together in that way.

Dirtybrat starts us off with a bang and tingle....

"Where are we going?" I ask, nervous.

He's blindfolded me and was now walking me somewhere. His chest is pressed against my back, guiding and moving me.

"Wherever the fuck I want us to go," he replies. I attempt to contain the shudder that ripples through my body at his commanding voice and presence, but fail.

I love this.

I love him. Need him. Crave him like this.

One thing I love is that you're not quite sure what their relationship is outside of their D/s relationship. Are they married, dating, romantically involved? But it doesn't matter, that's not what Edgeplay is about. It's about what happens during their D/s playtime. Everything else is irrelevant.

Everything is from Bella's POV and for the majority of the experience she's blindfolded. The denial of a sense lets her immerse herself deeper into the experience, into the submissive mindset that she needs when dealing with a very experienced Dom like Edward.

I let my breath out in a huff as the force of his body presses it from my lungs unwillingly. Teeth sink into the juncture of my neck and body, hard and needy. I want to moan so badly, to squirm, to find some relief, but I stand stock still, letting him own me. Each time he exerts his force over me, I sink slightly deeper into our time together in my head. I let go of my everyday life a little more, and become His.

Dirtybrat I think sums up perfectly what the dynamic of a D/s relationship can be. It's not always an equal relationship & given the type of relationship it is, it shouldn't be...

I can hear him doing something, the rustle of material, the jingle of metal, his light, deliciously fucking evil laugh as he prepares whatever it is he's about to do to me, with me, for me.

For us, and for him, as well. What he does to me, he does for himself. The rebound of the joy I feel at pleasing and serving him is where my pleasure is obtained. Indirectly, most of the time. When I'm lucky, and good, and he's feeling generous, that's when he delivers exquisite pleasure directly to my body. The rest of the time, I am happy to spread my legs, open my mouth, lay my body out before him and serve.

Things start to heat up when Edward simply tells her to "undress" and than the climb onto the table in front of her. Though she can hear him, he hasn't touched her since they entered the room. Her body is on edge, alive, ready, aching and throbbing for his touch. Even if that touch comes from a riding crop or flogger, especially if it comes from a riding crop or flogger...

The velvety suede of the flogger strokes my skin, delivering my favorite kind of impact – the soft, thud at first, followed by harder and more stingy sensations as he ramps up and changes the angle of the falls. Each time the falls land on me, I whimper in my mind. It's like thirty fingers touching and stroking me, especially when he lands them over my dripping pussy, and I want to beg him to drop it and fuck me. Well, part of me wants that, the other part wants him to continue to flog me until I drop from exhaustion, which he's done from time to time.

"Go ahead," he says. "I want to hear you."

As things progress Edward uses some strategically placed clips. Fun and yet, also Ouch!

"Lay down."

A moment passes, one brief moment, where I think about the pain I will endure as I lay on the cold metal beneath me, each of the clips and clamps attached to my body forced to twist and pull, tugging at my skin. And then I drop, muscles in my body visibly tensing I'm sure, as the pain hits.

Focusing, I take deep breaths. I'm hit with such a strange wave of conflicting emotions. The sheer pain from the objects attached to my body, but the pleasure from them as well. The pleasure from hearing Edward's soft hum, knowing I've pleased him with my compliance. Knowing I've pleased him with the show of my body, accepting his pain gratefully, thankfully.

My need intensifies tenfold.

Needless to say Edward KNOWS what he's doing, what he's doing to and for Bella. But Bella also knows what Edward wants and she's a little bit feisty in her submission, even if it is only internal.

As he reaches the apex of my thighs, I feel the leather move from my skin, then come down where I think is over a clip. I hold my breath while I wait; I'm suspicious he's going to use the crop to remove the clip in (what I know from experience is) a very painful way, and if I'm not holding my breath, I will no doubt scream. Perhaps that's what he wants, but I'm not quite ready to give it to him.

I love how into the submissive mindset Bella gets as time goes on. How she wants to prolong the experience on one hand, but wants the release from the sensations that Edward is causing at the same time.

Skin is against skin on my pussy, and he removes several clips in a row. I'm moaning, in pleasure and pain, as I writhe slightly beneath his touch. His tongue is on me, licking and lapping between my lips, as he continues to release clips. I realize he's finished, they're all gone, when he runs his hand over the surface of my skin. Back and forth, up and down, side-to-side, he rubs. The friction combines with the heat of the blood rushing back in, and the sensation of his tongue and lips, and I realize I'm begging to come.

"Please, oh god, please."

"Not yet."

Two words crush my soul and make me soar as he pulls away again.

There is very little talking that goes on besides a command here and there. But when Edward does damn!

"I love your body. I love watching my little slut writhe and wriggle, watching your body fight with your brain to move. Seeing your breathing pick up, watching your boundaries drop off. You are so delectably fuckable right now. Your pussy is wet, your mouth is open in the perfect oh shape, and I bet you'd let me do just about anything I want right now. Am I right?"

He's teasing me with his words, close to my ear. I can feel the heat of his breath as he speaks, his words covering my body and making me flush with excitement, pleasure, and pride that I'm pleasing him.

"Yes, Master."

My answer is more breathy than I intend and my body squirms.

unf, just unf.

I could tell you what happens next, but what would be the fun in that? You'll thank me for not spoiling it later. Lets just say it's intense in a way that I've never read in fanfic before. When I read the first time, my mouth was hanging open because finally someone fucking went there and had fucking nailed it in my honest opinion.

Here's a little tease to set the tone for the experience...

"That's the perfect answer, because what I'm about to do is something you've begged me for. Sometimes I've wondered if you really want it, if you really knew what you were getting yourself into, but I realized that's not my choice to make. Now I want it, and since you offer your body, mind, and spirit to me so willingly, so beautifully, I intend to take it."

His words wash over me, scaring the living fuck out of me. What in the hell is he going to do? What have I begged him for that he's not already given me?

"Are you ready?"

"Yes, Master," I say, certain my voice is quivering with anticipation and fear.


I do have one, okay two lingering questions;

1) How did he do that? (you'll understand after you read)

2) When is Dirtybrat gonna give us some more.

Now go read. No, seriously GO READ!


Lisa said...

I have to thank you for recommending this one shot and after one detailed review to the writer I have found out that she is becoming involved with the fandom gives back eclipse edition. She is offering either an aftercare or a new scene. Words cannot express how excited I am to see more of her work :-)