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Naughty Secrets by A Little Distracted

Naughty Secrets

A Little Distracted




Bella is a school librarian leading a naughty secret life. Edward is a history teacher with a naughty obsession. If he could only see what is right in front of his face... AU/AH - Rated M for Hot LEMONS! Each chapter alternates POV's


If you are looking for a tasty citrus treat, this is the story for you!

Naughty Secrets is a delicious blend of smut, sweetness, mayhem, mystery and drama. It is chock full of lemony goodness that never fails to leave you thinking, “I wish I’d thought of that!”

The story follows Bella as the librarian of Forks High School, and Edward as a history teacher. Jasper and Emmett play supporting roles as math teacher and football coach.

Purely by accident at Emmett’s bachelor party, Edward develops an addiction that leaves him worrying about being able to pay his bills until the next disbursement of his trust fund. Bored with her mundane existence as Mike Newton’s long-time girlfriend, Bella seeks adventure on her own in Seattle and discovers a hidden talent. Unknowingly, Bella and Edward’s paths cross
at a Seattle gentlemen’s club.

In their everyday lives at Forks High School, Bella has a secret crush on Mr. Cullen, who considers her plain and is oblivious to her existence. Edward is enamored by “Miss Izzy”, a beautiful, sultry performer at the club in Seattle where he visits for private weekly shows. Jasper and Emmett plot to get Edward and Bella together.

At one point, Edward is asked to participate at the Seattle club in a “dual performance” with Miss Izzy, and performs with her as “Dante”. For Bella, who has only ever had Mike Newton as a basis for comparison, Dante is all she has dreamed of.

When Bella ends up riding with Edward, Jasper and his wife Alice to Los Angeles, where the teachers have organized a Spring Break Cruise, the plot thickens, twists, turns, and does double loops for a wild, crazy ride.

Will Edward and Bella figure out each other’s secret identities, and what will happen if they do?

Expect the unexpected – especially where substantial quantities of tequila are involved!

I am A Little Distracted indeed after reading this story. I was interested just from the description that these two were both teachers. I like the scenario of responsible citizens by day, fun by night. What I didn't expect was the type of fun these two would be getting into! Mistaken identity and a flaccid sex life leads Edward and Bella, respectively, to the intimate confines of Heidi's Parlor. This establishment is home to classy peep shows where the viewers can look in, but the performers only see their reflection and hear the sound of the voice of their audience. Chance finds them on the opposite sides of the glass in the first hot lemon of the story. The way A Little Distracted writes, you can visualize the moment, from the subtle:

She smiled. She kicked off her shoes and placed her feet up on the glass with her legs spread apart. I moved so I was standing directly in front of her.

To the vivid, pushing your limits descriptions:

I put few drops on my cock and spread it around then a few more in my hand, just incase. "It's wet and slippery." I said as I started sliding my hand up and down my length.

"So am I. See…" She dipped one of her fingers inside and then leaned forward drawing a little heart on the glass with her pussy juices. I took in a ragged breath.

In an effort to get Edward dating, Jasper, who also works at the school, introduces him to the mousy librarian. Edward is reluctant at first, because how could this woman compare to the siren that is possessing him and has him driving 5 hours once a week to see. Eventually, he does start to get to know Bella the librarian, and really starts to enjoy her as a person. Gradually we see his mind shift from his obsession, Miss Izzy, to Bella. This culminates after and evening with Jasper and Alice (who live next door to Edward), Bella's car breaks down late at night as she goes to leave. When she looks up to see that Jasper and Alice already appear to be asleep, she turns to their neighbor. Edward insists that she wait in his house as they wait for a tow truck. They end up falling asleep, and instead of waking Bella when the tow arrives, Edward takes care of it before returning to bed.

I was almost asleep when I felt the bed move. Edward slipped back under the covers and slid up behind me. He wrapped his arms around my waist and nuzzled his face in the back of my hair. It felt so good to be in his arms that I was asleep in seconds.

After this night, the teachers are soon embarking on a week long cruise together. Paying for the trip and the vacation itself bring more twists and turns than you can imagine, but I won't give it away. Let's just say that the first half of the story is like going up the first hill of a roller coaster, and then make sure you are buckled because there are dips, turns, loops, and twists that will leave your head spinning, but stepping back onto the platform at the end with a smile on your face.

4 out of 5 One Way Mirrors

I can't remember how I first stumbled upon Naughty Secrets. Maybe it was just the wee synopsis that made my inner perv click read. Like Msk, I was a goner as soon as we first see Miss Izzy through Edward's eyes. The things Miss Izzy gets to do? I think they are the things of fantasies. I can remember at quite an early age, of fantasising of others watching me, being turned on by me and my actions. Miss Izzy lives those fantasies out. She finds a way, to initially, give herself physical and spiritual, sexual fulfilment as her personal life was not providing it. Then her confidence grows. Missy Izzy helps the shy retiring Bella to take more control of her own life. To find real-life gratification and satisfaction.

Quite simply the lemons in this fic are absolutely sizzling. Plenty of VoyeurWard. That means - PLENTY of wanking, self-touching, self-loving, fantasising, rubbing, DIRRRRTY talking - the works! - Wait you need to know more? That is not enough to get you running off to read it? Oh pervlings you disappoint me.....

How does this tempt you then...

"She looked up, almost directly into my eyes and kissed the tip before swirling her tongue out around it and taking it in her mouth. She kept the lollipop firmly in place with her left hand while her right slid down between her legs and started stroking her pussy. She sucked and licked going deeper and deeper. I stood there in front of her matching my strokes with her lips.

She started going faster and moaning. I could see the fingers dipping in and teasing her clit. They were glistening with her moisture. She started going even deeper. Now she was going deep enough that she could take me all the way into her mouth. "That's it, Izzy suck my cock! Take it all, just like that!" I said through clenched teeth as I stroked harder and faster. I could feel my orgasm building. "Are you going to swallow for me baby, or do you want me to shoot it all over those beautiful tits?"

Her fingers were moving frantically and I could see her body tensing. She slid the lollipop out of her mouth and said, "I want you to shoot it down my throat, Shy Boy!" then she slid all the way back down on it and started sucking it feverishly. She was moaning and every now and then I could hear the slurping as she bobbed up and down. I couldn't hold back anymore. I screamed out as I shot cum all over the glass. "

Its not all bout Miss Izzy performing for him & ShyBoy watching her rock her own socks off though. Bella & Edward know each other in real life too, and gradually get closer in the real world.. . ... But will Edward get over the difference in quiet librarian Bella & energetic sex kitten Miss Izzy. Because neither persona of hers are the whole deal... Both Bella and Edward have to grow up through this story - for them to survive.... Thankfully having lots of sex along the way! :D

This is a sweet story - that is TONS of fun & helluva lot of sexy!!! The lemons make this story, which is now complete! I am VERY hopeful though that there will be a outtake or 2 of them performing together as Dante & Miss Izzy..... Pleaseeeeee?

4 out of 5 lace masks from me.

I instantly liked this story. It's light and fluffy and bit fantastical. Edward is a real guy, I mean he thinks like I think a guy would think. And he's very, very horny. He's looking for something or someone, but not desperate for it. If it comes along great, but he's not going to go out searching for it. And he's a history teacher too, yummy!

Bella is your average girl as well. She's bored with her life and boyfriend. Has a good job that she enjoys, but there's something lacking. There's her unrequited crush on Mr. Cullen, the history teacher at Forks High where she's the librarian, but it isn't enough. She craves a little adventure and excitement. She finds it performing for anonymous men and women through a one-way mirror. She's never gotten off so good as she does when she's in front of the mirror as "Miss Izzy", letting her wild side out. No one knows her secret persona and she's perfectly happy to keep it that way.

Edward though a bit of luck happens to see "Miss Izzy" and is instantly hooked. Making the drive to Seattle every Thursday to see her in private performance just for him. He's her "Shy Guy". He's addicted, all fantasies revolve around Miss Izzy and what it would be like to be actually with her. While all this is going on his two best friends, Jasper and Emmett, are trying to convince him to go out with the shy, dowdy school librarian Bella. He is not attracted to her at first glance and resists the urgings of his friends.

In another twist of luck Edward is called upon to do a "Dual Performance" with Miss Izzy. He's ecstatic and nervous about finally being with his ultimate sexual fantasy. He dons the persona of "Dante" and he and Miss Izzy have a wild time on a Harley of all things. Trust me, it's not to be missed.

Edward ends up taking a second look at Bella and seeing something there he didn't before. They start to spend time together, growing closer. But Edward feels as if he's cheating on Miss Izzy, completely unaware that they are the same person. He has a decision to make; Bella or Miss Izzy. You'll just have to read to find out who he picks and if he discovers Bella secret identity. hehe.

My favorite part of the story takes place one night when Bella's car breaks down and Edward is there to help her out. But before that Edward and Bella have a crazy UST filled encounter over flavored body paint of all things. Here's Bella's reaction...

He took my hand and I suddenly felt warm all over. Keeping eye contact, he slowly lifted it up to his mouth. I felt my nipples get hard. His eyes drifted down my body. I could feel the heat of it move all the way down then back up settling on my hard nipples. I could feel his warm breath on my hand as his lips lightly touched my skin. I felt the tip of his tongue making soft circles on the back of my hand and then firmer flicks in the middle as he gently sucked. I felt the moisture pooling between my legs and I think my eyes may have rolled into the back of my head. Damn! That man has a magical tongue!

His lips moved up my arm to a tan spot as his eyes drifted further down my body settling between my legs. His tongue started giving this spot a similar treatment, starting with soft circles and firm flicking, but then he flattened his tongue and sucked gently as he ran the course part of his tongue over my skin. My breath hitched and I squirmed a little.

And here's what Edward is thinking during that same encounter. Mind you this is the first time he's thought of Bella in a sexual way and whoa boy does he go all out:

As I lifted her hand to my mouth her nipples got hard. I watched them straining against the thin material and couldn't help think about how I would love to taste them. I was picturing peeling that shirt off of her, and unhooking her bra, so I could lick and tease those delicious little nubs, driving her crazy.

As my lips found the next flavor on her skin, my focus changed and now I was picturing peeling her jeans and panties off and burying my face between her legs. I briefly wondered if she would be trimmed, waxed, or natural. She never wore makeup, so I figured she would be natural. In my mind I parted her curls with my tongue to find the delicious wetness hidden inside. I would circle and tease her clit until she was begging for more then I would use the coarse flat of my tongue to run across the sensitive bundle of nerves, sending her over the edge and making her cum all over my mouth.

Edward and Bella's first time together is quite nice as well. And by quite nice, I mean fucking hot. The story progresses and mishap after mishap happens, but it only brings the two closer together. sigh.

What I really love about Naughty Secrets is the teasing banter and dialogue between all the characters. It's natural and light and feels like how real friends would talk to each other. It's a nice touch. This is a guilty pleasure, that I not-so-guiltily love.

4 out of 5 Lace Masks and One-Way Mirrors from moi.

So, I usually have a 3-5 chapter rule, I've mentioned it before in my reviews... This story didn't even need 3 chapters to hook me. Or even 2, for that matter. Right here in chapter 1, I was hooked when I read:

"Good, Shy Boy, I like it when you watch me. Will you let me hear you, Shy Boy? I want to hear you while you watch me. Turn the box over so that the button is facing down. The weight of the box will press the button against the table, keeping the microphone on. Will you do that for me?"

Then she hits us with:

"Mine's bigger and thicker." I said through clenched teeth.

Yes, I'm evil – you have to read to get the context of that quote.

One of the things I most love about this story is the transformation of Bella. She's this shy, quiet girl by day and a sultry, sexy vixen by night. Who wouldn't want to have a secret life like that? I think we all have this inner vixen, actually, but who wouldn't love the freedom to let her out a little more?

We begin with Bella dating Mike, and it's just abysmal.

Living through Edward and Bella's sessions together is hot, and I enjoyed the reality that they don't immediately put their lives on hold for each other. Bella keeps dating Mike, Edward goes out with another woman... life goes on, despite their connection.

The UST between E & B builds so scintillatingly well, as they each get to know each other better as Miss Izzy and Shy Boy *and* as Edward and Bella.

Chapter 6 is one of my favorites, the ultimate intimate moment between Miss Izzy and Dante.

He spun me around and bent me over the stool, "Enough play! It's time to fuck!" He said, between his teeth as he gripped me by the hips and thrust into me from behind, going even deeper than before.

Wait, is anyone still reading this review?

If you are, it gets better. Once they finally get down to it, Edward and Bella really get down to it. Bella's confidence finally kicks in, and it's lemony good.

Their relationship develops, and although some bits post-Edward/Bella lemon felt a little off, I found myself still mostly engaged.

The epilogue made me giggle, with Bella really finally coming into herself as a sexual woman, and it was nice to see the story and characters come full circle.

4 out of 5 One Way Mirrors

MsK has this special doc o' stories that every now and then, I dip into. I'm so happy I did! Just the name alone called to me (hehehe, I couldn't resist). Then reading the summary, I was intrigued to check it out further.


The way that E/B meet is what drew me in from the start. Miss Izzy is daring and bold, she knows what she wants and just how far she has to go to get it. Shy Boy Edward is more than willing to witness her endeavors to get herself off.

Then you've got mousy Bella and Edward, the meek alter egos of the pair who - while attracted to the other - do nothing about it until they're literally thrust into action while moonlighting in the club.

Izzy is emboldened and fiery when performing for Shy Boy, while Bella is coy and demure when around Edward and it's the melding of the two personalities that makes this so enjoyable for me. She doesn't just embrace all the Izzy characteristics but finds a happy medium of the two sides to live with. Through their encounters and Miss Izzy and Shy Boy, they learn so much about the other that it helps tremendously in their real lives when they're getting to know their true selves.

The bike scene. Unf. Um... yeah. So Edward is Shy Boy, Shy Boy becomes Dante. Dante fucks the ever loving shit out of Miss Izzy using the wonderful props of a Harley and a bar stool while they're being watched by a few couples.

"You have to hold onto whatever you can get a grip on."

Ha! Um, yes she gripped and certainly didn't let go.

Throughout the story, their relationship progress both as the performing couple and the real life counterpart and it's great to see how she transforms specifically. Considering the dud Mike Newton was her only experience before Edward/Shy Boy/Dante she had a lot of growing up to do. It was done well, at least in my opinion. Yes, they had their fights and bickering but ultimately I really enjoyed how the story played out.

4/5 One Way Mirrors


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i love the lemons and ust...the story is sweet too but i must admit i find myself distracted by the spelling and grammatical errors