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famouslyso likes its "With Teeth"

With Teeth



So I’m all for a little somethin' somethin' in all my fics, but the very first lemon in TalulaBlue’s “With Teeth” kind of hit me out of nowhere…and in the very best way possible.

I’ve read a bit of fanfic in my day – I’ve bookmarked 500 stories that I actually read and liked – and very few lemons stand out so clearly in my head. Adorablecullens’ “Behind Enemy Lines,” americnxidiot’s “You Get Me Closer to God,” and TalulaBlue’s “With Teeth” would probably be the favorites that first come to mind. And so here I am, to talk about one of them.

First and foremost, if you’re living under a rock and actually haven’t read “With Teeth”…get to it! Every time the story updates it nearly crashes Twilighted. If that isn’t proof that you should be reading it, I don’t know what is.

Most of the story focuses completely on the emotional growth of Edward and Bella – both together and apart. The tension was always there, but once they’re actually dating it grows tenfold and TalulaBlue does a beautiful job of showing it. For a chapter or two, Edward and Bella deny themselves the sexytimes because it’s ‘moving too fast.’ Your typical problem faced in so many fanfic relationships…how soon is too soon? Well, all it takes for these two is a bad day to forget their reasons for abstaining.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love smut but when there’s emotion behind it – emotion that’s been built up for 13 chapters – the payoff seems so much more fulfilling. I bullshit my way through all of my English classes (my only college level English class was revolved entirely around “Pride and Prejudice”) so I don’t know any literary terms that can explain exactly how TalulaBlue does it, but you can feel every bit of lust and the growing love between these two.

Tonight, when he kisses me, I don't feel so frantic or so mindless. His lips make every part of me feel thick and heavy. And warm. So, so warm. We kiss until both sets of hips can't help but move against each other; we kiss until it's not enough, and I think I might accidentally hurt him with the force of my wanting.

The repetition and the staccato sentences portray the pure lust that Bella’s feeling, but also there’s just something more there. I can feel all of these emotions that Bella can’t express yet, the love that’s too new to name. And when smut starts getting my heart all tingly too...I know it’s a good one.

We all have our fantasies and reading about them is always fun, but the realistic and poignant lemons are always my favorites. For me, I’d rather read about a few awkward slip-ups than how perfect Edward’s cock is (even though we all have to admit that it is). TalulaBlue does a great job of incorporating the awkward, real parts into the scene without ruining the moment.

"I want to be with you," he whispers to me in the shelter of the dark. The only light comes from the lamp in the living room; his face is close but not in great relief. He stiffens when I don't respond right away. "I'm sorry."

"I want to be with you, too," I blurt out.

I think a lot of times authors leave out the awkward conversations that happen right before they get down to business because it breaks the flow of the story, but that doesn’t happen here.

For a moment, neither of us says anything. My eyes mirror his - dark and shining and trying frantically to see the other's face more clearly. I lift my head and kiss him, and then we're turning and shifting on the bed, our bodies rubbing against each other.

"Have you been with anyone...since rehab? Since you got tested, I mean?" My voice is uneven. I know better than this; now is not the time for these questions. These are questions for when we're both fully dressed.

Edward shakes his head. "No."

I believe him; of course I do. This, of all things, seems like too insignificant a detail to lie about. There have been too many things revealed - things that could've been fictionalized but weren't - for him to not tell me the truth now. This is what I think as we clutch at each other on his bed, my mind fuzzy with lust.

All this and they haven’t even done it yet, but the entire thing – from beginning to end – is just so perfect in my eyes. Once we get…ahem…under way, it gets even better. There are position changes, cute insecurities on both Edward and Bella’s parts, and again with the lust! I wish there were more accurate, less clichéd synonyms for lust because just one word doesn’t seem to be enough to describe the chemistry between these two.

With a low groan, he pulls out of me and grabs my hips. He twists me onto my back and thrusts into me again with a satisfied grunt. I push back at him with my hips and my arms; I grapple with him limb for limb. We kiss until we can longer hold our breath and break apart, sucking in the air. I tug his hair and wedge his shoulder between my teeth. Edward rocks us onto our sides and I sling my leg around him, my arm flailing against his back.

Now try and tell me you can’t see how amazing it is. And all of that was just from the first half of the chapter!

I don’t know that I’ve done such a wonderful story justice (I don’t really know what I’m doing) but I hope that I might have enticed some of you to read the story. For those of you who don’t like the angst, this particular chapter could pretty much be read as a stand alone one-shot, if you’re so inclined. I’m just sayin…


Anonymous said...

look at you rec'ing one shots on PPSS!!! you're with the big girls now! haha. i was so surprised to see this on my google reader and so i'm commenting to let you know, i'm reading this fic next.

yes, dude, i'm the loser who hasn't read with teeth yet. haha. loved your piece. i'm sure i'm gonna love the fic as well

Anonymous said...

Nice. Recc something right after it turns angsty ;)

Seriously though, I loved the UST in With Teeth.

Anonymous said...

Awww, why am I just seeing this?! But yes, I love this fic sfm <33

Patina Zwieback said...

I love this story! But, today I had to throw things around the room. It reminded me of reading ( I hope this is ok) Clipped Wings...can I want to mame the charecters I love more? No. No I can't. The entire story is heartfelt and if you know anyone or you are living this life, it is a hard look to take.

I lurk more than I comment.

Loisada said...

This story can never get enough recs. Tulula not only has a wonderful unadulterated way with words, she also captures the beautiful and honest way people bounce off each other and rub egos and bodies when they interact. The sex scenes are the icing on the cake: so hot because they are so real and HUMAN, i.e. achingly imperfect in their perfection, just like her characters! Thanks for pimping this story.