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Team Anything Goes wants to play Hide and Seek

"Team Anything Goes" is pretty self-explanatory. Anything Goes and we do mean anything.

We are Bethis aka EJ Santry,Hope aka manyafandom, Jeanne aka einfach_mich, Kathy aka mskathy and Kim aka kimpy0464 .

Hide and Seek


This is how the grownups play Hide and Seek. Come play. Slash/AU.

Taking place in AU post-NM, this story was a breath of fresh air when it comes to a look at a member of the Volturi. Most of the time they are all portrayed as broken or purely evil. In this story, we see Demetri as playful and hopeful. He is compassionate to a desolate Edward, who has joined the guard as a form of exile from the pain of Bella's death. Demetri is softly persistant in his efforts to get Edward to face his hurt and teaches him to embrace the fact that he had Bella and not dwell on the fact that she is gone.

While this journey is unfurled in flashbacks, the present day is a healed Edward playing cat and mouse with Demetri. We see Demetri's tracking ability used in a delicious form of foreplay as he hunts Edward through the forest. Once caught, we see two lovers moving together, one getting the object of his desire while the other is learning to love again. It is sensual exploration of vampire bodies and animalistic desire on the bed of the forest and up against her trees.

At times I wished it had stayed in the present, because it is an outtake of a larger story, but I understand she was filling in little details of their journey for those who are just stopping in for a quick shot. If you are wanting to wrap your brain around a new pairing, this is definitely worth the time to sit down and read.

3 out of 5

I love me some slash, I really do. Man-Love for the win! TBH i'm kinda sick of Edward/Jasper. That pairing seems to be the most popular in the slash genre, sigh. There are a ton of other hot fellas in the Twiverse to play around with, just saying. So to see Edward paired with someone besides Jasper immediately got my attention.

Edward is with Demetri in this fic. And amazingly it works, really fucking well. I've read a few Demetri's and enjoyed them, but this one is my favorite. It's such a good and interesting take on him that I'm going to start Tracking Redemption that Hide and Seek is a side-take from.

The thing I really loved about this fic was the interweaving of flashbacks and the present. It was seemless and helped to build the anticipation for me. We see Edward through Demetri's eyes, in flashbacks we see how they first met, what Edward was like then, how Edward changed Demetri and how Edward changed since coming to Volterra. In the present we see a playfulness, a comfortable intimacy between the two showing just how far they have come separately and together. sigh.

And the smut is fuckhot. Slash smut is different when dealing with vampires and I think shoefreak37 did an awesome job of it. It's not too graphic, just graphic enough to let you know whats happening. The emotions are perfectly balanced with the action to make the encounter romantic, while remaining feral, intimate and intense. love. love. love.

4.5 out 5 from moi!

Hide and Seek is a beautiful and dense one shot outtake from the (fabulous) multi-chapter fic Tracking Redemption. It does a fabulously job of thrusting you into this Alternate post New Moon world where Bella died, and Edward has given himself over to the Volturi. He is hopeless and ambivalent about his future, but most of all he is convinced that his one chance at love and happiness is gone. He has never been so wrong.

I am deeply in love with shoefreak37's vision of a broken Edward. His all consuming grief and guilt over Bella's death is a potent image. It is hard to envision Edward ever surviving such a great loss, but as you fly through this fast paced story you begin to hope.

That hope comes in the unlikely form of Demetri.

I might be tracking, but my unfailing wit does not break for it.

I love Demetri, not just because of his endearing wit and bravo, though I love them immensely. It is his dogged determination to love Edward that won me over to loving this pairing. Like the tireless, and inventive tracker he is, Demetri peruses his prey with a single-minded optimism that makes me melt. You can feel the intensity of his desire and love for Edward in every line of the text.

There is a beautiful kind of desperation in grief. It bends, twists and torments us until we barely resemble the person we were before it overtook us. Equally entrancing and magical is our capacity to love again. Our hearts are amazingly resilient. This story teaches us that lesson and gives us room to hope for the special kind of redemption that comes with finding love again.

4.5 out of 5 for me

Okay, I was skeptical. Demetri and Edward? But this author pulls it off rather flawlessly. NGL, I totally cried at this:

"Tell me about one of the best times you had with your Bella. And don't think of what cannot be changed, E. Think of what it was that brought you bliss."

Because, well, I cry at everything. It just hit me, and you really get a sense of Edward's grief, but also the process he goes through to bring himself to the other side of it. You can't live in grief forever and have any kind of a quality life -- and Edward literally HAS forever.

The relationship between Edward and Demetri is fun and playful, and the backstory of their relationship was delightful. I like that it wasn't an automatic thing Edward sought in Bella's absence, but it was something that grew in time. I also loved Edward's positive influence over Demetri.

5 out of 5

Everyone knows I'm a picky bitch when it comes to slash, but I love it hard (pun intended), so I am more than willing to give just about a go (twss). Let's be honest, too--for anyone who has seen Charlie Bewley's rendition of Demetri, how can you not want to see him have hot man-man sex? UNF. Picturing the game in my head, shoefreak37 put all kinds of deliciously nasty images in there. I'm certainly not complaining.

Once I got beyond the concept of imagining Charlie's Demetri in compromising positions (deep breathing can clear your thoughts, apparently), my reaction to the pairing was a big, "Huh? Really?" I mean, Demetri is such a baddie in the Twilight series, and Edward is one of the die hard goodie Cullens. Thus, the idea of good and bad together was intriguing.

Edward and Demetri play a game of Hide and Seek, which is all kinds of appealing. The mind reader being chased by the expert tracker. It's like The Most Dangerous Game, and the concept oozes with sexual undercurrents.

NGL, as I was reading, my silly, analytic mind kept coming up with reasons I didn't buy their pairing, but shoefreak37 effectively countered them as the story progressed. In fact, it's almost like she was reading my mind *looks over shoulder in paranoid manner* By the time I reached the end, I was telling myself, "Damn, she won me over!"--I had no arguments or excuses left. So go figure, I had fun feeling like a voyeur while reading this.

Thank you, shoefreak37, for embedding the image of Demetri and Edward in my brain. I look forward to taking the image out whenever I want and doing lascivious things to it when no one is looking.

3.5 out of 5

Hide and Seek is an outtake from shoefreak37's multi-chap fic, Tracking Redemption. I have not read that fic, nor anything else written by this author. But after reading this o/s, I will be scoping out her other fics for sure. Unlike some of the other Pervs on here, I was oddly excited to hear about an Edward/Demetri pairing. It was a new combo for me, and as an 'Anything Goes' kinda bitch, I was eager to see what shoefreak37 was going to throw my way.

The story begins outside the walls of Volterra with Demetri playing a little game of hide and seek with Edward. Using their vampire skills, the game is a little more - shall I say - interesting than your typical school-yard antics. We learn of Demetri's deep seeded desire for Edward, who has resigned himself to spending a prison sentence with the Volturi after Bella's death.

I loved shoefreak's clever use of flashback scenes that fill the reader in on what leads us to this little sexual game out in the woods. Her back-story makes it believable that these two could have grown close despite their vast differences. My heart wept a little with this line:

"I know forgetting is impossible for our kind, but I would take any of your heart that you have left… Do you understand what I mean, E?"

Demetri accepts that Edward is broken after the loss of Bella, but he still wants a chance with Edward and will take anything he can get. And get he does! hehe. This isn't rated M for no reason. The sexin' was hot, but for me, I was more sucked in with the budding love story between these two.

4 out of 5 for this chickie in FL.

I love how these guys knew how easily I would fit in with Team Anything Goes! I'm always up for something new and different. (TWSS) I am also a huge fan of team PEG - Peter, Emmett, and Garrett. But I digress ...

I'll admit I raised an eyebrow when I saw the pairing of Demetri and Edward - but I was pleasantly surprised. I really enjoyed the premise of Hide and Seek, the way their vampire talents play off one another. There is something very playful and sexy about the way the one-shot begins, with the two of them "hunting" each other. The language of the narative is great, and pulled me in right away.

I'm also a sucker for a Volturi character that is written not as the awful, cliche bad-guy. I'm with MsKathy - this Demetri is something else. He is warm, sweet, and so tender and understanding. The backstory that shoefreak created is amazing and makes this unconventional pairing work.

For me, this one shot is proof that well written characters make any kind of pairing possible.

3 out of 5

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EllaB/EllaB_twilight said...

YAY! I'm so glad shoefreak37 is getting some attention for her amazing Edward. "Tracking Redemption" is one of my favorite fics by far, and it amazes me how her writing makes me believe 100% that canon Edward might actually be gay. SHE'S THAT GOOD!