Monday, April 5, 2010

PhoenixRising likes Blood and Lust and DTE

Blood and Lust

I have a confession to make. I love a dirty-talking Edward. A lot of us do, that’s for sure. Many of us feel that a dirty-talking Edward is canon, but others feel that it’s completely out of character for Edward to use anything stronger than “damn” around Bella, much less let go verbally during a moment of passion.

But I have a theory. To me, Edward has two sides, just like all of us do: the gentlemanly side, which is most evident, and the raw sexual side of him that we love immortalizing in fanfic. Unfortunately, DTE is rarely done well, especially with Vampire Edward; he often sounds fake, or forced.

However, there is one author out there who writes one of the most fabulous dirty-talking Edwards out there, and her lemons are “instant wettie” hot. Her pen name is Awesomesauce76, and she writes a naughty version of Breaking Dawn called Blood & Lust. It’s on both FanFiction and Twilighted. Even better, the story is nearly completed.

In fact, I love her writing so much that I purchased her services during the Fandom Gives Back auctions, and the extremely hot result can be found here...the best change scene ever.

In B&L, which is all EPOV, we learn that Edward is having trouble resisting Bella’s body, perhaps even more-so than her blood. With their wedding fast approaching, Awesomesauce76 begins by having Edward and Bella realize that they do indeed have to practice in order to be safely intimate. This leads to some very hot almost-sex. To stay canon, the two don’t actually do it until their honeymoon. One evening, they happen to have the Cullen house all to themselves…

“I don't think you want this. I don't think you are hot enough for me yet.” I leaned closer still, flicking my tongue to her ear quickly. I cupped my hand against her, holding her firmly, careful not to slip between her silken folds.

“I want to see this beautiful cunt dripping for me.”

“Oh, God!” She moaned loudly. That one always got her good.

Like it doesn't turn you on, too! You're bursting through your zipper right now, you fucking hypocrite!

I started making my way down her body, leaving icy kisses here and there. I suckled quickly at each lovely nipple, but I had to move along quickly before I nibbled too hard at them. I brought my lips as far down her abdomen as I could stand before it became too tempting for me.

I sat back on my knees looking down at her from her side, letting my other hand massage her firm breasts while I was still cupping her. I could feel her throbbing against my fingers to the same beat that her heart was drumming in my ears.

“Now Bella... if I touch you... right here,” I squeezed gently, “will you be dripping wet for me? Will this gorgeous throbbing cunt be ready for me?”

“Yes! Touch me, Edward! Now!” She spread her legs wider and arched up against me again, demanding.

“What do you want me to do differently, Bella? I am touching you.” I squeezed her a few more times for emphasis. Her pulse had become a deafening roar in my ears.

“Fuck me with your fingers, Edward! Please! Make me come for you... all over you. I can't get enough of you touching me!”

With that I let my long, slender fingers slip inside of her, just at her opening. I spread her wide for my inspection, thrilling at the sight of her creamy fluids flowing over my digits. I swirled two fingertips around, dragging them up to gently massage her swollen clit.

“Oh, fuck! Oh fuck, Edward... more... please, more! Deeper... I want to feel you inside of this tight, wet pussy.”

I quickly brought my left hand down away from her breasts to continue the assault on her clitoris while I gently slid my two fingers from my right hand farther down, feeling for her pulsating entrance. My cock was once again pounding to the exact same beat. I looked up at Bella's face and made sure she maintained eye contact with me. As soon as our eyes were locked into place, I plunged my fingers deep inside of her in one swift stroke. She was absolutely scorching.

I couldn't believe how amazing she always felt to me. Every single time was better than the last time.

“Oh, FUCK!” Bella cried out loudly, loving the deep strokes I was administering. I used both hands at the same time; constant, firm circles around the ever-tightening bundle of nerves while I shoved my fingers in deeper, eventually adding a third. I felt her walls starting to clamp down on my hand and I wished that it was my painfully engorged cock.

“Edward...” she panted, grinding herself against me as hard as she could handle. “I can't tell you how much I love the feel of your hands on me... inside of me.” She had to pause to groan. “I think about it every time I look at your hands. I almost can't bear to watch you play the piano any more. Such long, delicate fingers... but so talented. I get jealous of the fucking piano! I feel it here... deep inside me... every time you pound another key... it's like you're pounding inside my tight, wet cunt!” She used that word knowing it would get a reaction.

My entire body shook with need as I continued my handiwork. Swirling, sliding, slipping deeper still. The dual stimulation was too much for Bella to handle for very long, and she quickly exploded around me while screaming my name at the top of her lungs.

That, my lovelies, isn’t even the whole lemon. Later on Isle Esme, we get some of a scene that SM conveniently left out…

“I want to taste you, Bella.” I was nearly shaking with my need for her.

“But I thought that you didn't think it was safe yet.” She looked down at me in the dark, the moonlight glistening on her beautiful body above me.

“Well, we'll have to improvise a bit. I don't think it's safe for me to open my mouth fully against you until you're changed. I just have too much venom in my mouth when you're near me like this, and I'm worried that my teeth will scrape you or I might accidentally bite you. You have no idea how much I want to lick every inch of your beautiful pussy, Bella... I'm just too scared to use my tongue on you until I know it won't hurt you.”

Having her sitting on me like this was driving me crazy, I could smell her so vividly. She was so close to me.

“Well, how do you want to improvise, then?” she asked, a doubtful look on her face.

I smiled broadly up at her and wrapped my hands around her waist, pulling her forward until her delectable hot center was right above my mouth.

“Sit down right here. I want you to use my mouth... my face. Ride me with your delicious cunt.” I lowered her slowly onto my lips, doing my best to keep my teeth covered.

“Edward... I don't know if this is going to... Oh, my!” she gasped as I nuzzled into her moist folds, rubbing my cold, firm lips back and forth against her swollen clit.

“Oh my God!” she moaned, sitting against me more fully.

“Oh my God” is right. While we all know where the story is heading, B&L is much more than just an EPOV of Breaking Dawn. Awesomesauce76 writes a fabulous story, and we get to see the love and affection Edward has for his family and wife, along with the scorching hot lemons.

There was also something I wanted to address. This author bravely chooses to sparsely use the “C” word successfully in her writing, and the result is that her dirty dialogue mixes wonderfully with the actions of the characters. Not too many authors choose to use this word because it can be obscene, but if used appropriately, it can take eroticism to another level. I’ve used it as well during some lemons, but it’s all personal preference.

Please check out Blood & Lust, and have an extra pair of panties (and your man, woman, or a toy) handy.