Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Nina Gives In To Temptation

Giving In To Temptation




ONESHOT: A married Bella is away from her family on business. A beautiful bronze haired temptation approaches her in the hotel bar. Just drinks and nothing more? Yeah right.....AH,LEMONS,OOC

I'm so easy to pinpoint what I like to read. I totally have a 'type'. It's hilarious really, the guilty pleasure fics we all have.

Someone can dangle a adulterous type story in front of me and I'll read it.
Nina you're such a fucking whore! Now, now. Let me explain!
I like those stories that allude to adultery, i.e. fakerony one shots where they play dress up and shit. Fake names, outfits, totally OOC behavior, hotels and shit, rawr.
Anyhoodle, this story reminds me of that episode of Modern Family except without the almost nekkid on an escalator incident.
"Giving In To Temptation" by Jaxon22 is one of these stories that I'm nervous as fuck reading because I really don't know if they're married to each other OR really cheating. It's a fine line and one that she manages to conceal perfectly.
This made me nervous, but then because I'm a shit, I totally got over it thinking she's cheating on Jake (sorry Jeanne)

He moved around me and sat down with a long breath. I couldn't help but notice his eyes raking down my body from hair to foot and I couldn't help but notice that I liked it intensely.
He sipped his drink before holding his hand out to me.
"Edward Cullen," he said by way of introduction.
Christ even his name makes me think of bad things…gentlemanly, regal, powerful…
"Bella Black," I answered quickly, taking his hand. I bit the inside of my lip as a surge of the most intense heat shot up my arm like a bullet.
"Nice to meet you, Bella Black," he said with a sly smile.
He released my hand and then ran his fingers back through his hair. I watched the movement as surreptitiously as I could, noticing the silver band that sat on the third finger of his left hand as it caught the spotlights above us
Needless to say, some crazy ass hot flirting at the bar leads to them both questioning if they could really do this...
"What I'm…feeling…really isn't ok."
HELL YES it is, go for it.
"I love my wife," he said softly, looking at me with a determined expression that left no doubt with what he just said.
I couldn't respond because I didn't know what to say to him. I simply nodded and bit my bottom lip while thumbing my own wedding ring.
What did he want me to say, that I 'loved my husband?'
I do love my husband…I do…
"I have never ever done anything like this before," he continued, his voice low and deep. "This is completely new to me and I haven't a fucking clue what to do." He stepped again and I realised I had nowhere else to move. "But I do know that you are the most exquisite creature I have ever laid eyes on."
A small moan slipped from me. It seemed to echo into the night and float above us towards the stars.
Holy fuck…where did this man come from…? I could feel my feet being swept from under me…
"Edward," I repeated, clearly incapable of saying much else as he stopped so close to me that when I inhaled my chest touched his.
I looked up at him, trying to regain my breathing and stop the tumult of absolute chaos that was happening in my chest and stomach. I clenched my thighs together as the back of his index finger grazed my cheek gently from temple to chin.
"Yes, Bella?" he asked so quietly his lips barely moved.
"I've never done this either," I managed through a closing throat, "and I'm scared shitless."
He smiled slightly but the darkness of his eyes took the pleasure out of seeing it.
"I know," he said, letting his fingers travel to my neck and back up my face. "You can tell me to stop at any time, Bella, and as much as I won't want to, I will."
"I want…" I panted, my eyes fluttering closed as his hand travelled to the back of my neck.
"What do you want, Bella Black?" he asked, letting his nose skim my jaw line. "Jesus, you smell so fucking good," he said, panting in my ear. "I could smell you in the bar...strawberries and vanilla...I taste you."
"," I choked out, feeling my hand travel up his forearm that was holding the wall behind me, all the way up to his shoulder.
He brought his head back so that his nose was next to mine. "You want me?" he asked, cocking an eyebrow, his arrogance making him even sexier.
"Yes," I replied breathlessly.
"In that case," he said gently. "May I kiss you?"
My knees weakened at his words and I was suddenly glad that he had hold of me.
"Yes," I repeated with a small hiss, not even thinking twice about the word that seemingly leapt from my mouth.
Sweet Jesus, I'm not even giving you the good shit!

Do yourself a favor. Buy a wig, some booze and get a hotel room and follow this story to the letter!

Thank Jaxon in the morning...