Sunday, August 21, 2011

Team WussPerv: Dandelion by Iwant2sparkle


Team Wussperv, this team is made up of myself, Emmy aka Pippapear, Jess aka Jessypt, Kim aka Kimpy0464, & Trin aka TFX or NaughtySparkle. Plus we might every so often have one of our other pervs crash our party, as the fluffy goodness appeals to them too much!

I'm sure you're wondering what the fuck a wussperv is, right? A wussperv is someone that is...
A) Tragically canon
B) Loathes angst (when in massive doses)
C) Loves smut
D) Needs a Happy-Ever-After
We love to read new fluffy recc’s. :) Please let us know your favourite WussPerv friendly fic. It might be Team WussPervs next recc!

The Team WussPerv Pick is...


Title: Dandelion
Author: Iwant2sparkle
Chapters: 13
Words: 42, 660
Reviews: 841
Summary: Life always brings interruptions. Sometimes they're good, sometimes they're bad. What matters is how you adapt to the changes. Little bit of fluff, little bit of drama. AH.

Do please remember that there might be some spoilers ahead!

Emmy - Hello folks, this is one of those fics I am really thrilled we are able to introduce you to! Its a perfect Team WussPerv pick! The reason I say this is that the E/B dynamic and relationship does not cause the drama in this story. Instead in this story the drama comes from the supporting cast and the impact they have on Bella and therefore also on Edward’s lives.

In Dandelion the burgeoning and so sweetie-pie lovely relationship between Bella and Edward provides a foundation for the drama to happen as Edward and Bella’s developing love provides the stability that every story needs. Bella has a child, an adorable wee toot by the name of Brandon. She looks after him by herself but with some support from her own father, Charlie. Wee Brandon’s daddy is Jasper, and let us just say that Jasper has not been a good daddy to Brandon. However he is trying to make amends for that and trying to do right by him. Is it enough? Can Bella learn to trust him again to be a father?

There is another complication in the life of Brandon, but I will not spoil the story for you by revealing what that complication is. Meanwhile however new to town and hot teacher Edward soon becomes an important fixture in Bella’s life. Which is very fortunate as her family adds lots of drama!!

From the very first Edward/Bella interaction I was caught up in the cute! So good! Any exchange involving cookies has to be a winner in my book! I adore their interactions. Edward is super cute as well as super hot. And not scared off by how big a part of Bella’s life Brandon is. Cue lots of super cute Edward and Brandon moments and lots of Emmy squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees! Seriously Edward is super cute with Brandon and he’s just a super-duper boyfriend to Bella. But just because he is kind and gentle, doesn’t mean he’s not strong and protective. He is. Its important for you guys to note however, that just because Edward looks after Bella, Bella is not some weak, simpering bird. Nope. She’s protective, brave and strong. She made life changing decisions to protect her family and those she loved most. And first and foremost she is fiercely protective of Brandon. She’s an interesting and likeable character. Her and sexy, swoony Edward are a perfect pairing.

Ok. I know what a dirty bunch of whores you lot are... After all it takes one to know one eh? ;) So I know you are desperado to know what the lemon factor is for this story...

One of the things I really like about this story is the realistic pace of Bella and Edward’s relationship. All mothers I know, take a lot of time before letting a man into their lives when they have a child. They take great care to protect their children from strangers coming and going. This Bella, takes her relationship with Edward slow, as her most important relationship is her one with Brandon. She will protect him at all costs. This slow pace means a lovely build of sexual feelings and exploration. To me the pacing means that their first kiss is oh so important, as is them waiting for the opportunity to be alone and make the most of their first time together! When their time finally comes, Iwant2sparkle again paces and builds it beautifully. Take this example from when they start to play...
When his hands came up to grip the edge of the dresser, I saw the muscles in his forearm flex. My hands drifted from his back, cupping his wrists before slowly trailing upwards as I planted tiny kisses between his shoulder blades. He shivered beneath my touch when I gently gripped his biceps.

"You're driving me crazy, Bella," he said softly.

"Good." I smiled against him as he laughed quietly and let my hands continue their exploration over his body. They traced down his back and around his torso to his stomach. My nails lightly dragged across the skin right above the waistband of his boxers, earning a groan from him and a loss of power for me.

The whole lemon(s) made me squirmy and I just thought it was realistic and beautiful and oh-so right for these two and their loving and gentle journey. It reinforced for me, how they provide each other with support and strength, how they make each others lives easier, brighter and better. Which is just as well, they don’t bring each other drama - instead they provide each other with a safe harbour to shelter from life stresses. Perfect. Can’t wait for more chapters of this fic to see how Edward becomes even more swoonworthy whilst looking after Bella.

Jen - Every time I think that there’s no way I could read another sweet ‘n sexy Edward/Bella story, my fellow Pervs prove me wrong when I fall head over heels in love with a story they’ve shared. This month, that fic is Dandelion. Bella’s delightful, Edward’s totally swoonworthy, and Brandon, the young boy Bella is raising, ups the cute factor by about a million.

I really enjoy how Iwant2sparkle reveals Bella’s back-story to us, bit by bit, instead of in one fell swoop. I wondered who Brandon was to her, and what kind of relationship Bella had with Jasper. It’s clear to see that Bella is full of love, and is a playful yet consistent parent to him, and it doesn’t really matter if she’s his mother or not.

Edward is straightforward and confident--but not cocky. He doesn’t play silly games or hard to get. He isn’t afraid to interact with Brandon, asks her out without eons of coy flirting, and has a great sense of humor.

Edward and Bella have great chemistry. I love that Bella feels comfortable telling him about some of the more ‘complicated’ situations in her life after getting to know him some. It’s not some big hidden secret she’s keeping from him, and Iwant2sparkle makes the progression in their relationship very natural. Brendan is adorable and the interactions between he and Edward will have you swooning.

Edward and Bella’s relationship has deepened with each chapter. I’ll let you discover all of their delicious kissing and the evolution of their physical relationship on your own. Dandelion will make you smile. It wouldn’t be a fun story to read without some conflict, but as Emmy, Jess, and Trin say the drama does not involve Edward and Bella. Go on now, you know you want to swoon over this sweet, fluffy goodness.

Jess - Like Emmy, I fell in love with this story early on. Edward and Bella are individually strong but together are stronger. They bring baggage, like all couples, but not enough to really create drama or complicate the telling of their story. In a nutshell, it’s a perfect Team Wussperv pick.

Bella, aka Lala, is a successful real estate agent raising a young boy. She has poured herself into loving him, raising him, and giving him everything he needs. Watching her and Brandon interact is absolutely adorable. She’s firm and funny, and I love that about her.

"Finish them."
"If you finish them, then you can go."
"Fine. We'll just sit here until you do. Would you like to move tables so that you don't have to watch the other kids? I mean, since you aren't going to finish your nuggets so you can play, too…"
"Hmmmph." The little sandy-haired boy beside me crossed his arms and poked his bottom lip out as far as it would go.
"Be careful not to trip on that thing. I'd hate for you to get hurt."
"La-Laaaaa," he whined.
"I'm just sayin'."

What mother hasn’t had this exact same conversation with one or more of her kids? This aspect of the story, like many others, is realistic and solid in that respect.

Edward is a school teacher, new-to-town, and looking for a house. He and Bella connect up after meeting at a barbeque - cue all those fantasies of a hot guy walking through a crowd to get to you - and she agrees to show him several listings (right) . Of course, both being the hotties that they are and with solid chemistry to boot, these two can’t help but get together. Their progression has been slow but spot on. As Emmy said, most single mothers do not readily invite new men into their lives with open arms, and when someone special does come along, it takes time to bring him into their children’s lives. This was exactly the case here, and it felt absolutely right. It wasn’t like they dragged their feet, but Bella had to be sure. She and Edward had to take the necessary time up front, so she could make the best decision possible for her... and Brandon.

That process was full of steamy tension and lots of emotional moments. Bella struggled to really trust that Edward cared about more than just her.

"Bella, I don't think you understand. I like you. I'm pursuing you. Surely you can tell that by now," he said with an exasperated smile.

I laughed through my sniffles.

"So that means I want to know about you. And about him." He pointed to where Brandon sat at the table, oblivious to everything but the pile of potatoes on his plate he was smashing with a fork. "Don't be ashamed. Nothing you can tell me is going to scare me off, but I need to know what I'm up against here."

His pursuit ultimately wins out, and then sparks really start to fly. Notice, though, that even in the heat of the moment, he is thoughtful and concerned with her feelings, the pace of what they are doing, and the lines they are about to cross.

Lowering his head, he placed open-mouthed kisses on the hollow at the base of my neck and one on each side of my collar bone before finally turning his attention to my breasts. My hands came up to tangle in his hair as he flicked his tongue across one of my nipples before taking it his mouth and gently sucking. His actions made my hips buck involuntarily trying to meet his. I felt his length brush between my thighs and I was lucky enough that the angle allowed his tip to graze me in my most sensitive spot as my hips descended to the bed, coaxing a half-sigh, half-groan from me.

"Bella?" I opened my eyes to see that he had risen up a little and was hovering over me. His eyes were intense, but his expression was soft. My name had fallen from his lips in a soft, whispered question and I knew he was asking if I was sure that I was ready for this. When I looked up at him, the late evening post-rain sun rays were still streaming through the windows, making his eyes almost sparkle and illuminating the tips of his hair. His look of adoration helped me confirm my decision. This was my way of giving him every piece of my heart that I possibly could.

That same thoughtfulness swirls around them and really is a hallmark of their relationship. All the other drama that unfolds is about Brandon and his dad. There are other factors that, like Emmy mentioned, I don’t want to spoil for you, but it demonstrates why Bella, her father, Charlie, and ultimately, Edward, are so protective of Brandon.

There are so many great things about this story. Give it a chance and leave Iwant2sparkle some love.

P.S. Word on the street says we will almost certainly get an update this week! YAY!

Trin - This is just a perfect WussPerv story, it has a lovely sweet Edward and a complex and very likable Bella. You get the much needed fluff we all love but the drama that is included doesn’t hinder Bella an Edward’s blooming relationship.

Brandon is her moon and stars which makes her very skittish about getting into a relationship and allowing him to be hurt. But of course it is very hard to resist the charms of such an amazing Edward.

Edward was quiet for awhile and finally said, "Wow, Bella, that's a lot to take on."
"I know it is. I'll understand if you aren't ready to date someone with a child and..." He held up his hand to hush me.
"No, Bella. I mean that's a lot for you to take on. Especially at such a young age."
"It was, but I didn't have any other option. He's my family and I couldn't let him stay in some stranger's house or be raised by someone who didn't know him. He needed to be here... with me."
Edward nodded. "I understand. But I'm not rushing to the door simply because of what you've told me. You've just spent the last half hour pounding into my brain what a strong, loving and wonderful woman you are. I'd be a fool to leave. Besides, I like Brandon. I'm hoping one day he'll like me, too."

I was so happy that Iwant2sparkle didn’t give us an insecure Bella that is constantly wondering how a man so amazing or hot or any other adjective could be into her. Granted, she is concerned about how Edward will react to Brandon, but she isn’t constantly doubting herself. This is such a strong and caring Bella you just feel yourself rooting for her.

The chemistry between these two is evident from their first encounter and just continues to build until they get some alone time in Seattle and WOW...just WOW!

Our kisses turned heated and passionate and once again, I grinded against him, feeling our skin creating a delicious friction until I could tell he was on edge. The hand that held the back of my neck traveled down my body and gently grabbed the underside of my thigh, pulling and positioning and opening up for him until I felt exposed and wanting. Just when I was about to reassure him that this is what I wanted, I felt him slowly sink deep, deep into me.
This is just such a delicious story that has depth and pulls at your heart strings while you swoon over this amazing Edward.