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Turn Me On: Ride by KrisSalvador


We want to know what turns you on, ladies! Which fics are rocking your world and are must reads for us Pervs? We want you to tell us what you like, what turns you on about this fic. Let’s talk about it over a glass of wine and get everyone reading it.

On this installment of Turn Me On Domysticated has convinced our Emmy to take a Ride on Kris Salvador’s naughty, fast and furious lemonfest where conman Edward awakens Bella’s deviant and sexual side....

Title: Ride
Author: Kris Salvador
Status: Complete
Chapters: 18
Word Count: 68, 255

I opened the door to the back seat, slid in, pulling her in with me. She landed on my lap, her skirt riding higher, with her tantalizing knees in full view. I put my hand on one knee and squeezed. She tensed, pressing her legs closer, and then tried to scramble out. The car rocked. Fuck.

"Keep still, dammit."

"Jesus, whose car is this?"

"Fuck if I know," I whispered near her ear before sucking on the tip of her lobe. Wasting no time, I slipped my hand under her skirt, moving it up and down her bare thigh. Her legs were smooth like she'd just waxed. She squirmed, pressing her ass on my already hard cock. I stroked up and down her silky skin toward the waistband of her panties and reached under the fabric to cup and rub her mound. Soft fuzz has already grown over it, her slit warm and slippery. I cocked a finger.

"Edward!" She arched her back and my middle finger slipped in effortlessly, instead of out.

"Shhh..." I covered her mouth with my hand, holding her against me, working my finger into her pussy, before inserting another one. She bucked again, rocking the car.

"Shhhh, quiet down." She was already breathing rapidly, her tits thrust against her thin cotton bra. My cock was straining against my pants, begging to be released but she wasn't that wet yet and if I fucked her before she was ready, she wouldn't be able to walk.

My fingers pressed hard inside her, playing a melody that made her body hum, murmuring how I'd love to eat her. Lick her... make her come in my mouth. How sweet and tight she my cock loved her tight little pussy. How I wanted to squeeze her tits, to bite and I loved fucking her, and how I'd like to fuck her, hard...rough...and fast...

In no time, she was moaning softly against my hand, riding my fingers with little hip thrusts. My cock was so hard it was painful. I loosened my hand over her mouth and inserted one finger for her to suck on and bite. "Good?"

"Edward, please..." Moany, breathy, needy.

"Please what, baby?"

I could say it was her fault for being so fucking hot and horny, but in less a minute I had her panties off, her skirt bunched around her waist, and flat on her back. I was tonguing her sweet pussy, licking her clean as she gushed softly and gently on my face. She mewled and hissed and called me fucking names while I loosened my pants. I jerked myself off while she came...again...and again...and again.

"My turn." I straightened her on the seat and climbed on top of her, pushing her knees to her chest before straightening them against my shoulders. She planted both feet on the interior of the vehicle as I pulled her pelvis up to meet mine. I eased my cock in slowly...bit by bit into her wet, slick pussy. She arched and moaned, holding on to the side door begging me to fuck her. Ram into her. Give it to her good and hard.

Fuck me...fuck me...fuck me...oh Edward, Edward...Edward, don't stop...don't stop...

My dirty, dirty girl.

She bent her knees while pushing against the roof of the car. With a powerful thrust of her legs, she took my cock deep inside her.

Fuck, if I didn't forget to breathe for a moment.

Domysticated I think it’s fair to say that this fandom is quite jaded when it comes to smut. I mean, that’s what we came for, right? And we’ve seen it all- het, slash, poly, solo, BDSM, fetish, oral, anal, accessorised, vanilla.... name a kink, name a pairing, name anything extreme or outlandish- it’s there.

While not a card-carrying perv by any stretch of the imagination, I’ve read my fair share, and after the initial flush of excitement at the wealth and breadth and depth and length... oops sorry, got carried away there... what where we talking about? Oh yes. Smut. Fic. Yeah. I’ll tell you a secret: I got bored of it, or at least, most of it.

Lemons are now almost obligatory in any story and so often you read sex scenes that are almost tick-boxes exercises- perfectly good, perfectly adequate, hell, perfectly HOT, but something’s missing. What I want to read is soul, truth, the author baring something of herself or himself, and showing us something real. This is true of romance and it’s ever so true of sex.

And that’s where Ride comes in. Because the thing is, Ride is hot; Ride is fucking hot. I dare you to read the first two or three chapters without having to take repeated breaks to, ahem, take care of yourself. It is virtually impossible to read it in a public place (trust me, I’ve tried). I have, on several occasions, whimpered while reading. I’ve re-read, oh so many times.

But why is it so hot?

The sex in Ride is good old-fashioned vanilla intercourse (though admittedly with supernatural stamina)- no gimmicks, no acrobatics, no toys or role playing (although there are needles at some point...).

The sex in Ride is rough, unbelievable, otherwordly, dangerous and as unsafe as it gets. I mean... hello???? Unprotected sex with a stranger you just met on a train? They go at it like they’re not even human- like they want to destroy each other through sex. There’s no way two real people could be having that much sex, that hard, that long, in real life. There’s no way you would condone such behaviour... right?

But the beauty is... you don’t need to condone it, because it’s so obviously a fantasy, albeit a particularly vivid one.

It is a fantasy and yet this is a “real” one - not merely second-hand (male-targeting) porn; it resonates deeply, it’s a complete turn on because you can tell it’s based on someone’s genuine, unadulterated, uninhibited fantasy. This Edward - asshole, manipulative genius, irredeemably and inexplicably evil - is a bona-fide female fantasy: the bad, bad boy who only wants you, and Good Lord, he wants you hard and all the time, and it doesn’t really matter why.

This Edward is sublime because he’s bad to the core, and yet undamaged- Bella doesn’t redeem him, he doesn’t want to be saved. You know from the beginning there will be no big epiphany, he won’t change. She won’t change, either, and, crucially, he won’t want to change her or mould her to his ways. He doesn’t need her tied up, he doesn’t need her to surrender control- in fact he positively thrives on her feistiness and independence. He can live with a strong-headed, defiant woman. How liberating, how empowering, to indulge a fantasy without wondering whether you’re cheapening yourself or “letting down the side” in the process.

The plot is fun and fast paced and so incredibly over the top it’s like a rollercoaster- you just want to jump on and let yourself be carried into whatever unpredictable direction you’re going to end up. Sometimes the rollercoaster stops and starts in ways that don’t quite make sense from a narrative point of view, but that is part of the appeal of the story, of its unique, intoxicating ways.

And there is something else, too. It took me a while, and several re-reads (for research purposes, you understand) to put my finger on it. What makes Ride unique is what isn’t told. These are characters that never stop to think or question their feelings, to the point that you have to wonder whether they do have feelings at all. They don’t make declarations of love. They don’t agonise, they don’t angst.

Their emotions are all under the surface, and yet they shine through their raw, animalistic hunger for each other’s bodies. There is no doubt that this is a love story, if you choose to read it as such. And yet it’s a strange, primal sort of love that is so visceral it’s barely romantic at all.

This is a story that challenges readers, an author who has the confidence to tell her readers explicitly to fill in the gaps. And while it might be disconcerting and disorientating, ultimately this makes me feel respected and empowered as a reader, and keeps my imagination flowing and engaged: I’m an active participant in this story, not merely a passive recipient. And we all know that the brain is the biggest erogenous zone of them all.

For all of the above, Ride remains one of my favourite stories and my go-to smut. Ride is truly, gloriously, “girl’ porn, in the best possible sense of the term- and that’s why I’ll keep reading it over and over again.

Emmy Did you read the quote at the beginning? Did you? If so - you don’t really need to hear me wax lyrical about the lemony intense rarrrrrr that this fic is... Hot. Hard. Intense. Vigorous. Dirty. The sex in this fic is fecking hot-to-trot. You want a fic to get worked up over, a fic to make you tingle to your toes? A fic that lets you explore some of your own naughty fantasies? Ride is for you.

When we got the submission from Domysticated Domysticated for Ride to our Turn Me On form I was intrigued. It had been on my tbr list for a wee whiley, (just the synopsis/blurb alone feels naughty) but its popularity had for some contrary reason put me off reading the fic. But its nomination had me curious and caused me to dive head first into the fic....

I love kinky, hard, raw and intense lemons (particularly with lots of come!). But I have found for the last while it hard to get Bella and Edward fics that fulfill this criteria. Most of the BDSM type fics were/are too contrived and flabby (apart from the ones we have featured within the blog of course!!) for my tastes. If Bella and Edward were exploring fantasies and acting on sexual instinct, authors have seemed to lately feel that the only way to do this was to add in additional partners, or over-the-top props, or really break boundaries by covering interesting fetishes (some of these have been done EXTREMELY well). I think its one of the reasons why I have read more and more slash fics of late. They seem to be dirtier, have more hot sex and get me turned on quicker than most of the B/E fics I have read... But I have missed those B/E fics that get me tingly-tingling to the point of squirming. I’m NOT bored of Edward and Bella fics, but have been looking for some decent, engaging, pacy, SEXY Edward/Bella fics with a shed-load of sexing for the hell of it!

Monogamous, committed couples or couples just starting out who are intensely attracted to only one another can have amazing, raw and randy sex you know! We can engage in more than vanilla, loving and comfortable sex. We can explore each other in public, in front of friends and colleagues. We can be so consumed by lust we take silly risks and give in to our urges, even if not appropriate. We can treat each other as play-things, as being there for each-other’s pleasure, we can be single-minded in our need to get our own rocks off AND blow our partners heads (both the one on their shoulders and the one between their legs)!

So thank you Domysticated for turning me on to Ride!

The story starts with a bang! Fantasies are explored, dirty dalliances and doing-the-do occur very quickly. Yep that was it. I was hooked. Innocent Bella progressively taking more risks to get her needs met. To get her goose plucked, as it were. To feel full and satisfied... Can we not all identify with Bella (at least at some point in our lives)? Wanting more from life? More sex, more action, more wantoness/wanting, more deviance, more daring, more carnal pleasure, more naughtiness, more desire, danger, and lust? Wanting to feel desired, needed and lit from within with an uncontrollable flame of lust? How far are we prepared to go to get it though? Well we don’t need to take silly, reckless risks as Bella can take them for us instead.

In Ride, Bella is foolish at times. She dips her toe into the pool of her fantasies and soon immerses herself fully as she gets swept away by the burn. This fic is not about making sensible life choices, and being safe (safe in all aspects). Instead it is about sexual attraction, exploring an intense connection and chemistry. Its about giving in to being a sexual being and all that this entails. To saying to hell with it - with flames this hot, I will get burned, but so fecking what - what a way to go! The sex in this fic is raw, raging, fast, hard and hot as hell! Its forceful and violent at many times. But its always consensual - its about a couple drawn together who shouldn’t work, and on paper don’t. This conflict between them provides the most intense push-me-pull-me chemistry and action. They cannot be apart, and when they try? Well lets just say that every reunion leaves me breathless and feeling the burn from their flames.

These two ride each other hard - emotionally as well as physically and move very quickly, makes for great reading! As Domysticated says in her review above, this is fantasy, pure female fantasy. Pure hot-as-hell fantasy! I don’t want to have unprotected sex on a train with a stranger, who turns out to be on parole and still committing crime. A man who my father cannot approve of, a man who will continually lie to me and only give me information on a need to know basis. But reading about it all, in all its gritty, dirrrrrrty details? Yes please! With bells on! Ride as its name suggests deals with a fast-paced relationship. Sex and the story features around many different types of rides. Plenty of sexual rides, sex in cars, on bikes, riding each other..... There is something sexy in each and every chapter! (HUZZAH!) Whether it be phone-sex, masturbation, emotional game-playing, or hard, hard, hard, dirty fucking.

Ride is sexy, the lemons are steamy, scorchio hot. I’m talking feral, firey need and possession. Just what I love from a lemon. Plus the chemistry and banter between Edward and Bella is interesting and works. These are very well written lemons, they take you into their connection and need. For me the story of twilight is about this deep and unshaking connection between Bella and Edward - they fuck each other up and make stupid decisions, but they belong together and ultimately complete one-another, giving the other what they each need. Ride does this also - but has the added bonus of feck-hot lemons that blow your socks off and remind us all that real couples don’t necessarily break the law, but they can break their own boundaries, court some danger and rock each others worlds.

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