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Team PackPerv 1/23/12


We are Pervs that dig the danger and maybe even the fur that comes with being a Pack lover. Team PackPerv isn’t afraid to take on the shape shifters of Quileute. We welcome all the sexy possibilities that come walking on the wild side. So join us in the sunlight and run with the wolves. As always clothing is optional.

The Team PackPerv Pick is...

Title:Not Strong Enough
Author: Oh Jasper My Jasper
Chapters: 7
Reviews: 185
Summary:After falling in love with a boy of his dreams at a summer job away from home, Paul discovers that Jasper's family is moving to Forks. Will their secret relationship survive in a world where they are on opposite sides of a town divide? AU/AH/Slash


Oh Jasper My Jasper’s newest fic, Not Strong Enough, is an interesting pairing.Twislash almost always seems to star Edward and Jasper, and if one of the wolfpack is involved, it's almost always Jacob. So, this combination of Jasper and Paul is a bit different, particularly given that it's written from Paul's point of view. Canon Paul is something of a makeweight character – he's the hotheaded one in the pack, and that's about all Stephenie Meyer tells us about him. The nice thing about this is that it gives authors real scope to play with who he is.

Oh Jasper My Jasper does a beautiful job of exploring Paul's character in this story; he is still the prickly, physical guy we know from canon, but now we see that he has reasons behind his actions. He is fiercely loyal to his family/friendship group, to the point that his feelings for them outweigh his feelings for himself. Right from the start we discover that he and Jasper have a secret shared history, and that Paul needs to be somewhere without all of his perceived responsibilities before he can allow himself to follow his desires. Paul's discovery of himself – with Jasper's help – is full of the gung-ho feet-first bravery that characterises Paul; slowly finding out the details only serves to highlight how trapped he feels at home and made me really sympathise with him.

Of course, Paul's careful suppression of his feelings starts to falter once Jasper moves to Forks. Oh Jasper My Jasper layers the drama with each chapter as we find out more about Paul and Jasper, and how they each react to being thrown into close proximity. I particularly enjoyed the relationships between the guys from the rez – I don't read much wolfpack fic, so seeing the strands of responsibility and friendship pulling each of them in slightly different directions makes for interesting reading.

Jasper is unsurprisingly calm, quiet, and authoritative throughout this story. He's a strong character with a fearlessness that Paul doesn't have. Paul gives the feeling of a second-in-command without a superior officer – he may be drifting away from his own group, but he's not the sort of person who copes well on his own. Jasper's brave and forthright attitude matches perfectly to Paul's willingness to stand behind someone he believes in. As I read through Not Strong Enough I found that Paul and Jasper are a much more complementary partnership than I had expected and Oh Jasper My Jasper certainly deserves my thanks for making me like Paul for the first time.

If you've read an Oh Jasper My Jasper story before, you'll be glad to hear that the smut is up to the usual standard, although there's not a huge amount of it. On the whole this story is a little bit angsty, a little bit angry, and a whole lot of loveliness just desperate to escape. If you want a story about an unconventional partnership, teenage group rivalries, the pressures of expectation and a slow-burning tale of self-discovery and personal growth, then I think you'd enjoy this fic. Go on, you know you want to!


How much do I love Fire & Ice (vamp/wolfpack) pairings? A whole fuck of a lot! I still surprisesme how few authors have explored relationships that cross the species line, even in the All Human genre. Few pack boys are distinct and unforgettable as Paul. Whether you’re thinking of the poster boy for anger-management from canon or the slick, sexy wolf man, there is no denying that Paul has stuck in every Twifans mind. Hello, Alex Meraz! UNF!

If there is one Fire & Ice pairing that makes even more sense to me than my favorite (Ed/Jake) it is Jasper and Paul. The empath and the wolf who cannot control his emotions, they are a match made in angst town for sure. So obviously, when Jen recommended we read Not Strong Enough I was already excited, but nothing could prepare me for the how Oh Jasper My Jasper would do justice to this pairing I love so much. Bless you, Oh Jasper My Jasper, bless you.

Whether you’re a pack fan or a slash fan you will fall in love with the poignant story of love, courage and self discovery. Oh, and did I mention the eye-meltingly hot sex? Fuck yeah!

Jasper and Paul. At first glance it would be easy to dismiss this pairing as unrealistic- how could two so dominant characters work as a couple? Not Strong Enough should prove any doubters wrong. Oh Jasper My Jasper does a beautiful job demonstrating how the two actually complement one another. Jasper may be a dominant character, but his even emotional keel is a great counterpoint to Paul’s hot-headedness.

Not Strong Enough is told in Paul’s point of view, and it’s great to get inside his head. He’s a tough guy; he hasn’t had the easiest time growing up. He’s a part of the ‘have-nots’ at Forks High, yet he seems to see the world with more nuance than his friends do. The story is told through alternating segments of the present and flashbacks, and we soon learn why Paul is a bit more open-minded than the guys he hangs out with.

Jasper is part of the ‘haves’--called the Spooners in this story. I am only mildly embarrassed to admit that it took me til near the end of the story to realize that this nickname came from the phrase ‘silver spoons in their mouths’. Paul and Jasper meet when they spend the summer working at a camp. As I said, Paul is tough on the outside, but something he sees in Jasper allows him to share his vulnerability, and talk to Jasper about sexuality. They grow closer, and Jasper is happy to be Paul’s teacher in kissing and beyond. The kisses as written by Oh Jasper My Jasper are completely squirm inducing, and no doubt you’ll be cheering, as I was, when they go further.

His lips found mine again, and we kissed deeply as I felt the head of his cock pressing against me to gain entrance. I forced myself to stop thinking about the discomfort and slight pain, focusing instead on the idea of us joining together, becoming one. I breathed out with relief the moment the head of his cock was inside me, knowing the most difficult part was over. Jasper continued to kiss me passionately as he rocked gently, pulling back and pushing forward little by little, until he was finally fully inside me.

"All right?" he asked, causing me to open my eyes.

"Better than just all right." I looked up at him with a smile. "Damn incredible."

Alas, summer ends, and they have to go home. While Jasper is excited to realize he’s moving to the same town as Paul, Paul knows that they are in two very different cliques, and won’t be able to interact. The story moves into angst-ville, and Oh Jasper My Jasper is a master. You don’t see how it can work out, with the kids being as cruel as kids can be. I won’t spoil how the rest of the story unfolds, but I am sure you’ll be as captivated by it as I was. Consider yourselves lucky to be able to read it as a complete story! The week before chapter 7 posted was a long wait!

The storyline, with its intense highs and lows, is well suited to the novella format. Paul’s teenaged struggles feel very real--the excitement of first love and sexual exploration, the pain of living within a defined role due to the clique-ish nature of high school. So, even if you aren’t sure about Paul and Jasper, give Not Strong Enough a try.


I think I can count on one hand the number of packfics I’ve read, and yet, in the last week I’ve voraciously consumed two, this one included. From chapter one, I found myself completely drawn into Not Strong Enough. EvilGiraffe did a lovely job or really breaking down the characterizations for both Paul and Jasper, as well as giving us a really nice look at how the story unfolds. I think the part that really drew me in is how connected I felt to Paul.

Paul is angry and loyal and selfless and really just trying to keep his head above water. There are, of course, reasons for this that unfold relatively quickly. As they do, you can’t help but pull for him, especially when the pieces of his relationship with Jasper begin to unfold. From their first real conversation, I was mesmerized and even found myself chuckling at how Jasper latched onto tops/bottoms stereotypes so quickly, making assumptions about what Paul would and wouldn’t be in to.

Of course, you know I’m a UST junkie... and to be honest, there’s not a ton. It sort of all just happens, but it’s the hesitance, the exploration, the growth that drew me in.

I didn't even realize he was leaning towards me until I felt his soft lips brush against mine. I jumped a little, startled, but when he moved to pull away, I reached up and curled my hand around his neck, keeping him in place and kissing him back as well as I was able given my general inexperience. He yielded, bringing his left hand up to stroke my cheek. His lips parted as he sucked in my lower lip and outlined it with his tongue. I felt a shiver run through my body, and I knew this was the best, most right, I'd ever felt in my life. We kept kissing, catching a breath here and there through our noses, but otherwise joined together, without interruption, for I didn't know how long. It was more than amazing; I never wanted it to end. But when I finally felt him pulling away, I knew I had to let him go. With much regret, I loosened my hold on his neck and mourned the loss as he shifted back into his chair.

"Shit." His breathy voice was slightly awed.

That was a glimpse into their first kiss, but there are so many other great moments. As the others said, it’s not smut heavy, and truthfully, I’m not sure it would have been nearly as great if it had been. The tone and narrative of this story was spot on, in my book.

If you are looking for something that bites at the heart, then this one is for you. Oh Jasper My Jasper has hinted at the possibility of an epilogue in the future. I’m keeping my fingers crossed as I would love, love, love a glimpse at what the future holds for these two!

Make sure to leave Oh Jasper My Jasper some love, and tell her The Pervs sent you!


It’s a “different side of the tracks” love story... They met apart from their own worlds, unknowingly falling for someone the “real world” would want to keep them away from, and boy oh boy does life try to fuck them over. Told in a clever juxtaposition of flashbacks and the present to reveal who the characters are, how they met, and where they currently stand, this story is full of deep characters, complicated circumstances, and best of all, the purity of young love and discovery.

But life has a way of marring that which is pure and innocent...sweet and cherished.

One is out and hated, the other only recently having admitted his true feelings to himself. Neither knows how to handle their circumstances, and I’m glad that there wasn’t an attempt to make either character have some miraculous solution for their situation because, let’s be honest, they’re high school kids. They’re in love, and they’re mature beyond their years, but they don’t have all the answers. That’s reality. That’s where the ugliness, the separation, and the heartache come into play.

I absolutely love this fic because it took two of my favorite characters, slashed them up, and smooshed them together in sweet love and dirty, awesome sex. It’s short but powerful, and an absolute...well, what would you call an internet-based version of a page-turner? A mouse-clicker? A nonstop-scroller? Whatever you call it, I couldn’t stop reading from the instant I started this story. The ending is so amazing and wonderful, I wanted to copy the final line of the story and paste it on my Facebook page like a sentimental teenager.

Hot, hot boys, flangst, and love. What more could you ask for?