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Team Wussperv: The Curse of the Swan by kitkat681

Team Wussperv, this team is made up of myself, Emmy aka Pippapear, Jess aka Jessypt, & Kim aka Kimpy0464, Plus we might every so often have one of our other pervs crash our party, as the fluffy goodness appeals to them too much!

I'm sure you're wondering what the fuck a wussperv is, right? A wussperv is someone that is...

A) Tragically canon
B) Loathes angst (when in massive doses)
C) Loves smut
D) Needs a Happy-Ever-After

We love to read new fluffy recc’s. :) Please feel free to let us know your favourite WussPerv friendly fic. It might be Team WussPervs next recc!

The Team WussPerv Pick is...

Title: The Curse of the Swan
Author: kitkat681
Reviews: 779
Summary:Bella Swan lives her life completely unaware that her time on this Earth is slowly counting down. A chance discovery opens her eyes to a history she never knew about. Will she be able to break the spell that has cursed her family for centuries?


When I saw this story was the pick this month I have to say I was intrigued as I haven’t read any real magic stories in fic yet, so I couldn’t pass up the chance to dive in to this one. I really enjoy the complexity of the plot, it’s well thought out and executed nicely. But the the thing that made me stop and really take notice of this story is that even though its listed as and Edward & Bella its really the love story of multiple couples and I feel just as invested with each and everyone.

There are so many touching moments about love and life and loss it impresses me how much is conveyed with the smaller chapters. The characters have depth and history to them and I am a sucker for historical fic. This has such a great touch of that. I don’t want to give too much away but this Edward holds so much of that old world charm you see from that type of fiction. The relationships between the Hale woman (Esme and Alice) and Bella is touching and portrayed with such care. There is so much mystery but at the core you can feel the love story and the tension between Edward and Bella which is always my hook.

Her body was warm and open.
Hands reaching…
Fingers grazing...
Chests rising and falling as lungs struggled to get enough air.
Her eyes were vague and cloudy but he knew she could see him.
"Edward…" She sighed and he felt his heart take off like a galloping horse beneath his ribs.
It had been so very long since he had been called by his name.
And it sounded so good falling from her lips.
"Please…" She breathed against his skin as she pulled his weight down on top of her.
She was so slight…
So delicate…
He wanted nothing more than to keep her safe and in his arms forever.
Her back arched as he pushed inside of her…
His cry mingling with hers as he felt her pulse around him.
He was so hard for her.
And she was so wet for him.
Together they were perfection.

So many scenes have a poetic quality to them that I adore. I can’t wait to see where The Curse of the Swan takes all these fantastic characters. Happy Reading!!


So this month, we have gone for a slightly different fic than normal. I would say that this fic is unlike any fic I have read before! And at times can be quite angsty. But not in a heartbreaking or cheating kind of way. Edward and Bella are truly meant to be together, but things try and interfere with that. Spiritual and ancient, malevolent things.....

I really enjoy Twi stories that have a magical or spiritual theme, but haven’t read that many, in fact there’ve only been another two that we have recc’d here on the shack before that I have read: Personification and Elemental. But The Curse of the Swan is very different again. And this story is very different from how the summary suggests.

The fic has a slightly old world feel to it, as things such as trends and mobile phones are not mentioned, and the magic that The Swans and The Hales practice seems almost old fashioned. Scrying, using different spell books and different plants and herbs. But it’s quite the bewitching mix! Bella only finds out about her hidden powers, when she finds out about the terrible curse upon the women in her family. To get pregnant and to lose their life. Bella turns to her newly discovered powers to try and stop the curse. But it’s unclear as to how she can break it, and save Edward. Edward has been wandering lost, alone, and not fully human for generations.

I really love the interesting storyline of this fic. More gets revealed each chapter, with twists and turns. I love the magical aspects. What I really love about this fic, is the side stories of the curse, the ones that involve Esme and her daughter Alice, as the Hales are always doomed by the curse too. They are the companion to each generation of cursed Swan. I thought this plot was done really well, and it was really great to see a more fully realised Esme, an Esme who fights for her family, and her own happiness. And it is ALWAYS good to see an Alice who is more than a personal shopper and spa addict. Great characterisations of both Esme and Alice in The Curse of the Swan.

Now as you all now I am a massive Edward slaaaaaag, and I normally wax lyrical in my recc’s about him. But I cannot do that in this recc, as I don’t want to give too much away about future mysteries and reveals in this story. What I can say is that he makes me swoon. He’s quite mysterious and gentle, yet fierce. He’s lovely. And there is one scene between him and Bella where his tenderness and care of her, their intimacy is just so touching. Its healing, in so many ways. Beautiful! I am not going to spoil that scene, but this scene is lemony sensual:
Her hands were restless against the skin of his back, tracing the ridges and slopes of his muscles while his did the same over her hips and down her legs.

His breath was hot against her flesh and she arched towards him, desperate to feel more of his skin against hers.

"Bella." He panted against the skin of her breast seconds before he enveloped her nipple in the hot moisture of his lips.

"Edward yes!" She sighed as her legs spread wide to accommodate him into the cradle of her body.

His green eyes, so deep and dark, looked into hers as he pushed his way into her.

His mouth covered hers, swallowing her cries as he made her his.
This fic is not a smutty read, but there are some beautiful lemons within this fic. And it speaks of the power of and need for intimacy as part of a loving relationship, key beliefs of us here at the Perv Pack! So it’s deffo a must read.

If you love Edward and Bella together, fighting against the odds, then this is the fic for you. Even if it seems tough-going at times. Trust! Now as a wussperv and terrible romantic, I must share a lovely line with you:
Together they were everything.


What a great find, Em! The Curse of the Swan is truly--wait for it--enchanting (I had to go there, I had to). I love the way kitkat681 is telling this very romantic story.

As "punny" as it may sound, as I read this last week I really did feel enchanted. Even with the drama and angst, there’s just something comforting about this story that wrapped around me. Confession: very often when authors include lyrics or poems in a story I will scan the lines quickly. So often only a bit of the song or poem would do, but the author has cut & pasted So. Many. lines. This is not the case in The Curse of the Swan. kitkat681 has written spells into each chapter. They add depth and understanding to the story, and they really draw the reader into the AU she’s envisioned.

As Corie said, it’s an E/B story, but there’s an amazing ensemble cast. I’m so invested in what happens to each of them. I love how Bella just delves into the magic, doing whatever she can do to learn about the curse and her family’s past. Esme and Alice are super here as a mother and daughter. Edward is mysterious, and his story, both past and present, really adds to the romance of the story as a whole. Jasper is incredibly sweet, and Carlisle is devoted to this ragtag family of witches.

The mystery is in high gear right now, lots of tension. I cannot wait to see how it all resolves. In the meantime, I suggest you give this romantic story a try!

The girls have covered so much about this story, so I’ll keep mine short and sweet. kitkat681 has crafted a very unique story. There were times (and she notes these in her author notes and tries to help out along the way) where I was confused - the nature of magic often does that - but even in the midst of it, I still felt compelled to press on, to find out how this curse that holds not just Bella and Edward hostage, but Esme and Alice, too, could be broken.

We have been on an interesting journey. I think, like the other Pervs mentioned above, one of the elements of this story I absolutely adore and appreciate is how it’s more than just an Edward/Bella love story. With the intertwining nature of the curse, we watch as two generations of Hale women suffer the ill effects of a curse that separates them their true loves. We see heartbreak and sorrow but also an unfailing and persevering spirit.

We are in the the throes of a rough patch right now, but I have no doubt that love will prevail. Give The Curse of the Swan a read. Make sure to leave kitkat681 some love, and tell her The Pervs sent you!


Dalloway 5906 said...

This story IS amazing- Im so glad you are giving it the credit it deserves <3

Emmy said...

Dear Dalloway,

Thanks for reading and your comment, yes its great when we can read something new and brilliant in the fandom...
Do let us know if you have other reccs that you think us in Team WussPerv will enjoy!

Much love
Emmy & the pervy girls in the PPSS