Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fandom Hopping - Transformers - Fracture Mechanics 03/28/2012


Some may say we’re easily distracted.

We say, “Why limit ourselves to just one fandom full of smut when there are soooo many other possibilities out there?!?!” And so we give you Fandom Hopping, a place to poke your nose into another universe, meet some new characters, and enjoy all the pervy possibilities when a writer fucks with the canon someone else created.

Summary: How mechs and factions break apart, and the choices that drive them to their absolute limits. Realities for each mech are redefined as worlds are torn asunder, and nothing is as it seems any longer. Where does the truth really lie for any mech?

After I finished reading Fracture Mechanics, I was, quite frankly, awestruck.

The narrative is emotional, intelligent, and powerful. It is cunningly written, with major surprises in more chapters than not. Once it grabs hold, it does not relent. The amount of thought put into each scene is obvious. What I enjoyed most about this story was the way it unfolded in the most unexpected
and complex of ways. Multiple times I was floored at what I was reading. Truly a gem in the world of fanfiction.


Okay, now that I’ve gotten that out of the way.

If you read only one fic in the Transformers fandom in your life, this is the one that it needs to be.
Fracture Mechanics portrays the story of two beings experiencing a soul-deep love in what are, perhaps, the worst circumstances imaginable.

Though not irredeemable, there will be points in this story where you hate both Soundwave and Jazz, though, surprisingly, it was more the latter than the former for me. They are wholly realized, rich characters who make mistakes, are faced with impossible choices, and as time goes on, make decisions based only on the hope to sate their need to be together in some way, forsaking nearly everything else in the process. It isn’t always pretty, but it will make you feel every emotion the way only a masterfully written story can.

It’s easy to gloss over the origins of Transformers, and if you’ve only watched the cartoon, or seen the Bayverse films, you’re just scratching the surface of this richly populated universe (but you’ve got enough background to dive in here, so don’t hesitate). In addition to being super cool robots that turn into super cool cars, they are sentient beings with millennia of history, culture, language and art. Unfortunately, the Cybertronians have been at war for nearly as long as Earth has held intelligent life. Those who are here on Earth are refugees, survivors of a self-inflicted apocalypse, living with only the basic means of survival, and no true permanent sanctuary or home.The principles which started this war are the same as any other: political oppression, socio-economic disparity between classes, and a charismatic military leader turned revolutionary, and their only hope to end it, lies in the same universal truths: hope, love, compromise.

The amazing thing that Asher119 does during the course of this story, is turn your perceptions of wrong and right in the face of conflict upside down. Even more than that, when put in the position of Jazz or Soundwave, the reader may even find themselves knowing that what is happening is wrong, but desperate to see it happen anyway because the moral taboo is overshadowed by the carnal desire, and emotional desperation.

A few weeks after reading this story, I found myself standing in the toy aisle with my 5 year old and he asked, ”Soundwave is a Decepticon. Decepticons are bad guys, right?” I then spent 15 minutes trying to explain that it’s okay for him to pick whichever toy he wanted, because Decepticons were only bad guys based on perspective, and that each Transformer should be looked at for who they are and their individual actions, and not judged based on their sigil.

Yeah. I’ve got it bad. This story gave it to me. Hard.

But the point is that this story is one of those rare pieces of fanfiction that can change the way you see the world based on the way it portrays characters that you think you already know about. It shows you a side of yourself, sometimes the ugly part, and gives you the chance to change your mind in this safe world of fiction.

The smut is also amazing. Those unfamiliar with Transformers fic may be initially o.O over the anatomical references of the mech form as it differs from the human one (spark, valve, transfluid, etc.) but trust me, within a chapter or two you won’t even notice. The passion conveyed by the intense emotional exchanges during the erotic content will captivate you with its intensity and surprise you when you find yourself squirming in your seat.

Read. This. Story. It is gorgeous, wickedly hot, and arguably important.

Once you’re done, come snuggle with me.


Hullo, mech lovers & other curious sorts =)

Be prepared in advance, this story is not fluff. It is a love story, full of twists and shocks, but in true Transformers fashion, it’s also an adventure...a mission.

Without giving away too much, a little background: Jazz, an Autobot, finds himself with Soundwave, a known and powerful Decepticon. The enemy. Jazz’s life is now on Earth, after the post-apocalyptic destruction of their home planet of Cybertron, so needless to say, he’s defensive and confused to find himself with this supposed lover. Soundwave is gentle and patient, carefully explaining to Jazz that they are in their home, on Cybertron, which was never destroyed. There was no war. There are no Decepticons. Confusion and doubt ensue as Jazz tries to reconcile the memories he has of his life with Soundwave to the vivid, detailed “fantasy” about the battle on Earth.

The question is, which world is real? The love he feels for Soundwave is genuine, and he believes them to be rekindling it as he accepts the reality of that life and let go of what his mind had apparently conjured up after a devastating injury. On the other hand, he has episodes where he can hear Prowl, one of his Autobot comrades, calling to him. He doesn’t really know who to believe, so he listens to his heart...falling deeper into Soundwave with each passing moment.

That’s as much as I will say because as you read this fic, you’ll be guessing just as much as Jazz. When the feelings are so strong and the lovemaking so intense, how can it not be real? And if it’s not, what is the purpose? How will things turn out? This story is quite different from other Transformers fics I’ve read, and I love the twists and turns of the plot, the originality, and the gut-wrenching reality of finding love and truth when the rest of your life has been ripped out from under you.

Would you believe that this:
Soundwave held his stare, looking at Jazz as if he were more beautiful than the baby crystal balancing in his hand and glistening as if the center of the galaxy were contained within its center. His gaze never wavered from Jazz, and as Jazz reached out a shaking hand to pluck the proto-crystal from Soundwave's palm, the corners of his mouth turned up gently, delicately, into his miniature smile.

Jazz's breath caught in his throat, clenching painfully around his gears as he tried to swallow. "Thank you," he whispered, refusing to look away from Soundwave's gaze.
is written about two Transformers, in their mech form? That this UST filled paragraph of longing is part of a story that will tie you up in knots? Not only because of the intensity of the sexual tension, but also because of the very clever mindfuck that drives the plot. When Chele asked the Pervs to check out Fracture Mechanics, I was in no way prepared for the depths of emotion--both positive and negative--that Asher119 could make me feel.

I’ve read a few Transformers one-shots before, but the Transformer(s) have always been in their holographic, human-like form. If you are not familiar with Transformers, but still want to read this amazing story, don’t fret. Everything makes sense with cursory knowledge of Transformers, and it doesn’t take long to picture Transformers in your head instead of humans.

As shown by the quote above and this one below, I find the intimate scenes--whether kissing, fucking, making love, or even dancing--to be incredibly hot. These are some freaking sexy and sensuous mechs!
"Dance with me, Soundwave," Jazz called out softly, motioning for Soundwave to join him.

"Negative," Soundwave said shyly, shaking his helm. His optics were still burning as they watched Jazz. "Watching preferable."

"Oh really?" Jazz grinned, slowly moving his way toward Soundwave, still grinding and swaying to the music as the song switched, a new blues tune belting out, this with more of a baseline then the previous. Jazz's hips picked it up immediately, swaying back and forth. Soundwave's optics blazed, catching sight immediately. "You like watching?" Jazz asked, dragging his words out slowly.

Silently, Soundwave nodded, frozen as Jazz slid up flush to his body. His engine surged, but his servos and gears locked up, paralyzed at the sensual way Jazz began grinding into his own hips. "Is this okay 'watching?'" Jazz whispered, smirking up at Soundwave.

Soundwave nodded dumbly. "Acceptable," he croaked, his engine beginning to race.

As intense and swoony as the loving happytimes in this fic are, the angsty times are just as intense combined with brutal, heart ripping out of your chest pain. There’s so much hurt and uncertainty

I finished reading this about two days ago, and I can’t stop thinking about the characters and the universe they inhabit. The characters completely came to life for me, and I’m not sure who I love the most. I love that Asher119 was able to create such rich main characters, but also well fleshed out supporting characters. I have a feeling they’ll all be sticking with me for days to come. Give it a try, you might find yourself using words like frag, interfacing, and spike or valve.