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Turn Me On: Twelve Months 3/5/12

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Twelve Months
Author: SassyK 
Status: WIP 
Chapters: 11 
Word Count: 32,186 
Summary: Twelve months is nothing when you've spent decades walking the earth, existing, searching; twelve months is everything when your search has come to an end. One year in the life of a gentle soul and the woman who recasts his world.


I adore vamp stories. The idea that such a creature could exist, walking the knife’s edge of need for blood, love, and sex is completely intriguing to me. In her story Twelve Months, SassyK entwines period sensibilities with a vampire point of view. She gives us an Edward that becomes captivated with the new widow in town, Isabella Black, and how he entices her into a courtship and more.

Edward’s thoughts of Bella as they develop their relationship are layered with all parts of his being, an admiration of her person is immediately followed by the desire for her blood. Words that are spoken are layered with subtle innuendo, a compliment of her dress is an admiration of her and her beauty. As the months on the calendar slip away, and their love for one another grows, Edward convinces himself to reveal his truth no matter the consequence. He hopes that he can make her his forever. 

It’s through Edward’s artistic eyes that we see the world and how color tints his every thought. Raven, gold, grass green, and ruby. You read the words as though he’s given you a charcoal drawing and then filled it in with his paints. 

After a conflict arises with her employer and Bella seeks shelter with Edward, he returns home one evening to find her bathing. He implores her to allow him to paint her, just as she is.
"You're exquisite, Isabella. Your skin, your smell…" I pause to lick between her shoulder blades. "…your taste."

Lifting her arms above her head, I kiss my way across her shoulder blade. I pull back and brush the backs of my fingers against the side of her breast. I let go of her arms but she keeps them raised and I slip my hands around her waist, resting them over the bunched up garment on her lap. Isabella parts her legs slightly and I groan at the thought of what she might allow me to do.

I rest my forehead against her back, panting like a dog.

"Isabella, please…I want to touch you…as a husband touches his wife. Please let me touch you." She sucks in a breath. "Oh, Edward…yes…"

Over thin layers of fabric, I press down gently with my fingers, seeking heat. Isabella drops her arms and places her hand on top of mine, guiding me. Our hands move together slowly, rubbing up and down the juncture of her thighs. Her hips move in response, and she suddenly pushes my hand firmly down until I can feel the most intimate part of her. My fingers pick up her rhythm as I learn which touches make her writhe, while my other arm reaches up to caress her breast.

She's breathing hard and I get caught up in her ecstasy. I twist my head around to kiss and nuzzle her breast. Tongue her nipple. Isabella arches up and with a quiet moan, shudders with pleasure.

Suddenly I'm fighting the urge to push her forward and fuck her like an animal.

I sink my teeth into her shoulder, but not enough to break skin. Venom flows from my mouth, dripping down her chest, her back; I suppress the bittersweet agony of it not mingling with her blood.

Isabella collapses against me, spent. I kiss her neck softly, keeping my lips pressed against her carotid artery until it slows to a steady cadence.

We sit quietly for a few minutes. My immediate lust for her subsides, but my love for her is even greater than I thought possible. I want her to be mine, if she'll have me.

Forever…if she'll let me.

I am so looking forward to seeing how their love will deepen and if the question of Isabella joining Edward in an infinite future will be raised and answered. I hope that you’ll take a moment to see Twelve Months through Edwards eyes.


I was so excited when Dolly brought this story for Turn Me On, I absolutely adore it. Such a rich and beautiful layered tale with strongly visual driven writing that leaves me almost winded after each chapter. We have some of my favorite ingredients here vamp and historical fic. I about fell over reading how the Victorian time period lends to such a sexually charged read. It’s all about the looks and smallest touches that drives these characters and the reader wild. The way society looks down its nose as anything sexual or sensual that makes the chemistry even more charged between Edward and Bella from the moment they meet. With that being said there is some hard core blatant sexuality as well. We are dealing with a Vampire who doesn’t play within the same rules as society.

I drag my thumb across her plump lips and then push on her shoulders and she sinks to her knees in front of me, expertly unfastening my trousers. When she takes me in her mouth, I groan in relief.

My eyes squeeze shut again, and for a few moments, I lose myself in a fantasy.

Lose myself in Isabella.

My hands instinctively reach for her hair, but instead of finding soft, silky waves, they plunge into coarse, wiry ringlets.

My eyes jerk open and I immediately pull her off me, shoving her toward the bed.

She falls onto her stomach and I position her on her hands and knees. Without further preamble, I lift her skirts and push into her.

I fuck her savagely, and fittingly, she moans like an animal.

As my climax nears, I press myself into her back, my hands gripping her hips like a vise, my mouth clamping onto her neck like a leech.

When I release inside her, the red haze blinds me.

Bite, bite, bite…

The use of color and season in this story is done beautifully. Edward is an artist and the author really pulls you in to how he sees the world in that manner and also how the beauty of Isabella rules all of his senses. This story has me captivated and as we near the end of the twelve months with these characters I hope you join us in reading and enjoy as much as I have watching this love story bloom.

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