Monday, March 19, 2012

Slash Brigade: A Madness Most Discreet 3/19/12


What Perv doesn't love sexy man on man action? The truth is so many of us Pervs love slash fic that we can't just be called a team. We're the whole damn brigade! Batten down the hatches, stock up on supplies 'cause the ladies of the Slash Brigade are here to rec some slash fic.

The Slash Brigade pick is...

Title: A Madness Most Discreet
Author: vampireisthenewblack
Chapters: 19
Words: 54,183
Reviews: 827
Pairing: Edward/Jasper
Summary: I'm pretty sure Edward Cullen hates my guts. It's the way he looks at me, the way he stares so intensely. If that were the extent of the problem it would be easy to ignore, but it's not. Because I'm pretty sure I'm in love with him. AH E/J Slash NC-17

This story is one of those that is the perfect mix of sexy, fun and exploration AND a proper serious story, about finding friendship, love and being brave enough to reach out for it and not hide it away. This story is loosely divided into two parts. The second part of the story is what we are in now, in it Edward is finding it hard to deal with Jasper not willing to let anyone know what has happened between them, what is between them, who they are to one-another. And Jasper? Well Jasper is not really coping with the pressure.... The first half of the story is slightly frothier. Full of initially confused feelings, followed by LOTS of ruddy delicious experimentation and finding out just how much they click with one another.....

Thankfully that smutt-tastic experimentation continues into Part II of the story! **Phew**

Here is some of the extreme yummy from my favouritest fave of a chapter:

Edward's cock tastes faintly of rubber. I ignore it and keep licking and sucking him until he's hard again.

His fingers thread through my hair and he grips tight. I really do want him to fuck me, so I ignore his groan when I stand up. I turn away from him and look back over my shoulder. "Please," I whisper.

He shakes his head. "We can't."

"Yeah we can."

He frowns. "No." He brings himself close to me anyway.
Arching back against him, I rub my ass against his cock. It feels good, and I want more, so I reach back and grasp his hips and grind myself back on his cock, lifting up onto my toes and sliding down his body, trying to impale myself on his dick.

Edward groans. "Fuck, Jasper," he says, then he moves, giving me a shove so I have to let go of him and put my hands out to save myself.

I rest my cheek on the cold shower wall and sigh, disappointed, embarrassed, but then there is a slippery, blunt nudge between my ass cheeks as Edward holds his cock there.

He pushes in.

I'm prepared for the pain this time, and I grit my teeth and breathe though the burn. He gets halfway in before he stops, leaning heavily against my back, and our breathing is identical, heavy and measured and completely in sync.

"Oh god, Jas. We can't do this."

I shake my head. "Please." It's all I can get out.

He pulls back, real slow, and I whimper, but he pushes back inside again, going deeper. Moaning, he pulls out and thrusts back in again, faster this time, and with a series of quick thrusts he's all the way inside me. "Too good, Jas. Fuck, too fucking good."

My face is hot and I don't know if it's the shower or the fact that Edward has his cock in my ass again. The dull ache is almost overshadowed with the crazy sensation of being so full of him I feel like I might explode. It's even better without a condom, so much more sensation with every thrust. Just the thought of how much closer we are than last time has me clenching up hard in my guts and in my ass.

Hummana-hummana!!!! As you can see fecking delicious!!! So hot sexy yummy times? CHECK!
Slight angst and fear of potential heartichoke? CHECK
(but also!)
Cute, cute boys, acting cute?! CHECK!
Experimentation??!! CHECK!!
Teenage anxiety, fears and natural reactions? (hello reaction times and hair triggers!) CHECK!

Therefore its pretty much the perfect teenage slashy fic! Messy boys with messy lives, but so in love. I gave a slight angst warning above, but do remember I’m a total pussy. So it might not be for you!! But there is not mindless drama and stupid love triangles done for the sake of it, or ANY of that nonsense. Its all seems to me to be genuine teenage concerns and experiences. As Edward and particularly Jasper comes to terms with finding the love of his love so early on, and in the same sex. A great read, CHOCK-A-BLOCK full of smut and sexual explorations and hi-jinks! So what the feck are you waiting for? Go read it!!!! Now chapettes, of you go!

Oh, to be a teenager in high school. That wonderful time of life where you’re worrying about your appearance and imagining the horrible things everyone else might be thinking about you. Jasper in A Madness Most Discreet is convinced that Edward Cullen hates him, because Edward spends much of his school day scowling at Jasper. Just to make Jasper’s life that much more agonizing, he has a monster crush on Edward, and is faced with the prospect of spending an evening with the entire Cullen family because his sister is dating Emmett Cullen.

As it turns out, Edward doesn’t hate Jasper, he really, really likes him. Once that’s all cleared up, the boys progress to kissing, touching, and dry humping pretty quickly--all with their families downstairs. They are two horny teenage boys, and they take any opportunity they can to get their hands or mouths on one another. If there’s one thing I know about The Slash Brigade, it’s that we Pervs sure do enjoy some hs boy/boy loving. The fact that they’re having to steal moments together and keep secrets from their family and friends makes the times they are together all that much hotter.

If you think this is going to be a fluffy tale of hs love, you’d be mistaken. After all, this is vampireisthenewblack, queen of slashy angst. Like the other Pervs have mentioned, this part of the story is focusing on Edward’s desire to come out as a couple to his parents, and to be a couple openly at school. Jasper is terrified of what his parents will say or do, and has no desire to come out until he’s at college and away from Forks. Being teens, the boys aren’t the best communicators. Will they be able to find a compromise that satisfies them both? Or will this tear them apart? I know I’ll be staying tuned to find out.

As Emmy mentioned, this story is told in two parts. Part I is all about new discoveries, getting past the confusion of them both thinking the other hated them, and then giving in to all the lusty feelings they’d both been suppressing. And trust me, there are A LOT of yummy moments between these two high school boys.

In Part II, things have taken on a slightly more intense feel. The boys are in love and trying to navigate the very complex world of high school dating, coming out, and finding moments of alone time for all the hot sexy times they are both dying for! At times, I found myself really frustrated reading this, and that is not a reflection on vampireisthenewblack
storytelling abilities, it’s merely a reminder that both Edward and Jasper are young. Neither boy is confused about their sexuality, but Jasper is completely freaked about coming out, despite the fact that a fair number of people actually know. On the other hand, Edward has come off a bit insensitive at times as he pushes Jasper to come out to his parents and friends. They are both tired of sneaking around, but fear of the consequences - especially after another gay guy gets picked on in the school cafeteria - runs high. It’s at the height of my frustration that I remember that these boys are mere babies - both just sixteen. I tried to remember what my life felt like at that age and how confusing the world often seemed. Couple that with all the added pressure of coming out and being with your first boyfriend... yeah, it’s tough. I think vampireisthenewblack has done a truly lovely job balancing that frustrating - on both their parts (and mine, ha!) - with some very tender and HOT moments.

From chapter one, the UST is intense, a product of a lot of sidelong glances at school and tension filled classes, but fortunately for us, it’s short-lived. And good grief we get this little diddy as things start to get shaken up:

My fingers tighten on his hand, twisting into his fingers, and I squeeze because suddenly it's apparent I was wrong. Edward Cullen doesn't hate me. The same feelings I'm having—the need, the want, the tension—he's feeling, and his fingers squeeze back, and my heart leaps, and I lean forward without thinking, and so does he.

His lips are on mine, his mouth crushing mine, and I feel his tongue and open my mouth to him, and it's hurried, and wet and clumsy and it hurts a little when his teeth scrape my lip but I don't care because Edward Cullen is kissing me, I'm kissing him, and our fingers are still entwined and my free hand clutches at his chest, balling the fabric of his shirt in my fist, pulling, needing him to be closer.

He seems to understand, because he turns us so I am against the counter and he's pushing hard against me as his lips and tongue and teeth devour me. I feel tiny groaning sounds coming from his chest, vibrating against my hand, and I place it flat, rubbing, moving over him until I can feel a hard nipple beneath my palm through his shirt and I can't help but flick my thumbnail over it.

He growls and shoves his hips into me, hard, crushing me against the counter.

That’s only the beginning, and as the other Pervs have said, these two launch into full-scale discovery mode, testing, tasting, and teasing until they go all the way. vampireisthenewblack has woven a lovely tale, and I for one am anxious to see how she resolves Jasper’s fears and if Edward can wait long enough to see it through.


Teenage love...the thrill of discovery...of firsts...the excitement...the nerves...the joy...the fear. It’s all here. Sometimes it’s easy to be cynical and scoff at teen romances, especially slash teen romance because, seriously, how many gay teens are lucky enough to find someone to share their heart with? The thing is, despite all the challenges and inner turmoil that Jasper and Edward face in this story, vampireisthenewblack makes their budding relationship so wonderfully believable and happy. Oh, and totally tasty-cakes-hot.

I really love this fic because these two young men are on level ground when it comes to their sexual experience. While Edward is openly gay within his family, Jasper is extremely closeted. He struggles greatly with what will happen if and when his family finds out, but there are reassurances he never expected that come up along the way. It’s wonderful to see how this helps him thrive, and it really does warm the heart. Where Edward’s openness confounds Jasper at times, it helps Edward support Jasper and push him to open up emotionally. Both boys learn to see parts of themselves they’d still been holding back on, and they grow together.

Vampireisthenewblack is a gem of a slash writer, and if you are an Edward/Jasper lover...a Jasper love...or just a slashy Edward lover, you definitely need to be reading this one!


It’s hard enough being a teenage without coming to terms with being a gay man. I do love coming of age stories.

Jasper really trusts no one with his secret at the start of the story, but as chapters continue, more and more people come out in support of him. Unfortunately, the people who he really needs/wants support from, his parents, are people he won’t get support from. This informs nearly every interaction he has aside from those truly private moments he has with Edward. Jasper is a skeptic of the support from people and is unable to use the comfort that is at his fingertips.

What he and Edward have is intense. It’s clumsy and realistic and raw, but also intensely sweet. Reading this took me back in time. I remember these feelings that seemed to beat inside with every breath. Of course, this leads to some moments of not-so-mature thinking. Impulse control has never been a teenage forte. ;) Miscommunication happens, but Rosalie seems to sense when things have gone awry and pushes Edward and Jasper to fix things.

The social structure of high school plays a role in this as well. Best friends, proms, sitting at lunch tables, classes. In a small town when someone changes their patterns, people notice, and Jasper notices that people have noticed.

So now what? How will Jasper protect his heart, his secrets, and his relationship? Can he protect all three? I wonder what will have to give.