Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Bellie Awards

Nominations accepted June 8-24
Voting will begin July 15

Points to note: Three authors are ineligible due to their involvement with the Bellies:
limona, wtvoc, jandco

One story is ineligible: Wide Awake, by Angstgoddess003. That story is ineligible because it has already won the maximum number of Bellies (two) that a story can win.

No one author can be up for more than two Bellie Awards in any session.

In the event an author is nominated in more than two categories, we will leave her in the two categories where she received the most nominations.


1. Canon Fic That’s Better Than Canon

2. Best Comedy

3. Plot You Wish You Came Up With

4. Update You Twitter About

5. Alice You Wish Was Your Best Friend

6. Best Slash

7. Best RPF

8. Favorite Darkward

9. Best Banner

10. Most Re-readable

11. Best Non-Smutty Story (Rated T or under)

12. Best Unresolved Sexual Tension (UST)

13. Best Twist on a Canon Quote