Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Emergency! MsKathy needs a doctor like this, STAT!

Title: Emergency!
Author: EJ Santry
Chapters: one-shot
Words: 7,268
Reviews: 64
Summary: Bella is a student at the UW whose clumsy tendencies has landed her in an ER more than once. One fateful fall lands her into the eager hands of a hot attending ER doctor. Written for “Forbidden Love Affair” A Contest of Hidden Desires. BxE, AH

Okay, I completely suck at titles. Don't let my late-night lack of wit keep you from reading this delicious little oneshot.

A few confessions: first, I happen to dislike most oneshots simply because they are oneshots. I find it a very difficult task to properly lay out a good story and bring it to fruition nicely. I think penning a stellar oneshot is a finely honed talent. Second, I endeavor to bring oneshots that aren't very well known, and seriously, if you think it's easy to combine all of these things, I challenge you to dive in and poke around for yourself.

EJ Santry wrote this oneshot, Emergency!, for the Forbidden Love Affair contest, and I confesss, I did not read it then. I have remedied my mistake, however, and now I implore upon all of you to read (and review!) it as well.

Bella has slipped and fallen while taking the trash out one night, and the lovely Alice accompanies her to the university emergency room. Cue up Dr. Edward. The flirting is mutual and instant. Of course, since Bella has fallen, it's her tailbone that requires an exam. I really liked that premise - I mean, the poor girl has to basically bare her ass for Edward in the first ten minutes of knowing him.

Hot times ensue, and even though some of you are shaking your head at the cliche that is Dr Edward, I shake my head right back. Read it first, then judge. What I also loved about this fic, aside from the smexy good times, were the emotions and the longer-term storyline built in. Several months span between the first and second encounter between Bella and Dr. Sexy, and then some other things happen which briefly derail the budding romance. I like that it wasn't just easy for them to get together forever after the first time. I also liked Bella's confidence and the implied lack of guilt Bella had over their moment(s) together.


Ninapolitan said...

This should NOT have been read while at work especially not when I have a 3hr meeting in 15 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

manyafandom said...

I just read this two days ago and LOVED it. Loved it. It's smutty and fun and also steamy and light. And I love the twistyness of the end.

Awesome Rec and awesome story.

Beth Sabatino said...

I am humbled. Truly.

tby789 said...

This is why Bethy is so dangerous. Sweet little face, filthy little mind.

I agree with Hope, awesome rec and awesome story.

Anonymous said...

Can you guys do a "Guide to smut terms" please? What is "AU"??! The only thing I can figure out is POV. LOL. Also. I know M = mature and Lemon is GOOD, but how do I measure that on a scale? Can you help me out or point me in the right direction.