Monday, June 22, 2009

"Pube Poll" Bald? Strip? Linda Lovelace Bush?

Okay ladies, here's the poll, new guesses, old ones answered.

This week's Match Game:

For the women:

ex-short/narrow landing strip, bald undercarriage

Everyone else is BALD!

For the men:

Bald & Smooth

Everyone else prefers manscaped

Last weeks answers.
11-20; 10 + 3 women. So lucky 13 I THINK? (Bad memory)...this was from Cullenitis

20++ I am a slut and proud of it!...this was from OIPEm

20+ I also believe I hold the PPSS record, and yes. My slutty ass (and other parts) are proud of that...this was from Ninapolitan


Anonymous said...

Ok you baldies! I seriously need to know - how do you do it? Waxing? OUCH! Shaving? Too much trouble. Is there a secret way I don't know about? I've tried it and I like it but I have yet to find THE way to do it. So DISH! Inquiring minds or some such shit.

mhgood said...

Okay, I gotta comment on this one! I am [in the process of going] bald. I actually rather prefer a nicely trimmed pubic area (I call it the forest of darkness with secret places hiding underneath, hah!), but my husband's big fantasy is for me to go bald. I hate shaving, and usually cut myself in the attempt (and I'm always sure I'll either slice my clit off or bleed out and DIE), so, in an effort to find a better way to fill my husband's dreams, I started researching brazillian waxing.

And promply ditched the idea. Ouch! Getting the hair *down there* yanked out--NOT for me.

Instead, I'm getting it all lazered off. And it doesn't hurt very much at all. It's kinda like a quick pinch, or a rubberband snap. And there's no pain afterwards at all. It's quick, too--my first session only lasted fifteen minutes.

If you add up the cost, it comes out to be worth it, at least for me.

We'll see. I still have five more sessions to go and I'll be bald forever. In the meantime, in between sessions, I'm letting the dorman hairs grow back in and enjoying my little forest of curls while I still can. LOL!

Janet said...

When I was in my early 20's I was meticulously groomed down below, but for the last few years I've been in a pube funk. When I groom at all, it's usually just a trim, or a shave to the sideburns in prep for the beach. I waxed once and ended up looking like an angry plucked chicken which promptly turned into a field of ingrown hairs - yuck. I'd like to get back into some sort of grooming regimen, but I feel so lazy about it...

Also, can anyone tell me if Brazilian waxing is as horrifying as it seems?

OIP Em said...

No brazilian is not as bad as it seems. It does hurt a bit but the more times you go the easier it gets and the end result is defs worth it.

antiaol said...

I'll spill the deets on my thread come Friday morning. I go on Thursday for my first. Shaving is a pain in the ass and I can't be bothered anymore. So, instead, I'm going to go get my skin ripped off.

Wish me luck.