Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Stephie's "If Breaking Dawn was an Adult Urban Fantasy Novel"

Title: Talk Through It
Chapters: one-shot
Words: 5,092
Reviews: 152
Summary: Edward talks Bella through her change into a vampire with surprising results. Inspired by the Dirty Talking Edward contest. One shot. Rated M for lemony, sexy DTE fun.

*this is coming to you thanks to Nina because I am currently either in the air or touched down in lovely Chicago*

So, I seem to always find it hard to settle on a one shot to rec. I don't know why that is. I've read so many good ones. But when the time comes (hehe) all thought escapses me. Luckily I have friends who are here to help (gracias mskathy) and offer up great suggestions. If not for that help I don't know if I would've ever read this one shot, not because it's not worthy of the read, but because I find time is not always on my side.

Anyway, my rec for the day comes from wishimight's Talk Through It, inspired by the DTE contest.

The story takes place during Bella's change into a vampire. She and Edward are alone as he tries to comfort and ease the pain of the burning sensation. He's tried everything: soothing words, holding her, singing her lullaby hundreds of times...She's been in transition for over 2 days so he knows that the pain will end soon. Still her screaming and writhing is unbearable. Edward is so frustrated he does something unthinkable, unfathomable, un-(you get the point)...he SWEARS. Not just any swear word though, he drops the big F bomb. He screams out "Fuck!" in utter desperation for the situation at hand. Bella, obviously never hearing Edward swear like that, is shocked as well. You think everything would go back to normal, or as normal as being turned into a vampire can get, only Edward happens to mention that once Bella is a vampire they "can finally... truly... be together.”

The pain isn't strong enough to keep Bella from wanting more details than that. And so hesitantly, Edward launches into a more detailed description of just how they can be together. It seems with a little encouragement, our dear Vampward has quite the dirty mouth. And it is hot enough to replace the fire of the change with the fire of lust in Bella. Eventually the change is done. And when Bella wakes up, she isn't exactly hungry for blood if ya know what I mean *waggles eyebrows*

The sex is what should have been in the book if SM hadn't been such a cockblock. It's good, it's hot, it's vamptastic in all it's shaggarific (is that even a word?) glory. And while it's quite yummy in that aspect, it's also hilarious too. The last line...Emmett...haha. Well, I can't actually tell you what he says, where's the fun in that? I guess you'll just have to read to find out. Trust me, I think it's totally worth it.


Galathea said...

Awesome one shot and my first vamp lemon really hot!!

Love=EDWARD said...

Okay, Stephie...I need a new fic to read like I need a lobotomy, but since you are a pimp extraordinaire, I'm taking the plunge here and reading this biznitch. Anything that has better (read: hotter) sex than Smeyer's COCKBLOCKALYPSE NOW has got to be given a fair chance. Right?