Monday, June 8, 2009

Perv Pack Polling of Pervling Virginity

Alrighty my dear pervlings, we are starting something new today. From today forward, every Monday will be POLL DAY. That's right, every Monday I (PurdueLiz) will be bringing you question about sex to answer.

Answer the poll anonymously or leave us a comment if you want. Just remember, there's no such thing as TMI amongst fellow pervs.

Anonymous quotes from the Pervs: Match the Perv to the 'experience' and Bri will send you some man meat.

"I was 15, barely, and had already come to the conclusion that I 'needed' to know what the big deal was. The guy was just some hot senior. My one regret was that it could've been with the boyfriend before him who actually cared about me, rather than being a notch on Hot Senior's belt."

"I was 17, it was with my boyfriend (now husband) of two years and it happened in Disney World."

"I was 17 and there's no grand story behind it."

"I was 3 months from my 19th birthday, with the boyfriend who would become my husband. On the floor in his dorm room."

"17 with an older man. *shrugs*"


antiaol said...

I like how you offered up my man meat - you slut!!

Alright....alright...I'll share.

Stephanie said...

In my defense, I offered up all the ones that were given to me. :P

Kassiah said...

Dude I don't want to guess at this but I love Bri's meat selection soooo I guess Lu was 15, MsKathy was 17 and pretends there was no grand story, Nina was 17 with older man *snicker*, Bri was at disney world and... ugh nevermind. Can't I just get the manmeat for trying?

tby789 said...

I'm guessing Hopey was the 17 year old with the older man...only because she strikes me as a *shrug* type of person.

I think Bri was the 19 year old, but I'm cheating because I think I remember a conversation like that.
Yes? No?

SereneCaffeine said...
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SereneCaffeine said...

I would play match the perv to their V story, but I kind of cheated when I asked Steph which one she was.

I was BARELY 16, with my boyfriend and it was under a Christmas tree on Christmas Eve. Ha ha ha! That sounded like an answer in a game of Clue!

Anonymous said...

I was fifteen, and it was in the handicap bathroom of the movie theater on my best friend's birthday. Up against the wood partition. ;)