Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hopey loves a vivid imagination.

Title: The Secret Life of Edward Cullen & The Secret Life of Bella Swan
Author: OhMyWord
Chapters: one-shot
Words: 2751/2975
Reviews: 30/15

The Secret Life of Edward Cullen: I walk up to the counter slowly, what’s the worst that could happen right? Ok, I could make a fool of myself. She might have a boyfriend, she might laugh at me, I might burst into flames right in front of her.

The Secret Life of Bella Swan: I’m more than a little embarrassed to say that I rearranged my shifts so I’d work on the days he was most likely to come in. Yes I do, in fact, realize how lame that probably sounds.

Yes! Finally back around to moi for the One-Shot Wednesday post. I actually have a pair of companion one-shots today for your reading pleasure. I struggled to come up with a one-shot for my post today. I haven't been in a down-n-dirty mood lately, and most one-shots are down-n-dirty. And then I remembered these two stories, that I think I rec'd in the deviant corner awhile ago. But they deserve a main spotlight because of the unique storyline and stellar writing. So I give you The Secret Life of Edward Cullen and The Secret Life of Bella Swan.

Now I love a vivid imagination and a rich fantasy life and these two stories provide it in spades. These two stories follow an evening of an 'Ordinary Joe', Edward and an 'Ordinary Jane', Bella. Both have admired each other from afar, not realizing that the object of their admiration felt the same way. Edward is a patron at the bookstore where Bella works, not because of his love of books, but because he is enamored with the young women who works there. Bella notices the man who frequents the store and changes her schedule around to work when he usually come in.

They are both shy on the outside, while on the inside they both have rich and vivid fantasies involving the two of them together. Sometimes they are triggered by something external; a book, a cafe, a picture and sometimes they are the stuff pure fantasy. The fantasies or scenarios come and go as they each envision themselves with the other, to the point where they almost take over their lives. The scenario's are not always sexual, sometimes it's the mundane but wonderful everyday things that couples do; like reading the Sunday paper in bed. They both stutter and stumble and berate themselves during their brief encounters in the real world. Whereas in their fantasy worlds they are deeply in love and in tune with the other. Will they ever get the courage to actually talk to the other...well you'll just have to read to find out.

The stories move from the present to the created fantasies of the mind almost seamlessly and it takes the reader a moment to realize where the character is. It's not jerky or disorientating as one might think. There isn't any graphic sex in the stories, but it's alluded to and allows the reader to create their own fantasy. Again the writing is lush and detailed while leaving enough to the imagination. OhMyWord is also the author of many other great stories like Letters to Gramercy and The Life and Times of the Painfully Shy.



MsKathy said...

awesome recs, Hopey!! <3

Ninapolitan said...

I love Letters to Gramercy as well as these two. Great choices Hope

Emmy said...

Hopey! You know how much I love OhMyWord! Thanks ever so for reccing these fics of hers! :D You rock! :) XXXX