Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Exclusive interview with Benjamin Godfre

Yes, you read that right. THE Benjamin Godfre took some time out of his busy schedule to talk with one of our pervs. We've recently been made aware that his image has swept the Twilight Fandom. Seems we're not the only ones that thinks Ben is the perfect Edward. OOE has plastered his mug up all over on her Holding Out For You thread, and Jen has done the same on hers for Just One of the Guys.

One of our brave pervs, contact him and asked if he would be willing to do an interview with us. We did prepared him of the fact that our questions would not be "typical" interview questions and that we were perverts. Much to our surprise, even with the disclaimer, he agreed.

Now, on with the interview...

PPSS: What's it feel like to know that thousands of girls fantasize about you as their perfect Edward? And, we do mean fantasize... *wiggles eyebrows*
Ben: Thousands of girls fantasize about me as their perfect Edward??! Thats very flattering indeed. I am pleased to know that my images can turn on guys AND girls! I love the camera and I only want to share beauty and intimacy with my images.

PPSS: Any chance you've read Twilight? If so, did you picture yourself as Edward?
Ben: Unfortunately I havent read twilight, I have only seen the movie. But I must admit, Edward was my favorite character because of his ability to love and act with integrity. I guess Edward is a model for any real man to follow.

PPSS: How about fanfiction based on Twilight? With all your spare time, did you happen to read anything off that link we sent you earlier? If you have, no doubt you've seen how...umm...colorful we can be. Thoughts?
Ben: sorry, I didnt get a chance =<

PPSS: You've made the girls go wild on the threads over on Twilighted.net - you sure are a hottie. If we want a bump in thread traffic, we just have to whip out my collection of Benji pics and go to town. How long you been modeling? And, how did you get started?
Ben: I have been modeling since I was 12 years old. I was the original Camp Snoopy kid for the Mall of America in Minneapolis, MN. My modeling really took off when I moved to LA/OC in 2006. Im 22 years old now, and for the past 3 years, I have been working directly with some of the best designers and photographers in town, which surely adds to my experience. I will try to model for some time to come, as long as I have fans that love what I can produce xo

PPSS: Speaking of those pics.... We've...um... come across something a little naughty of you. It's *ahem* quite revealing and there's been much speculation on the threads about your...um... assets. Some girls even tried to blow it up to life size and actually got out a ruler. A RULER! Care to just ease their minds and give us the deets?
Ben: Haha, are you serious?? If I told you, would it give away the mystery?? Lets just say that no one has ever complained ha ha

PPSS: Since that photo has been out, any crazy ladies (or guys) come up and try to cop a feel of the junk? If so, have you started taking kick boxing to protect your family jewels?
Ben: Crazy people approach me all the time, I only wish it resulted in a release!

PPSS: On that note, who hits on you more? Dudes or chicks?
Ben: I live in a pretty straight part of OC, but there are a few guys that have approached me. Usually its the girls who I have connections with. Women are the best ya know?

PPSS: You know that ink is totally hot, right? Yep, us cougars drool over that shit and - well - you have a lot of them (hence a lot of drooling). So, any particular reason you got them? Are they of significance or did you just mark your body permanently to get the ladies?
Ben: Thank you, youre sweet. I DO love my cougars. Haha. But my tattoos represent the time and mindset of my self when I received them. It might sound shallow, but I only have the tattoos to ad an aesthetic quality to my look, and nothing more ha ha =/

PPSS: More on the tats. How many do you have? Where are they? And, what do they mean?
Ben: I have 5 tattoos total. Can you count them all for a prize??

PPSS: We got all five! 1 - bicep, 1 - left shoulder blade, 1 - right shoulder/arm, 1 - calf,
1 - foot. Now, where's our prize?
PPSS: We know you're not just a pretty face (and body), but you're in school as well. What're ya studying? Ever thought about just being a boy toy? We know some cougars that could probably help you out with that if you wanted...
Ben: Talk Talk Talk.. all I ever hear is Talk. Lets see some action ppl =P. I am currently studying to become a doctor. Right now I am trying to get in to University of California, Irvine for a B.S. in Biomedical engineering:premedical. I have an affinity for biology and school is my favorite on-going challenge.

PPSS: Because we're pervs and inquiring minds want to know...what's your fave sexual position? We'll tell ours if it will make you feel more comfortable...
Ben: I have a feeling you like ATM jk. My favorite sexual position is when the girl is on her stomach and I am on top of her while nibbling and caressing her neck with my tongue and lips. Dont forget the hair pulling and naughty secrets as well.

PPSS: We sent you the link to The Locker. Did you have a looksie? We went a little wild over the nipple ring. Still have that sucker?
Ben: Whats the locker?? Unfortunately I dont have any piercings anymore. I was 18 when I took that photo. Ha ha

PPSS: You've just broken me a little inside, Ben. We might cry all day over this. Well, in our mind you still have the piercing. ;)

PPSS: How's it feel to know that you're one of our top Man Meat guys? We have ladies begging for more pics of you...
Ben: It feels great to know that I can turn a woman on these days. Im in Palm Springs right now and I just finished the most incredible-cutting-edge series of new shots. They will hopefully be published in a few magazines soon. Check my modelmayhem page if you desire to see more

PPSS: Anything specific you look for in a significant other? And, no, we are not going to ask you if there is someone currently because if there is, it will dash the dreams of 30-something housewives everywhere.
Ben: Im happily single => I love a girl who can hold a conversation. I am a big fan of touching and I think a little flirting is important to keep the spark alive. I guess if you have a bubble butt and great curves then you have a body that I think is sexy. Some hot tattoos and cute-hidden piercings are always sexy as well. Hygiene is a must! Great hair, nails, and teeth are amazing.

PPSS: One of my girls found a quote from you about romance (you really know what buttons to push with the ladies). So, what's the most romantic thing you've done or had done for you?
Ben: No one has done anything romantic for me in a while. But recently, I decided to make a delicious meal for a friend of mine. First, I grilled pepper crusted ahi and sautéed some fresh veggies. Then we had ice cream and wine. Yummy.

PPSS: So, rumor has it you want to be an actor one day. What would be your dream role? (if it was my choice, I woulda cast you as Edward, btw)
Ben: Acting has always been a secret passion of mine. I doubt I can do it though because of my insanely difficult and time consuming school load. I would have to agree with you, Edward is the man.

PPSS: We know you love to skateboard, how about surf? And, does how you move on a skateboard have any relevance with out you move...you know...in other ways?
Ben: I LOVE to sk8! I literally go to the skatepark everyday. I cant get enough. No, I dont surf, Im not much of a water fan. It gets kinda dirty around Newport/Huntington. Well, skating is like sex in someways. If you want to be good, then you need endurance. IF you want to excel, you need to focus until the end. A strong finish never hurts right?

PPSS: How long have you been skateboarding for? You've probably taken a spill or two, eh? Any rockin' scars? Where at and how'd you get them?
Ben: Ive been skating for 5 years. I have scars on my forarms and chest from it! It gets gnarly.

PPSS: Boxers, briefs or commando?
Ben: Briefs or commando. I ONLY wear timoteo briefs. They are the most comfortable briefs ever and they are sexy as hell too. I am the spokes model for his company, but I would still wear his clothes even if I wasnt affiliated. I simply love how his underwear is low rise which barely covers my ass. Ha ha www.timoteo.net

PPSS: We prefer commando...
Though, these aren't bad, either...
PPSS: What's your favorite swear word? Any you can't stand?
Ben: My favorite swear word is FUCK. Its so versatile ha ha. I cant stand the word Nig***

PPSS: What do you think of older women? You can take this question however you want......
Ben: Older women are perfect. Usually they dont want anything else besides sex from a young guy like me. They are mature, sexy, and direct. Oh how I love my cougars.

PPSS: So, back on topic here... Are you signed to a modeling agency or are you freelancing?
Ben: I am an independent model. I dont want to put my career in the hands of someone else when I feel that I am perfectly capable of doing my own networking. Why give someone else 20% of everything when you can do that part of the work yourself. I am blessed to have such a close network of successful talent around me. We all support each other and continuously do favors for one another.

PPSS: What do you prefer to go by? Benjamin? Benji? Ben? Sweet Cheeks?
Ben: I usually answer to Ben. People have a wide variety of nicknames for me haha. As long as its positive, be my guest to create your own.

PPSS: Who's your biggest celebrity crush?
Ben: I think Jordana Brewster is sexy. I always have.

We told you there were tons of your fans on the Twilighted.net boards on several of our threads. We know the majority come from this thread and my good friend OOE's thread. Needless to say, they jizzed in their pants when we told them about the interview. Their questions, in no particular order:

il_suo_cantante: How many reps can you do while bench pressing a chubby 5'2" 26 year old?
Ben: haha. Probably like 10 or so ha ha

KatieBelleCullen: Would you be interested in letting me lick you?
Ben: Yes, but dont miss an inch k?

How long and HARD do you workout to look like that?
Ben: Oh, baby, hard as hell. Im on the skateboard everyday and in the gym 4x per week at least.

Captain Jezebel: Do you ever show up on the set of the shoot, see the outfit, or lack thereof, they have for you and just say..."hell no"?
Ben: If someone is weird or psycho, I usually pick up on that before I am suckered into a shoot. Ha ha. I rely on my intuition.

Captain Jezebel:
How do you feel knowing that women have been known to masturbate with toys to your image daily?
Ben: I love it, Anyway I can help! I masturbate everyday too. So I totally get it.

imdominating: Preference for the trim of the lady's business? landing strip/smooth or 70's bush
Ben: A landing strip is acceptable if its light. But NOTHING beats a nice clean and lickable kitty.

devikalika: What's it like having hot bitches like OOE and Bri being pervily obsessed with you? *Bri cuts in again* I won't deny it...I am a hot bitch.
Ben: Show me some pics and Ill tell you. But these girls are cute I can tell. Bri is funny and I like her tenacity.

Leesh: Do you find that people treat you differently because you are an ungodly amount of attractive?
Ben: Ummm I dont really know. People are either really nice, or totally assholes. I prefer positivity of course.

maganbagan: What, if any, inspiration do you use when you're in front of the camera? Do you feel awkward in a shoot anymore?
Ben: I just try to be myself. By now, I dont really get stage fright anymore

ObsessingOverEdward: What does your family/mother/father/siblings think of your modeling career?
Ben: My family is super supportive (emotionally) not financially. Ha ha. My grandma loves it and shows my pics in magazines to all her neighbors and they get jealous haha. She is so cute.

ObsessingOverEdward: What is your favorite: Book? Movie? Entertainment?
Ben: Right now I'm reading Audacity of Hope. Its an amazing book. I am most entertained by being active.

amore_cl: Just what are you doing with your hands down your pants in the photos where that's necessary? Is it purely for viewing effect?
Ben: Its more of a viewing effect to drive the viewer crazy. Does it work??

PPSS: Uh, yes. We're pretty sure it does.

PPSS: And, finally...because all the girls wanna know. Do you like the peen or do you go for the pink taco? Or do you like to mix things up a bit?
Ben: I love women. I'm 99% straight. Group sex doesn't count right?? Haha

There you have it ladies - BEN IS STRAIGHT. And, one sexy motherfucker. If he talks like this in an interview, can you imagine the things he says when he's lying on your back licking and biting and thrusting...err...sorry. Got a little carried away. *blush*

That's all we have for today. We will leave you with some of our favorite shots of Ben. Enjoy.

Many, many thanks to Ben for taking the time out of his busy schedule to chat with us about all this crazy stuff.


Anonymous said...

You, my Tater, are the WOMAN. Score for getting the interview of the century with the hottie of the millenia...

Ben, you ROCK & we fucking LOVE YOU. Thank you for being such a great sport. Good luck in all your endeavors ~ your happy cougars will be cheering you on! ;)


MsKathy said...

Bri, bb, you are so fuckawesome for doing that. Extra spanks and boob gropes.

shaelove said...

oh. my. word.
i about died when he said he wants to go to UCI... (i'm a student there now).
that was a fucking awesome interview, and he totally held his own, me likey.
i may not be a cougar, but that was still awesome and those pictures...
*fans self* if i thought it was hot in here before...

~JO~ Cullenitis said...

Oh Bri my love! You are the fucking WO-MAN!

...and Ben is Sooo the fucking MAN.

I can't beLIEVE I missed out on this shit. Where the FUCK was I?!?!
I swear... I'm always two steps behind.

Becky said...

I agree, you are the woman for this interview! I am still drooling...

Anonymous said...

God, he is pretty. I love his eyes and that side tattoo. *lick*

I wonder if he ever lends out his *cough* services to the needy. Maybe you could ask that next time. ;)

Jennifer said...

LOL ~Jo~ That was my first thought too - where the FUCK was I?? Oh well :)

Bri, bb, you did a fantastic job, and Ben was such a great sport. I definitely loved the answers ;) Now I'll just have even more ammo when I'm daydreaming about Pinkieward...

Renee said...

Now that's what I'm talking about. Get an interview with Rafael Verga, Bri, and you'll make my fucking year!

AmoreTwilight said...

That was one of the most interesting interviews! Oprah and Ellen move over...they are a bore fest compared to this.

Plus he is very hot!

Twilighter620 said...

That man is too sexy for words.

And Bri you are just too lucky. I'll admit it, I'm jealous.

You should definitely see if he's, erm, up for another round ;)

ObsessingOverEdward said...

Bri...You're such a kool kat! You totes kept it together while we were all in the background having a fricken melt down that he agreed.

Loved the way you turned some of those questions into witty ones and made us all not seem like the total bunch of pervs that we are. However, Captain Jez and Leesh are questionable. LOL

To Benji...Thanks hun, for being such a great sport. There were times we were thinking that you were going to tell us all to take a flying leap and not answer any of them. But, you totes challenged us to make the questions a little more interesting *wink* next time. You rock babe!

Oh...and I have one more question that I was too late to get on the list...Are there any pics of you on a Harley? Ya know, in leather? If not get to crackin' I need a pic for my new story! Er...and one in a labcoat and a stethescope around your neck would be nice too...New meaning to the word Dr. Sexy!

barbarito said...

OMG!! Bri!! That was fucking fantastic!!! LOVED it!

cheddah said...

Bri!!! You are fuckawesome!! **bows** TY!

Ben - just so you know, you owe me a pair of panties. or two. just sayin'.

Dreaminofforks said...

Holy fucking shit, Bri! That was...just...there are no words. And he wants us to get dirtier??? *dies*

Can anyone say, man of my fucking dreams here????

Brooke said...

Holy mother of God! What I wouldn't do for that man (or to that man!) I'm 20 and single too Ben ;) .... so if ya ever need a late night booty call. Haha..he was such a great sport. He could definitely be Edward! He sounds so sweet and endearing (not to mention naughty)! Thanks for the interview..I know what I'll be dreaming of tonight!!!!

Joviswoman said...

HOW in god's name have I MISSED your perving's on this hunk!!!!

Bloody wonderful interview I lmao at some of the questions, and some of his answers, well lets just say 'DAYUM'.

Now need to go and mooch sites for Ben pics, jezz the boys got muscles on his muscles*waggles eyebrows*

And I can't wait for round two with him, or twelve, thirty etc etc etc lmao.